Where do I start?

I am recently becoming aware of the possibility that I have been an abduction victim. I really am not sure where to turn. Friends and family would either disbelieve me or patronize me. I am hesitant to speak with my therapist about this as I am not sure what could happen in that context. Also hesitant to seek out a hypnotherapist as I don’t want to have any seeded/suggested memories.
I truly believe in the abduction phenomena but just am not sure if it is happening to me.
Anyone out there with any advice on taking the first steps?

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  1. lillie says:

    first i would say do not look at yourself as a victim. in my own experience, i just say that “i was taken aboard and taught things.” it took me a lot of years to actually remember the incident. after i did, it was serene. i understood that it was an educational experience. i think the real trauma from these experiences is the “not understanding.”

    i have no problem talking about the experiences. just chose your audience. sometimes i do it just to seek or probe what others reactions are to the subject. you can often find people will open up with experiences they have had they normally would never have even brought the subject up.

    and for people who as the question “why don’t prominent scientist ever get abducted?” well, do thing that if stephen hawkings had ever been abducted he would talk about it with his reputation. think about it, maybe he was taught by them what he knows.

  2. christinaspirit says:

    i really do feel sad, because of all these stresses and redicules you are facing at the given point of time. do not feel shy to talk about what you have experienced but then you shouldn’t be talking to everybody about these experiences as well, even if that someone is your own family member. Its the way world is and its the way humans are. Its part of human natur- not to believe in something unusual unless they have seen that something with their own eyes. Don’t be afraid as you are not the only one. there are other people like you and in some point of their lives they too feel bevildered by what was done, thought, or shown to them. not all of the aliens are negative, there are positive groups of them as well, and youncan always ask for help.
    you can tell your psychologist about your experiences, but if you are too afraid to be misunderstood- just make a small test for our psychologist to check if he or she have dealt with what you had to go through. if he/she don’t believe or know nothing about these kind of things better you find a psychologist who does know how to deal with it. remember that mostly abductees are getting traumatized not coz of aliens but because they were or still being rediculed by society.
    times will change and soon we will be understood.
    i cannot mention any more advices to you as i do not know what is happening to you exactly.

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