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hello, i am abducted all the time, and my family just think i am nuts. its starting to disrupt my whole life. i really would like to talk to others who live in michigan. i have many pictures, and keep a blog of it all.  hope to hear back soon 🙂

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  1. memorydoc says:

    For what it’s worth……..Michigan is among the top three states reporting UFO sightings and related criteria and is often considered a “hot-spot”. Family can be a very difficult to deal with when it comes to issues of high strangness. Perhaps you can find someone a bit more unbiased, but pls be cautious with dealings on the internet or in the open public, esp. if you are a minor. The majority of people who have experiences such as yours aren’t “nuts”.

  2. Iamhim says:

    i too am an abductee if you would like talk about it i can listen. i also could use an ear myself. iam not from your state but id like to email you back an forth perhaps?

  3. Shadowman says:

    Hi. I’m in Wisconsin, but I’d like to talk about experiences, so if you want to talk I’m willing. Take care!

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