Hello my name is Aaron. I have something to tell you. I was abducted and worked for them for atleast 5 or 6 years. I gave them the name “them” because i do not know who they are but they reminded me of an old B movie called “them” hence the nickname. they come in two groups of threes always one group from each side of the bed and occasionally a taller one but when it came their always was something drastic that would happen.It all began as far as i can remember when i was in my crib they would appear from the corner of my uncles bedroom that which my crib was in, and huddle together, i assume they were discussing something and then theyd walk to my crib and take a toy out and look at it. mainly all that was there was stuffed animals and they were dissapointed with them. they would reach there hand into the crib to grab another toy but this time it was my toy fish rattle, i like my toy fish rattle and held onto it when they reached for it they pulled i suddenly released the rattle because i knew then how real they were and the fish rattles startling the little guys. Then for my first time they spoke. they said why does this toy do this? now to pause in my story id like to let you know its not words that are spoken or sent telepathicly, more like a thought that is not your own. not words…..thoughts. Now back to my experience. i had told them it just rattles they asked why? i told them i dont know. i was very scared. a fear undiscribable a fear that i cant explain the magnitude of it. during the whole thing i was crying but when they put their hand in again i grabed it to see again if it was real. i screamed my mom came in to tell me to shut up, i did and when she closed the door they came back. i dont remember much more of that night. to this day i still have that fish rattle as a constant reminder and link to another being not of this world. this was my most early memory i have. I know you might ask if you were in a crib how can you remember this? I can, i have an amazing memory, i can read a book and four years later tell you what was in the book. i can remember my dad changing my diapers. yes it may be cool to remember things like that but ….lol i remember everything my wife says and my family too. this story is true and is my first of very many experiences i remember. id like to discuss these matters with a “real” abuctee. I will know you are a fake or nut if you are one, like i said its happen so many times i can tell the fake from real in these “ufo” cases and what not. if you have any questions or like to share stories please do so and thank you all.

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i have an abundance of experience in the ufo field and can help if anyone needs it.
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  1. christinaspirit says:

    what do you mean by that saying – you worked for them for 5 or 6 years?
    i do have similar experiences but i am not ready to share it yet on public, not until i will understand what happened to me to clearer extent.
    though i am not yet ready to share it on public i would want to talk with you. in case you decide to talk to me, my e-mail is

  2. memorydoc says:

    If I recall the movie “Them” was a story about ants who had mutated genes that was caused from atomic experiments in the desert. Cool movie. So, I can guess that the visitors you saw were ant-like? I like to come here on this site now and then to seek clues to my own experiences looking for “key” phrases or words or situations that I can relate to as well. Subjects covered here originate from a broad base of experiences from people of varying backgrounds and abilities and their input is honored for the most part by thinking, earnest people. Your memory in particular seems to stand out as a valuable asset in your journey and many of us have to hammer real hard to recall usable bits and pieces to our personal puzzles. Its a quest. It would be terrific to be able to separate the more accurate from the less accurate in terms of input on this site, but “discernment” plays the more common role in people who truly are goal seeking experiencers. I can’t for one discern a “real” abductee from a fabricator, but I have learned to identify the info I can use from one, or the other. If your experience is “real” then “real” experiencers will find you. Stay tuned.

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