Trying to be sensitive

i want to be sensitive to all here and at the same time propose some theories. do you at all think that maybe you were druged by the FBI and then they did something to you. Maybe the government has technology out there that they first drug you and dress up in surgical suits that look like aliens and then do psychological and medical tests on you?

the FBI has been know to drug people during investigations so that is why i am proposing this theory. is there any reason the FBI would want to investigate you? did these visitations happen just after a meal, from which you could deduct that you were druged?

I am just trying to make sense of this stuff cause to me who is a non beleiver it sounds so far fetched?

but i can beleive that the government would drug people even with an hallucingen for an investigation. is there someone your living with that might secretly work for the FBI who might be spraying you with something or putting drugs in your food?

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  1. christinaspirit says:

    i do understand your feelings and i do understand your sense of suspicion and confusion over this subject.
    i’ve lived with these experiences for as long as i can remember.
    i even remembered some of wt has happened to me at my younger years but my opinions and understanding of subject were changing…
    at first i couldn’t grasp a thing. i thought that wt ever i have seen was either dream or product of my fantasy. later on when i became 12 i saw ( them ) in their true form for the first time. that event shattered my life. when i was 14 i immigrated to a different country and i thought that wt ever was happening to me earlier would be left forever in past-bt it wasn’t as i imagined it.
    from the first day of my arrival to new country in my yard i saw large balls of light. i was a bit terrified but then i just had to go through all of it as i couldn’t say to anybody what was happening to me as i didn’t know english. my stepfather was also english speaking. he was not to good in russian and my mother….. well i didn’t want to bother her. i even thought that the balls of light were some sort of bittles emiting light :). silly isn’t it. as time was passing by i forgot about these balls of light. i had my exams coming up and it waqs the only thing which was bothering me.
    year or year and a half later i again saw something bright in my room. it was not ball of light but it looked more like some kind of construction which i felt was electrolysed to some extent. ( i won’t go into detail abt that object bt at the end i ren away from my room and i got hit by electrostatic)
    next night i actually did manage to fall through it was difficult for me as i was extremely scared to fall asleep. ( i still felt presence of that object)
    that nigh i saw somebody in my room. i saw somebody who looked like an angel ( bt no wings wt so ever) that somebody was telling me things about time . about what time is. he also told me that humans do not understand correctly of wt time rly is. ( i just set on my bad and listened to it). when it was going away i made my mind that next morning i will draw him. and i think that that somebody felt my thought and said that it cannot be done as “he” will have problems bcz of me then. ( i have an artistic talent and i cn draw anything and it will look as real)
    well you know wt is strange? i did try to do wt that ” angel” told me. guess wt? watches and other electronic things are still slowing down, going off or breaking. ( bt at least nw i know how to avoid this stuff from happening)
    abt millitary and government. “them”( greys) ( i am talking abt tall greys as i never saw short once) told me that millitary is abducting them too. well i mentioned this information in my previous post.

  2. Iamagrey says:

    Christina, you are probably right. i think aliens exist but i am still an unbeliever as to whether they are abducting people or whether they have visited this planet.

    i totally beleive your government, mafia or secret service abduction stories.

    so many of the alien abduction stories sound like these people were drugging with LSD, or a Date Rape Drug.

    the reason i beleive you is cause i have been under governement investigation in the USA for many years. i have been drugged on many substances from overdose of vitamins, to valium, and vaporized alcohol. they have used many people to profile me and monitor all my communications. basically what i have been going through is a government interragation without being locked in a room with them. they have walked past my desk at work harassing me over various things. i cant tell you how i know these things but i do. so from what i have gone through i wouldnt doubt it if the people on this site are being drugged and abducted, probably to extract information. i think hyponsis is probably a good idea for people on this site to find out what happened to them.

  3. christinaspirit says:

    i will try to answer on your questions as clearly as possible.
    yes it is true that not all the people which said that they were abducted by aliens were really abducted, but it doesn’t make particular topic being unreal. I strongly believe and i know that our government as well as some private secretive medical organisations abduct people for experimentation purposes.
    Earlier when i lived in ukraine it was a comon thing to hear that some humans time after time would disapear or would be abducted for organs. some of these people did return and didn’t have memory of what and where was done to them. they could only guess what was done to them by the scars on their bodies and of course by examination in hospitals through which they had to go when they were returned.
    i know one more case which again happened in ukraine.Young woman aging from 24 to 27 years old while going home on public bus saw a man sitting near her. after seeing that men her memory faded away and the next thing she could remember – she was on the roadside feeling dizzy.
    after what happened to her she was extremely afraid of doctors. that lady was found in horrible state of healt. she was not abducted for organs, but she was abducted for some experimentation purposes. her body was full of scars which weren’t healed yet. few month later when thad young lady went a little out of emetional depression she underwent hypnosis and uncovered what was done to her. she and workers of police ( or whoever that was) found the place where woman was taken earlier but when they tried to get in, it didn’t work out and even police feared of continuing abducion case of that woman.
    the problem in our world is that bad groups of aliens try to make abductees believe that they were abducted by military or government and government or military try to make abducttes believe that they were abducted by aliens ( but it doesn”t mean that it happens like that all the time) in some cases aliens were telling their abductees that they were being abducted by millitary as well and those abductees were given advices by aliens on how they could get away from millitary or if that was not possible they gave advices on how to avoid dangerous situations with millitary, government or wt ever human organisation is doing that hell to us.

  4. Iamagrey says:

    if you think about it a person fully dressed in medical gear and a face mask looks like a grey.

  5. Iamagrey says:

    have you looked at all the events surrounding these experiences to make sure noone is drugging you.

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