assisted OBE?

i had an experience that was kind of strange. it was around 2:30 in the afternoon and i had just laid down on my bed, but i wasn’t asleep. i heard a mechanical child’s voice downstairs and then heard footsteps coming up to my room. someone opened the door, but i had the distinct feeling that this was not a person. i was faced away from the door, and i did not look to see who it was because i was afraid. but whatever it was, it started tugging on my ankles. i had my eyes closed. on the third, very strong tug, my “soul” came flying out of my body and felt like it was spiraling through a dark tunnel. it only lasted for a few seconds, then i seemed to dissolve back into my body.

after that, i began having spontaneous OBEs. it felt like my soul was loose. sometimes, i would come partially out of my body while i was in the middle of talking to someone. it was very odd and uncomfortable. can anyone else relate to this?

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  1. christinaspirit says:

    sometimes when people are becomingn more aware about their surroundings it might happen . i am not sure if wt i went through was the same thing as it didn’t traumatize me at all and it was caused by my own self when i was meditationg and tried to make myself to go in astral. it was happening only for the first 2 , 3 or so month. the good thing about it is that i am not sure how successful i was in going into astral i did learn how to control my dreams and in a dream state i could happen to be in any palce of the world and i could extract information from it which was real even if that place or that someone was thousands of kilometeres from me ( i did it bcz i immigrated to diff county to continue my educationa nd i missed my homeland a lot)

  2. memorydoc says:

    How you described what happened to you is a direct attack on your physical and spiritual self. I can’t relate to your experience and I hope I will never have to go through that! Concerning your “spontaneous” OBE’s, you need to remove any other reasons why this happens to you in a confidential setting. Keep a log or some kind of documentation w/ times and dates. Odd and uncomfortable, indeed.

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