Could it be?

I am finding that now trying to write this I am having trouble gathering my thoughts. So, if my post seems hard to follow please forgive me. My entire life I’ve felt as if I didn’t belong here or anywhere for that matter. I’ve always felt all alone in a world full of people that aren’t like me. At age 7 our entire neighborhood witnessed a very large UFO hovering for hours over our house. We all stood outside and watched it for what seemed like only a few minutes, but someone that had an older VHS video recorder went threw an entire VHS tape while standing there, then when he tried to watch the tape there was nothing on it. After that night I seemed to be the only one that really remembered ever seeing it. I can talk about it with my parents but it’s almost like they don’t remember seeing anything or they are unimpressed by what we saw. I continued feeling alienated from everyone up threw my teen years, and recently my mother told me I used to tell her all the time that I don’t belong here on Earth that I was different some how. Age age 19 I joined the Army and while in Basic training at Fort Leanardwood, Missouri I saw the same lights hovering in the sky that I saw when I was 7yo. I tried to take pictures of these lights with a disposable camera I wasn’t supposed to have and when I finally got the pictures after returning home the lights were again not there. I attributed this to the fact that I was using a disposable camera and thought nothing of it. But, as before I seemed to be the only one that really remembered seeing the lights. Others acknowledged their being there but that was about it. At age 25 while living in Phoenix, Arizona I awoke at 2:30am one morning completely naked, cold and sprawled out on my living room floor and no memory of getting there. When I tried to return to my bedroom I found the bedroom door locked and my wife had to let me in the room. I asked her when I got out of bed and she told me that she never remembered me getting out of bed. Again as with prior events I seemed to be the only one that thought this to be strange. A second event while living in Phoenix I got extremely drunk and passed out in my backyard. The last memory I have of that night was being doubled over on my hands and knees vomiting with someone near me trying to comfort me as best they could. When I awoke I had been undressed, cleaned and placed in my bed. All the doors to my house were secure as were the windows. And my wife had no memory of me ever returning to bed. Now I am divorced and raising my daughter alone living back in Ohio and I’ve found that in the past few months I’m becoming extremely restless, like I am waiting for something big, something huge and Earth shattering to happen. And now I am noticing that I don’t even feel like my family is my family anymore.

I’ve never considered myself to be an abducty. I never thought Aliens would ever want anything to do with me, even thought I’ve had a fascination with anything space related for as long as I can remember. I long to be among the stars, it’s where I feel like I belong. I am so unhappy living on Earth I always have been. It wasn’t until reading about how abducties lose a lot of animals to radiation sickness, every dog I’ve ever owned has died of cancer. I just had one put to sleep last week because of this, he is the 5th to die of cancer and had to be put to sleep. I also read on here that some abducties experience a lower body temperature then other people. I’ve always had a regular temperature of 96.7 degrees fahrenheit.

I’ve been so lost my whole life. I’ve felt so out of place and alone. Is it really possible that this is why? I attempted to talk about it last night with my mom and sister and they both looked at me like I was out of my mind. So, now I am feeling more alone then ever. I’ve never noticed any strange marks on my body or had any weird dreams. When I was younger, prior to age 17 I would say, I was terrified of being abducted, it used to be one of my largest fears. I’ve always healed very fast though, and almost never get sick. While having my ears examined I was told my the doctor that they could tell I had tubes in my ears when I was younger, though I’ve never had tubes in my ears. Could this possibly be a clue?

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  1. ashcoohio says:

    I don’t know either. I’ve got my theories, like everyone. But they are just that. Theories.

  2. christinaspirit says:

    you said that you are expecting something shattering to happen on Earth. what exactly.? me and few of my friends both abductees and non abductees have same feeling, but we are not sure what exactly that something is…

  3. memorydoc says:

    So sorry to hear youv’e lost five dogs to cancer. I love my dog Jasmine and it would sadden me to lose her under any circumstance. I am glad to know that you haven’t had cancer yourself! I found it rather odd that attempts to gain evidence of the ufos you witnessed had not materialized on film. You may have some success by taking random shots of the sky when the opportunity presents itself, for many of the pictures of ufos people present to the internet were not seen at all when the picture was taken. I have one such picture myself! I am sorry to hear of your personal fearfulness and I am certain you will find a way to rise above it all through pointed communication. I noted that your body temp. maintains rather low. As an experiencer of the 1950’s on one particular occasion for no apparent reason my temp. was all the way up to 107!! This was during my abduction yrs. and I cannot dismiss the possibility that it could have been related to some sort of invasive procedure done up my nose, which was done to me during a particular recall. Abductees can’t dismiss ANYTHING out of the norm involving their experiences. It all counts. Are you sure you didn’t have your inner ear drained when you were a kid? It’s a fairly common practice to place tubes in a childs ear to drain (estacheon?) tubes due to infection or something. It was done to me by a doctor, thank God. If not, don’t dismiss it, document. Alot of us out here feel the world is one note shy of the clown popping out of the box right now. I think we should all have a good reason to speculate considering who’s turning the crank. Remember, you are NOT alone and many wish you blessings.

