I don’t know what it is

One day I remember I woke up and I saw in my left side of my neck a whole red triangular red mark
and below to the whole triangular red mark I saw a kinda whole red square mark and it was gone throughout out the day and it was not painful at all.
Days later I was waking up from my nap time and I saw clearly in the corner of my room a very shinny flashy blue light ball.
The blue light was blinking 3 times and disappeared.I wasnt scare
Following that in the back of my right side to my bed I saw a skinny long arm reaching me and pulling back as soon as i noticed him.and other day i saw a very little curious being near to my bed kinda a playfull ………but also There is a tall beings dressing in a white robe with white hair and pale skin protecting me
if somebody can give me any answer please or email me at sadriansm@hotmail.com.
sorry for my spelling I am from SLovenia

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    THANKS ,

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