full detailed information available for anyone with questions.

hello, i have been abducted since before my birth and now i have learned from the greys. i am very familiar with their procedures and they have chose me to inform all that want to believe. i am the first of many as they say and if anyone wants to know more about them, their intentions, what they are doing, or anything involving them then email me at christopherstratosonic@gmail.com i will be logging on once a day. please include your email, name/alias, and preferably age. this is Chris, until next time, peace it easy.

About chris

born and raised in KY. currently residing in KY. only been out of state 2 times but out of atmosphere 347 times. as a small boy i was in touch with allot of "spirits" as my mom called them. i was 6'3 at my tallest height until my back got broke. i am now 5'11 and there is still no explanation for why my back looks like it got cut almost in half by a saw. i have chronic back pains due to this and i know the grey's did it. i also know they made me crazy. my full diagnosis is schizo affective bipolar type with paranoid outbursts, manic depression, A.D.D., multiple persona meaning i have 2 personalities at once, and torturous paranoia phenomenon. but 1 hypnosis therapist I've seen says it's simply "abductee phenomenon" i used to be a country boy but for no explained reason i turned suddenly to techno. I've found some songs are actually how the grey's communicate and it counters the brainwashing effect. "the brainwasher" by daft punk is a good counter active brainwasher if you can handle the fear and repetitiveness until the last 10 seconds. thats when everything comes back for 75% of abductees. i have made it my mission to spread the message and find someone out there who is like me. someone who remembers. someone who wants to know the truth. "we have a message. a message to all those who believe and a warning to those who do not. we are coming. we are coming to take, experiment failure, abortion, never to return."
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  1. memorydoc says:

    Chris………Pls don’t take this too negatively, but most people here may be a little reluctant to give out their proper name (especially an alias) or their age.
    I will submit a question though. How is it that you believe you have been abducted before your birth. Are you re-incarnate? Become familiar on this net and perhaps you may discover some interesting facts. ;0]

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