hey visit my forum and write about ur alien abductions


this is my forum id love 2 hear all ur stories as i am researching this project, i too felt aliens have at least contacted me therefore choose to research the project plz leave stories at my forum thanks maria

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  1. memorydoc says:

    I will share three of my experiences. These happened, as near as I can tell, in the early to mid 1950’s. The first one can be described as finding myself in a dimly lighted space sitting next to a loving beautiful blonde haired woman. Across from us sat a man in uniform sitting stiffly with his cap on his knees. No communication went on except for my feeling a loving re-assurance from the lady next to me. I noticed a dim light to the left of us as a “door” opened slightly and the next memory was me laying on a table staring up at a violet-whiteish light. I felt no fear. In an instant, a conical shaped object was quickly placed on my face. I has to be my assumption that the next activity happened during this time which was feeling a grinding sound “inside” the front of my head. It was a rather an assertive, twisting, invasive feeling up my nose and into my forehead region. No memories beyond that.
    My next description was when I “found” myself in the living room of or family home at night crouched behind one end of our sofa peering into the dining room in the dark while two figures over six feet tall came slowly toward me. They appeared to have the shape of a long, grayish sausage with long, darker appearing arms. One being was just ahead of the other by a few feet. To the left of them was another figure with big dark eyes that seemed to be suspended off of the floor by a few inches. I felt no fear as the large one advanced slowly toward me, however, I have no memory beyond that.
    Another re-call was in our bedroom. I had two younger brothers who shared the room but to my current knowledge neither one has ever anything expressed anything strange or unexplainable, rather, they would tease me because of my attempt at explaining anything to them. This was when I was 8 or 9 years old. What happened was I was awaken to find a dullish-reddish short humanoid with chisled appearing facial features that had a grip on my wrist and I could not shake it loose. This was terrifying to me, of course, but I don’t have any memory beyond that.
    Another time was a ufo sighting that just hanged in the air above me in our backyard that was bell-shaped with some sort of pipe extending down the right side of it. It was tilted to one side and about the size of a small garden shed. It was a beautiful day with rich blue skies. The sun was high in the sky and I had to shade my eyes with my hand as I watched this object that emitted no noise and just hung there in the air about 100 feet above me. No memory beyond that.
    There are several more “accounts” in my young life during that time that I will share later on this page. My behavior during that time was that of a private, lonely, introverted kid which I didn’t like at all by which there was no apparent explanation. I had a difficult time concentrating and although I was very smart I had an empty, isolated experience at that age.
    I am glad that you have come to terms as such over the last three years. You sound like a person with gigantic responsibilities. One day soon we may know the purpose behind all that strangeness.

  2. christinaspirit says:

    i’ve been just wondering if anybody remembers what aliens did to you when you were a kid- when you didn’t want to listen to what they thought you or didn’t do what they wanted you to do.

  3. christinaspirit says:

    thanks a lot for your support. i didn’t do any medical particular check ups as i am afraid that people will think i am nuts. In my school i became a captain which is considered an important position. i am soppose to take care of one fifth of all school students ( which is 500 ppl) and i do not think that anybody from school administration would of accepted anything like that. I changed a lot in past 3 to four years and i can surely say that i became much wiser then i used to be. in the future i am planing to become geneticist or a dictor so i am used to looking at things from scientific type of view . i’ve been asking phD’s in science about some of the occurencess which i had experienced( i didn’t say it happened to me , i just said that i read it on the net or something like that) but even they were puzzled by questions i have asked them and they didn’t give any answers in particular, they just pointed out to some suggestion. i am no longer pointing to the sky with lasers. ( it might rly be dangerous) but even if i didn’t play with laser that day. wt happened to me would of still happened. i had alien encounters when i was a kid and i was ignoring or not remembering them till now.

    actually i did talk a lot about my alien experience at the age of 12. Bt as time was passing by i’ve learned well that people don’t believe in such stories, and that if u have trapped to be in such position, there isn’t much possible things to do.

    those balls and flashes of light it wasn’t me who saw it. even familyfriends saw it at some point in the house, that time i was pretending that i didn’t what that was.
    sometimes i was galusinating bt it happened because of the previous experiences with those forms of energy, which used to scare me to hell when i started seeing it. nowdays if i see it i just fall back to sleep, as i know that balls and flashes of light are nt dangerous unless they are charged in some way ( cannot describe it yet bt i cn feel it). wt is teriffying is when i c shadows in my room. and since i was given a proof i do know that they are real.
    they tried to talk to me bt i am blocking myself from them. they told me they can teach me new spiritual things as i can do it. ( i wont mention in specific wt i cn do). i do not know how to answer as they want help from me as well in case they will teach me. bt i am too embarrased to say wt they want me to do. they say i have a choice. bt is it true. if i do have a choice then y do i c all these things.
    when i came to india . i didn’t know english. and i did hear lots of new information . i was thought. bt i was not asked to give anything back. maybe they wanted to help me bt wt i was thought rly proved to be helpful from side of life surviving skills in counrty where you look different

  4. memorydoc says:

    You probably need to eliminate any other reasons why you see “balls of light”, etc.. If not due to any medical reason I suggest that you keep documentation and choose someone you trust to confess these things. Avoid trying to include many people in your experiences as this has a tendancy to corrupt and distort the facts and could come back to bite you. Pls be careful how you use that “laser” when pointing to the sky. They can be more affective in a negative sense than you might think, esp. in terms of security. You need not apologize for your written english, you do just fine:)

  5. christinaspirit says:

    hi to everyone,
    My name is christina. and i am from ukraine
    i had few encounters and i want to tell u abt them but not in such great detailing as for now but i really looking forward to share the information i’ve learned over the years of my life. here are just happening and there are more to it as you will see later
    one of the cases which happened to me was when i was 12 years old. it was 20th august 2006 i clearly remembered that date since my grandma had her birthday party . that day i went out and played with my friends and later during evening time i bought laser for myself in local shop and i started pointing with it in all possible directions. i was with my mates and then i started pointing to the sky with that laser of mine and i joked; ” hey guys you know what? It would of been quite fun if UfO’s existed and one would of landed right here because of my laser”, my friends and me with them laughed badly abt it but then at night-time something really did happen and i did see alien craft thogh it was not as i imagined it would be. i didn’t believe in alien life that time and i knew nothong about ufology but what happened to me i was able to find later in respected books years later from the time the event has occured

    another situation of that type happened to me some 2 to 3 month back. that time i used to see and i still see now flashes , balls of light etc in my room. i did manage to remember that i had alien encounters since childhood but yet i was deeply puzzled by what i was seeing. then one night i was sleeping in my mother’s room and i woke up because i felt someones presence. i thought i was nuts! i couldn’t believe my own eyes! i was seeing or feeling someones presence every single night. i was very upset and i said towards the shadow that i was seeing that i needed some proof to know that i was not going insane. das later i wondered why my speakers weren’t working. i searcheds behind the cupboard for answers. and guess wt? the wire was cut. my stepfather was i out of station for 1 and i half weeks that time so it was just me and my mother in the house. againg i was puzled. i got teriffied but yet relieved. i did hear from my mother that she saw these shadows as well but not balls and flashes of light but i didn’t give much attention to it that time.

    if anybody hjad similar experiences please mail me on christinaspirit@gmail.com

    and sry for english since its not my native language

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