Here is my most vivid and detailed memory

Hello, I’m new here. I’m finally stepping out to meet others like myself. I’ve had countless experiences since I was a small child. Even though I have very supportive friends and family I feel very alone because of my experiences. They really just don’t understand. I hope to make some new friends that share these extraordinary experiences. Here is my most vivid and detailed memory: This happened in the late 90’s in Seattle. My boyfriend and I were asleep. My boyfriend woke up and saw two small blue “guys” at the foot of the bed. They were 2-3 feet tall. He said they were wearing blue mechanic suits and they had light wands in their hands. He somehow knew they were here for me. They shot a light at him and he instantly went to sleep. I am unsure if I was physically taken or if I had an out of body experience. Whatever it was it was very real. I was standing in grass covered rolling hills with 5-8 other people that I knew but I do not know them in real life. We were all looking up. I said ‘these are the exact coordinates, they should be here’. Right after I said that all of these ships dropped down below the clouds. One of them near us had a green and pink pixilated light beam shoot down from it. It was about 3 feet wide. It solidified into a curved shape wall. I stepped into it and it brought me up into the ship. There was a being there waiting for us and it led us down a corridor and to the center of the ship which was a wide open room with a raised platform along the wall. There were several beings there. They had uniforms on. Not all of the uniforms were the same. Some were sitting at this computer like station. Others were standing. In the center of the room were a bunch of desks. There were already a handful of people sitting at some of them doing this strange math. Everything that was being written on the desks was projected onto the ceiling. The beings were observing all of it. I stepped down from the platform to go to a desk. I remembered getting worried because I didn’t know, nor have I ever seen, the math they were doing (it was very complex looking and contained symbols I have never seen before). But when I sat down and looked at my problem I instantly knew how to solve it. I do not remember anything after this point. I slept for 16 hours straight that night. (The beings that I saw that night were very similar to other abductee’s reports – very thin, off white color, big black eyes, small mouth and nose, 4-5 feet tall)

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  1. memorydoc says:

    Yeah…..his books sparked a lot of controversy and allowed many to speak with impunity of they’re experiences. I for one run the risk of being inaccurate sometimes in my own descriptions in my attempt to peel back the layers. I’ve had a lot of anxiety as a result, but I just can’t quit trying. Anytime I find the need to correct or clarify any claim I won’t hesitate to come here and do so. My circle of friends and ideas keep growing.

  2. judy says:

    It was about 6 months after this experience I was reading one of Whitley’s books and came across the description of the blue guys. When I told Matt about it and showed him the book it really freaked him out. He said the description was almost exact except one small detail. I think Whitley said they had lights on their helmets when Matt saw them with little light wands in their hands.

  3. judy says:

    The calcium deposit seemed to appear overnight. Maybe I just never noticed it before. I do think its possible it’s an implant but I just don’t know. and I totally know what you mean about connecting the dots later on. There were so many things in my life that made no sense at all. I had to put them out of my mind because they made no sense whatsoever. After I started having memories of the ET’s the puzzle pieces just started coming together.

  4. memorydoc says:

    To “Lightbringer”………check out Whitney Streiber’s “Communion”. I think I remember something about short, stocky dark-bluish “workers”.

  5. memorydoc says:

    Ya know…….This exchange of views has opened up a few more windows for me. In the beginning when I found this particular forum, I then related a few unexplained memories from the past and one of them was experiencing a grinding and twisting up my nose that I could “hear” the vibrations going on inside my head. I couldn’t see anything but I could hear activity as though I was conscious during an operation. I can compare it to having a dental procedure two yrs. ago when under the influence of Haldol.
    Can calcium deposits appear overnight? Doesn’t seem right. I once had a “cyst-like” formation the size of a half-dollar literally develop overnight during the times I was having strange experiences during my youth in the fifties. I remember having drawn symbols on more than one occasion, but was secretive about it as I wouldn’t show anyone. I would wad them up and throw them away. It is so strange to remember back about certain things while not having a clue or any knowledge of alien beings or ufos or agendas of any sort and then to connect the dots at a later age. It just didn’t seem like a big deal then as I had no knowledge base to challenge things happening. Check in now and then and thanks…..M.

  6. judy says:

    Yes, the grass was very vibrant and pure. It was a very beautiful place. I do have a lump behind my right ear that seemed to appear overnight years ago. I had a doctor look at it once and they said it was probably a calcium deposit. I did have an experience last year where a shiny short chubby grey in a matching space suit took this long metal coil with a tiny bullet shaped thing on the end and stuck it way up my left nostril. I tend to think that experience was some kind of screen memory or download of theirs because afterwards I had no physical signs of this happening. As far as gathering the information I would say maybe but I doubt it. I have never seen the math before. I have even tried looking for similar math and nothing comes close. There were symbols I have never seen before. It blew my mind just looking at this math. I tried to remember these symbols afterwards but I couldn’t. You have made me realize something though… last year I was brought to a place for testing and I believe this was onboard a ship but I don’t remember the outside of it so I’m not for sure. It was the same thing. I just knew what I was supposed to do when I was there. Thanks for commenting. If you have any other questions or comments please post them.

  7. memorydoc says:

    Whoa! You are not the only one who has described, if I may, a “school room setting”. Did the grass in which you were standing seem a lot more vibrant and pure? Did you have a high sense of “detail”? It sounds as though you experienced some sort of scheduled encounter. In your (experiences), have you ever suspected that you may have received an implant? When you described your worry of not knowing those mathematical symbols and stuff and then sitting down at the desk and performing as if it was just routine it brings to light a big “what if”. What if some people are implanted with a chip or something similar to gather information, however mundane, to have it eventually “downloaded” elsewhere for whatever reason? When you sat down at the desk perhaps some sort of bio-mechanical process came into play and you did what you were “programmed” to do? Far-fetched? Yeah, but not out of the question. Can you share beyond that? Thanks.

  8. judy says:

    cool, good luck with that

  9. Lightbringer says:

    yah i wouldve been in my 20s anyway. guess i got excited. anyhow i am excited u saw the blue dudes i got some ppl trying to figure out who they are.

  10. judy says:

    Not sure. Most of my abduction memories are just fragments. I only have a few that are detailed.

  11. beatlesguy65 says:

    Interesting. I had some lost time issues in the early ’90’s while living in Edmond’s. Maybe you are familiar with it. Very vivid detail. I wonder why some have such detailed accounts and others can only put fragments together.

  12. judy says:

    wow, cool. No, I don’t remember a hallogram, younger boy, or a blond woman. sorry

  13. Lightbringer says:

    omg. your the only other person ive ever heard talk about little blue dudes. that just brings chills up my back. my mother and i seen them as well. just one question about the room that u were brought to, did it have a screen like hallogram that u could put your hand thru and not interupt it? and do u remember a younger boy and a early 40s blond women?
    this would really help me if you did 🙂

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