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and it got me thinking, probably a bit too much but I suddenly remembered two experiences I had as a child growing up.. I never thought anything of it at the time but now I can’t stop thinking about it, basically these little “experiences” go something like this.. the first I remember is when I was growing up I’d have these weird, um how do I put it, like a dream but more of a feeling, it’s hard to explain but I shall try my best, so I’m led in bed looking at the ceiling and I think I’ve fallen asleep or I’m just drifting off, but as I see it, I’m awake :/ ( confusing I know) anyway so I’m just led there awake/asleep? and I start floating towards the ceiling, and I turn my head from left to right and see the walls getting taller and thinner, never ending,  and I can remember seeing myself in bed holding my barbie street lamp  from my toy set (I had it for a night light because I remember being really scared that night that something was going to happen, and my sister slept in the same room with me ) and I could see her in the bed next to me asleep, I recall being really scared and feeling really light as I was floating. It felt a bit like when you’re really drunk and you start spinning out, you get that sinking feeling.. anway that used to happen to me quite a lot, I’d forgotten all about it! So that was one “experience” I use the term experience  as I don’t really know what to call them. The second is different, I doubt it’s really anything, but you never know, right? After all that’s why I’m posting this, I feel silly because it’s probably nothing but I need to know if it’s possibly anything? Anyway I was about 10 ( guess) and sleeping in my mums bed one night and she had told me (because i don’t remember any of it)  I suddenly woke up screaming with a terrified look on my face and jumped out the bed, ran to the door and tried to get out, she said I was completely freaking out, shrieking and running around like a loony! I was asleep though.. I know I used to talk in my sleep but I’ve never sleep walked.. I don’t remember any of this but she swears to this day it happened and scared the hell out of her..
I know this is totally different to all your experiences and encounters and such but if anyone could help me out as to what was wrong with me or maybe you’ve experienced the floating thing before? I remember having a horrible feeling something awful was going to happen, I used to get that feeling a lot and I’ve had it a couple of times recently, I haven’t floated for a while though I think!

*Sorry if this makes no sense, it’s probably not very well written as I type/talk as I think.. thanks for taking the time to read my weird (for lack of a better word) story!

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  1. memorydoc says:

    It is courageous of you to post your thoughts and concerns here. Have confidence and don’t worry too much about those dreadful feelings…….I have the feeling something wonderful will happen to you.

  2. navy says:

    I think our stories have something in common so im gonna write it here.

    It all started couple years back when i was 13. I remember that my first encounter took place
    in my bed when i was trying to sleep. It was about 23:30 and i was thinking about the next day.
    After aproximatly 10 minutes i started to feel a presence in the room, it was like my stomach went crazy i was feeling like someone was there with me, someone who i admire or i would like
    and couldnt speak to him becouse i’m nervous. Couple seconds after i can’t explain what happened i was like in a stage of “coma”. I was completly paralized i could move and not even open my eyes and every time i was trying to it was like an electric shock went through my entire body.
    I was hearing this sound in my head “zum zum zum” (sounds crazy i know) all the time.
    Short after i felt paralized and kept in this coma i felt my entire body like picked up completly in the air like i was floating or something. I couldnt feel the bed under me anymore. I want you to make sure i wasn’t dreaming i was completly concious it wasn’t a dream. I was feeling all this happen and this noise in my head and i couldnt do a thing. All this happened in aproximatly 1 minute after that i was again in control of my body the coma was over and i was a little sweat. This was my first time and i was afraid and scared but after more of this experiences i started to like them and every time i was going to bed i knew it will happen again, and it happend. The next couple weeks i had this experience every night.
    One night all this started at about 1:00 and i tried to count the seconds to see how long last this coma and floating thing i was counting like 7 seconds but then when i look at the clock it was almost 4:00 in the morning so i lost 3 hours in my counting.
    I dont know what to make of all these i think thats why i started to research all these stuff in trying to find others that may have expirenced these kind of things and im glad i found this site.
    If you have any quetions or you might be interested in more of the datails i might forgot to write here please feel free to contact me on this email “”

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