Before i endulge much of my expericances i just want to ask. I am just turning 30. Im starting to get flashs of visitations of the past. Although, they appear very vivid, as well as, almost covered up as disguised memories. As if they were masked to appear as other things or events. I know it could sound like my imagination, but please hear this first. My mother and I were taken several times. She remembers quite a bit of the experiances. Even once remembering a ship flying over head. Problem is I dont. As she tells me stories, somehow I “know” other facts about things that have happened. My question is why can she remember and i can not?

Any information would be helpfull. Even tips on recalling better would be great. Also, she knows they still come, and im getting the feeling my family has started to get taken as well. Thank you for your time.

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  1. memorydoc says:

    I really hadn’t given attn to any possibility that I had been chosen, victimized, abducted, scrutinized or exploited by unearthly influences until I sought help for PTSD 6 yrs. ago to help me visualize certain things for what they really were. Well, this brought with it other facets in my experience that I hadn’t thought of in yrs where I discovered there was more than one horse on the merry-go-round. Topics that I had considered unimportant or unexplainable in my past became more important and more explainable, esp. from the yrs. 1954 in varying degrees to 1967. From childhood sightings of a bell shaped hovering craft and a hopeless infatuation with a Nordic type female to seeing a beautiful oval shaped blue object stationary over a hazy twilight lake in Alaska. Find some way of taking time out, to find a way to reconnect. Regressive therapy and other hypnosis or suggestion techniques may open the door to the attic, but you may not like it’s occupants.

  2. christinaspirit says:

    you are right about agreements of our unconcious selves. That is what was happening to me to some extent.
    I cannot tell you of what and when it happened as it might confuse you but once upon a time i had a choice between human and alien ( grays) side. i made a mistake and i chose human ( military) side. something happened then and my spirit was let free.
    i forgot about the incident but still some part of my unconcious self wanted to be in contact with grays. not all of them are bad.
    there is no such thing as bad but different. Humans too do things which animas would consider bad if they could understand world through intelligence of words as we do.
    in same species of aliens there are different groups of them . some will take u without ur acceptance while others will try to rescue u from the hands of those who tortures.
    i was rescued but still i am hesitating to trust though i want to know.
    my fear comes from not remembering experiences which occured when i was a kid.

    What you can do is ask. Every time as you go to sleep ask them a question which you want to be answered.
    if they are taking u against ur will it is wrong and it should be stoped

  3. JohnSmith9438 says:

    I was thinking that it’s fairly universal for people to struggle over memory with regard to this phenomenon. Maybe there’s a good reason that these are not typically conscious experiences. I mean, there are some problems with our conscious-selves. First, I doubt very much if any alien visitor has gone to all the trouble to visit the ‘conscious’ ME. I’m a fairly mundane person who eats and works and sleeps and then eats and works and sleeps again. I am oversimplifying this a bit to make my point, but it seems obvious that there must be more to a human being than meets the eye. Perhaps the person they are really interested in visiting, is some part of us that is not a part of our conscious selves. If so, it could explain why the conscious experience of this phenomenon seems to be such a small part of it. I mean we tend to walk around thinking that the conscious part of us is the important and relevant part, the part we identify with as “Us”. But what if we are mistaken. What if it is only an insignificant aspect of ourselves. Second, our conscious-selves are considered by our own best thinkers to be the smaller part of us. For example scientists say that we only use a small portion of our brain (probably nonsense). Also, Psychology seems to struggle to fathom the depths of the human mind. We’ve had some very bright people working for some time to understand and explain what we really are and frankly, they seem to be more confused that when they started. No offense meant to any of you Psychiatrists and Psychologists out there. I’m not an expert or anything, I’m just observing. Sorry all my posts are so long, everyone else seems to be much more concise than I am able to be.

  4. Lightbringer says:

    its been for a few months now. im having my mom draw out some of them or even rooms or sites of importance. shes been getting more involved in telling me of the events. although ive known about them for years. since i was very young. thing is i dont feel afraid of them, at least, i dont anymore. i remember being deathly afraid of the windows. even more so after hearing a finger run down it one night. that sound still creeps me out.

  5. christinaspirit says:

    How much time passed since you begun to remember these events? You could try writing a diary. Usually it helps to retrieve more information of what was happening earlier.

  6. Lightbringer says:

    one thing i am starting to remember is on night we were walked out into our woods with 2 groups of them ( unsure on who they were) and we were seperated by a few yards. my mother says there was a lot of them interested in me. she tried to call me to her but i dont believe i had made my way to her. she says the most unerving part was there was an almost militant group more set in the woods. i think we were waiting for our ride.. so to speak. the thing that really gets me is i cant see them. but i can almost see what was going on. it amazes me that i cant remember like she can. im wondering if hypnosis will help recall these events and let me keep them. as horrible as they may be.

  7. lillie says:

    fyi, the 20-30’s is an age where visitations seem to become apparent. as time goes on you will probably start understanding and remembering more. as for your mother remembering things you don’t? you seem to know things she doesn’t. probably different unique experiences. don’t hesitate to discuss the differences and learn from each one.

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