Please help….

Hello. I have never done this before, nor do I know where to begin or who to ask. My mother (who works for the military) and her husband (retired military) recently went on a cruise ship. She told me about the whole trip and how everything went well, except for an “incident.” She was hesitant to tell me at first (maybe because I wouldn’t believe her of course) but she ended up telling me that she thinks Aliens came into their suite on the Cruise Ship. She does’t remember everything (of course, most people somehow never do) but some of the things she described are interesting. I tried to look on the internet to see if this has happened to other people but I can’t seem to find anything. Do you know of any reports happening to people on Cruise Ships? Or where I can look? I’m just trying to find as much information as possible because I believe her 100% and I do not think she’s crazy. Thanks

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