new guy hi all

hi all new guy here hows u all jus wanted to say 4 now not all abductions are bad ones does that make sence? to any one?

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  1. elf says:

    Wonderful preparation progress. I am sorry it took so long for your experiences to become settling and for you to become one with them. In 1978 I had my first memorable experience. I was eight years old. By the time I was fourteen, I was being kicked out of school for telling other students about their parents, friends, family members, pets etc. When I told one child her father had passed away in an accident, just blurted it out in the middle of class while the teacher was speaking, I was sent to the office, then sent home not to return until I saw a psychiatrist. I learned fast LOL. With time and age comes wisdom and growth. It was frightening the first couple of times. Now it is sort of comforting; however, I am afraid for my son. He is six years old and began drawing aliens, space ships and the monsters that he sees. Just hope it turns out to be pleasant for him. Being in the Mental Health Profession, I believe he is doing well so far. He says at times they try to eat him. I do not believe they try to eat him. He is probally mixing dreams with his encounters.

  2. ochiyo1 says:

    Just reading what I wrote makes me nervous and my stomach tense..

  3. ochiyo1 says:

    I don’t remember everything that took place those nights…it is as if something is being hidden from me… I have always wondered though…

  4. ochiyo1 says:

    It makes sense… When I first started to have experiences I was terrified. I don’t know if they were abductions or what…. All I know is that I would be terrified every night for 1.25 years…at midnite the hair on your arms would stick straight out…the house would buzz with energy… a presence was felt and the phone would ring but no one would ever be there.. I remember being woken up everynite at midnite with this taking place. I remember feeling/thinking that I was being taken someplace… Sometimes I would talk to a large cobra being…It terrified me too. By the time 3:30 came around the events stopped and I was able to find peace… Many years later I had encounters with blue light beings.. Their energy is very pure, full of love and euphoric…they changed me and unlocked abilities for energy manipulation that I didn’t have before… Sometimes I feel that it was all preparing me…So even though the first events were terrifying I feel that I was being prepared.

  5. dreambaby5207 says:

    u talk offense

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