New here, and have the need to share and not feel so alone..

I’ve just turned 21 and I’ve had different sorts of experiences with these aliens for as long as I can remember. I came on here so that I can relate to others and share similar experiences and know that what is happening to me is real and not just in my head. Theres one in particular I’d like to share but in the future I’d like to share many other experiences.
This one happened at 9 or 10 months ago. My son was only about two months old and he is 13 months now. At the time I was living with my parents while my fiance was deployed. I remember feeling so scared to go to sleep this night. I stayed up for as long s I can laying on my bed with my laptop on me and my son at my side sleeping. I kept my son in bed with me casue at the time it was just easier that way. Finaly I couldnt fight it anymore, I closed my laptop almost all the way but the light on the screen still lit and put it on the other side of me. Fell asleep with my son spooned in one of my arms. I remember waking up up feeling so scared and that something was in my room. I ALWAYS close my closet doors cause I have always been so scared of them. And it was open. Something was walking out of it, and it was tall. 7ft I think. IT was walking from the end of my bed to the right side. I grabbed my son and held him real tight to my chest. He was here to take my son away. And he told me so in some sort of thought. No words. With our minds. He was hidden mostly in the shadows but I saw His tall form with skinny arms and legs. I know I saw some part of a face, but my mind refuses to let me remember. But there was a big head with huge eyes. Its like I know they were there and I saw them, but I can’t remeber. Weird I know, sorry. Itold him with my thoughts, ” you are not having my son, you are not taking him, he is mine, he stays with me”. I said it in protective tone, maybe mean even. But I was determined. And he sensed that. He said something along the lines of,” fine, then everything that was done to him will now be done to you on top of everything else that is being done to you”. And I consented to it. ” so be it, as long as you don’t have my son.” Whats weird is that I never remember him leaving. All I remember is the last thing I said. I feel like he respected my wishes. But at the same time I feel like more happened and that he lied to me, and really did take him away.
Has anyone had a similar experience to mine? That you actually talked to them? And that they respected what you said? And does anyone know what kind of alien he could’ve been?

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  1. christinaspirit says:

    that’s the way they are :(. they say that they wont do anything to u or take anything from you and then they do it.
    to me they said that i have choice of either i want to be contacted by them. i see these balls of light in my room and i hear voice-” Don’t be afraid it won’t hurt you”, well… it dosn’t hurt me physically but mentally it does affect me. even if i manage not to get scared of these flashes and balls of light and if i do stay in my bed i am getting to see shadows in my room. ( haha funny stuff , mmy mom believes me while if my dad sees it at night he says – ” why are you roaming in the darkness around the house at night ?!” 🙂 – how can anybody be so skeptical?
    i asked them to tell me why they do it and i sked them to unblock the memory of childhood events which were faded away by them and all i am getting to c is these shadows which are trying to talk to me. do u think it is partially my fault for running away from them? at the same time i do not think that anybody would be happy to c somebody near their bad at night. i told them that they are scaring me this way bt nothing changed.

  2. Iamhim says:

    I can tell you the truth. they did take your son.

  3. kelemvor says:

    Thanks for sharing your experience, please don’t feel like you are alone – there are a lot of us affected by this one way or another.

    I have been able to speak to my abductors but only very briefly from what I can remember – a few words here or there so can’t really say whether or not my wishes were respected, though I do recall shouting at them to get out a couple of times and they most certainly didn’t listen.

    There is a bigger agenda going on here than what we want/need and I think that for the most part our wishes are irrelevant to these people – but I’m generalising, it may be that some are nicer than others. I also believe that abductions are happening on a grand scale – perhaps everyone is being abducted but maybe we are the so called ‘lucky few’ that are aware of it – certainly an interesting thought……

    Anyway, hope that has helped a little, I’m not sure that my comments would give you any peace of mind, but suffice to say you are definitely not alone in this and like so many others you’ve found your way here – I’ve found this forum to be quite a comfort at times and hopefully you will too.

    God bless

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