Recently my husband and I went out of town. The last night we were there I felt an overwhelming sense of fear I also felt as though I was being watched. The next Morning I woke up and looked at the clock, the time was 7:02. I went to the restroom and the next thing I can remember is blood coming from my nose. I stoped the bleeding and left the restroom. I immeadiately noticed the time which read 8:12. I knew i had’t been in the restroom for an hour and I hadn’t fallen asleep in there. When I took off my shirt to get in the shower I also noticed dried blood marks around my belly button.So what did happen?

I want to add that two weeks ago my child(age two, almost three) came to me one morning and told me about the little doctors that took her to see the stars. Since then she has given me a little more detail such as how when the little doctors give her shots it doesn’t hurt and how they take her and her little sister(age 18 mos) to go play with the other kids. I have found strage scrape marks on their scalps and arms. Im 100% sure these did not come from playing outside or playing too rough.

At this point Im really scared for my babies. I dont know what to do or what to tell them about the
“doctors”. If youve had any similar experiences please share. Thank you.

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  1. christinaspirit says:

    i am surprised that aliens still experiment on people. the group with which i am dealing never did to me anything as such and i’ve been told that they wont do anything as what they wanted to do is coming to an end. hah…… was i dreaming abt happy ending?

    i have lots of things to say so if u deside to talk my e-mail id is

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