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I wanted to once again share the message for it has changed. they told me this 3 nights ago and told me to tell the world but untill now i have been to busy. my offer to help still stands. if you want it email me. the message is “WE HAVE A MESSAGE. A MESSAGE OF HOPE FOR THOSE WHO CHOOSE TO HEAR IT AND A WARNING FOR THOSE WHO DO NOT. WE ARE COMING, WE ARE COMING TO TAKE. EXPERIMENT FAILURE, ABORTION, NEVER TO RETURN. 1 HOPE WALKS THIS LAND AND SHALL BRING THE LIFE TO THE LIFELESS.” there it is and thats how it is. they say it will “open the hopeful and close the ignorant completely.” and they also say that “the time has past and the few that have decided  need not be afraid, but come forth with their decision” and if you do email me please remember that i am just the messenger, dont be chewing me out for relaying what I’ve been told

About chris

born and raised in KY. currently residing in KY. only been out of state 2 times but out of atmosphere 347 times. as a small boy i was in touch with allot of "spirits" as my mom called them. i was 6'3 at my tallest height until my back got broke. i am now 5'11 and there is still no explanation for why my back looks like it got cut almost in half by a saw. i have chronic back pains due to this and i know the grey's did it. i also know they made me crazy. my full diagnosis is schizo affective bipolar type with paranoid outbursts, manic depression, A.D.D., multiple persona meaning i have 2 personalities at once, and torturous paranoia phenomenon. but 1 hypnosis therapist I've seen says it's simply "abductee phenomenon" i used to be a country boy but for no explained reason i turned suddenly to techno. I've found some songs are actually how the grey's communicate and it counters the brainwashing effect. "the brainwasher" by daft punk is a good counter active brainwasher if you can handle the fear and repetitiveness until the last 10 seconds. thats when everything comes back for 75% of abductees. i have made it my mission to spread the message and find someone out there who is like me. someone who remembers. someone who wants to know the truth. "we have a message. a message to all those who believe and a warning to those who do not. we are coming. we are coming to take, experiment failure, abortion, never to return."
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  1. Annie says:

    I am very interested in the message and would like to hear more detail. I am thinking that the message is related to the return of our creators, in 2012 or sometime after. Whatever you want to share is appreciated.

  2. chris says:

    in response to memorydoc, their meassage is more of a warning, it is showing us that we failed. by their agenda we should already be going to different planets and using more of our brain. we should be moving things without having to use our hands. i would elaborate yes but i do not want to be considered insane and i want to remain anonymous on the chance another victim was on board at the same time as me. if you want to know more you can email me through my alias at i will tell you of the rash though… it’s from their registration system. they put on a tag and after removing it the soar from it looks like a rash on my hip. they grey’s are the one’s saying it’s time for the cross breeds like myself to unite. thank you for the coment and plz email me if you want to know more…. i know everything they have ever wanted to teach so feel free to ask any questions

  3. memorydoc says:

    You must have many things to comment on concerning the many, many times you have been taken. What you stated as a “message” seems to describe a clear agenda. Can you elaborate more on the “nuts and bolts” of your experiences, such as certain consistentcies, visual, smells, physical evidence or friends who might share similar exp.? Don’t mean to sound ignorant, but (who) told you “it’s time?” A grey, maybe or ?

  4. christinaspirit says:

    hi my name is Christina and i am from ukraine so i am sorry if my english isn’t perfect.
    you had a very puzzling encounter. i was wondering about that message you were talking about. when theu said ” we are coming to take”- take what: ” experiment failure”- which part of the experiment you assumed they were talking about” and then that part of the message failure, abortion, only 1 hope”-what was meant by that?
    i am new to this forum but i come here in hope of finding to my questions and of course to provide help and support to other people with that kind of experiences. in the world people often redicule us if we talk about our experiences so whenever we find someone with similar happenings we should stay together even if the connection between us is only through internet.
    i’ve been abducted from age of 2 but i started to understand what was happening only when i got 4. now i am 17. though i had lots of abnormal things going on with me through my life i didn’t belive in aliens. and it was that way until i had encounter when i was 12. that was the first time when i recalled seeing grey aliens. since that time i became aware of their presence in my life. it seemed to me as though they wanted me to know that were here.
    not long time ago i started having strange dreams and a message was conveyed through it. i will not say abt the dream in great detail since only message is important and wgat was said is : ” We’ve learned from our mistakes and now it’s time to learn from your”. ( yours is not just about me but world as a whole. ( there is more of wt i was told…..)

    if somebody experienced same please do e’mail me on:

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