seventeen yr old girl, abductee?

Hi everyone. my name is Ashley and I can truthfully say i’m happy i found this site. My entire life I thought i was a crazy girl with bad memory and an overactive imagination. As a kid I always woke up with a bloody nose more times than i can count. My mom dismissed it as nothing but I always found it strange. I specifically remember an incident when i was a kid and i was sleeping in my mother’s room because i was always too afraid to sleep in my own. while i was deep in sleep a beautiful tall woman woke me up and told me in the sweetest voice to go to my room. i clearly remember her lips weren’t moving. i obeyed her wishes and went to my room. my room window faced a wooded forest, but when i got to my room all i saw was a bright white light. when i walked toward it i found myself outside standing in a pile of leaves. the woman’s voice came into my head and told me to walk toward the light, and not to be afraid. As i walked toward the light i remember seeing deer and rabbits making a perimeter around the light. They seemed to be paralyzed. when i walked into the light, i jumped up in my bed and it was late morning. i had no recollection of the entire night and i started to cry in fear. was it just a dream? i don’t know but i still remember it like it was yesterday.

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  1. green-arrow says:

    cool experience….you don’t sound like a crazy girl with an over-active imagination. At least this site should show you that you’re not alone in your experience

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