  4. christinaspirit says:

    i was just wondering is it true that abductees have lower body temperature. i was puzzled by it for over 1 year now because when i do get sick nobody can say either i am seek or no by measuring body temperature. when i am having good health my temperature is always lower than normal and when i am sick it goes to a point of what is considered to be normal temperature 😮

  5. christinaspirit says:

    hi to everyone. my name is christina. i am new to this site but i rly do hope that i will be understood.
    when i was younger i too did feel different in some way as i do now. its not such a wonderous thing to feel that way.
    earlier i lived in ukraine. i have lots of memories of abductions from my childhood. earlier i didn’t give them much attention but after one shattering experience which happened to me when i was 12 i could no longer relate what i was seeing as a result of my imagination. my parents used to tell me that those were just dreams after i told my mother about alien abduction of age 12 she did tell me that she understood that wt i was seeing might of been true since i was not the first family member to undergo this type of experience.

    i will try to describe what was happening to me when i was 4 to 5 years old and i feel that this might draw attention of other abductees since people rarely remember their childhood abductions.

    it all started when i was 2 years old though i am not sure how all of these things begun. i remember myself being in kindergarden.i was siting in the corner and playing with other children and then i went over large window to see what was that noice coming from the yard. i saw a tractor. for some reason i got teriffied and i started screaming out loudly and begging my teachers not to give me away to them ( i didn’t understand who was ” them” that time) . then thwere was another ocasion when we were given shots and i started crying and begging doctors not to give me away to “them”.
    at the age of 4 i had very disturbing experiences. i wont mention place or city because i fear that something bad might happen . i can describe the location where i lived though. there was a large river and there was lots of wild nature near the place i lived.
    i remember that when all of my family would go out of the house i would see people coming to my house and taking me( they didn’t look alien though but completely human) . i used to tell my parents about these experiences ut they would only say that i was dreaming. once my parents went away to the city ( my mom, dad, grandpa, grandma and all other people). when they went away i set in the living room and played with toys. then i heared my grandfather calling me from the bathroom. i got very exited and i wondered how come he was home if he went away to the city with everybody just moments ago. i ren into the washroom and i saw my ” grandfather” with two other men which usually took me away. these men never spoke a single word to me and i feared them a lot. i felt betrayed since that time i believed that he was my real grandfather. that someone who was pretending to be my grandfather told me that those men were tking me away and he gave his permission to do so. i started crying and tried to run away. i couldn’t resist at all. i couldn’t even reember what these men did to me as my memory was fading away as soon as i crossed borders of door in my house.
    i also remember cases during which i remembered somehow rising up in the air and then waking up at the totally differnt location in my grandma’s garden( note garden was quite big)
    when i was 12 i saw greys in their true form for the first time but i will talk about it next time.

    if anybody had similar type of experiences please do e-mail me on

    and sorry for english since i am not native speaker

  6. nona says:

    i can relate to the loneliness & feeling like you’re not from here. my body temp runs low, too..97.1. i don’t feel like an abductee either, but lots of “ghostly” activity throughout my life and UFO sightings. i’ve awoke with some strange marks a couple of times. i would have blown them off except that they were accompanied by electrical/electronic interference..meaning that the lights were flickering, my pc was acting up and my cell phone kept vibrating for no reason…while i was trying to use my cell phone and pc to take and send pics of the marks. hmmm…

  7. buffalospirit says:

    This is why a place like this is so helpful – you can share your stories with others who BELIEVE YOU! We can relate to what you are feeling and have experienced. Thank you for sharing. By the way, I believe that I am an abductee and I also have always had a low body temperature at 97.2.

  8. ashcoohio says:

    You’re welcome. And thank you very much for your comforting words.

  9. kelemvor says:


    Thanks for sharing your story, it’s often difficult to discuss these sorts of things with other people – even family. I know that I was only really first aware of being abducted from age 21, but when I was younger I always felt like there were people around me -especially at night (sleeping with the light on was a must 🙂
    I have discussed only a fraction of my experiences with my family but they have also told me of experiences that they seem to have had. Turns out that my father recalls waking up as a child to see people (some tall, some short) around the bed that he was sharing with his siblings – I doubt he would have shared that if I hadn’t first told him about what happened to me. That’s part of the problem with this sort of experience, most people are too afraid of ridicule to come out and talk to anyone – especially when everyone else seems to be going about their lives seemingly oblivious to what’s really going on.
    Either way please don’t ever feel like you are on your own in this, I hope you can take some comfort from that. Luckily we have the internet and forums such as this one so that we can help each other to come to terms with this and maybe look for a solution.

    All the best

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