My first remembered experience

AS I have issues sleeping through the night I sleep in a separate room from my wife. Last night was no different in that respect. I also have the T.V on and set the timer to turn it off after a 2 hour period. I was still somewhat awake when the set switched off. I felt myself starting to slumber into sleep. Now I am not one who remembers dreams. I have been that way since I was a child and that is a story for a different day. Anyway, I started to hear,something,voices I thought maybe coming from my wife’s T.V. I opened my eyes to see if her set was on and didn’t see the usual glow of light coming from her room,so I was pretty sure the set was off. I started to fall back to sleep,but still I was hearing something,voices but not. i cannot explain it. The next thing I became aware of was some kind of vehicle and a portal which stared into the blackness of space,no stars. Again during this I thought I was dreaming. The next thing I became aware of was amber colored symbols flashing in my head,and not long after that I had the sensation I was floating, I mean really floating with a turn to position my head the right way in my bed. As soon as I was in bed I forced, I mean I really had to force my eyes to open, I also tried to call out to my wife because I wasn’t feeling right. I tried with all my might and I was very aware of this and it did not feel like a dream at all,but all I could get out was “honey” in a barely audible to myself raspy whisper. I then fell asleep. I awoke keenly aware of the dream,experience,whatever, and was also puzzled that my left leg was draped over the back of the day bed. I am normally a fetal position side sleeper and usually wake in that position. I was also puzzled of how vividly I remembered a dream when I hadn’t remembered one since I was 7 years old. Anyway I had my coffee and did my normal morning stuff. My wife woke later and asked if I had turned my T.V back on after it had went off,as she had noticed flashes of light coming from the room. I told her that no I had not turned it back on. Then told her of what I experienced. I am not one to make things up,hallucinate, nor am I schizophrenic,bi-polar. I am just a normal guy living in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan And I had some kind of experience I cannot explain. What’s more while in thought about this during the day I have remembered evenings in the past were I had awoken not feeling right and trying to call my wife and unable to do so. Beyond that I have no other recollections of dreams and or experiences other than when I was 7. And I had always chalked that up to a dream. When I was 7 one night I had problems sleeping and snuck into the living room and watched an old black and white movie,I’m not sure what the name was but it had vampires in it. When I did go down to go to sleep. I felt a presence in my room all the rest of the night and long into the morning. My parents came at noon to rustle me out of bed. I had always thought that it was just a dream but now after this experience I’m not so sure. Another interesting thing I have noticed during the day today. I am transposing many letters today,something I normally don’t do. Is this connected? I just want to talk about this. I felt no need for fear at all through all this,just confusion. Anyway that’s what I experienced and nobody will ever be able to tell me it was a dream.

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  1. beatlesguy65 says:


    I agree that demons are indeed spiritual in nature,however they(demons) do have the ability to posses bodies. While I have only begun my research I have found some interesting things in regards to the smaller grays and that they may be clones. Possibly a vessel for a demon spirit to reside in? I really don’t know.The only thing I know for sure is that deception is real and we must all be very very careful in our interactions with these beings,even the supposed benevolent ones. I have been seeing far too much information, that while it is feel good and so forth, is a path that leads away from Christ and into Paganism. A tactic surely put in place by Satan himself.

  2. iluzhyn says:

    First let me say that I agree with you concerning Christ; if not for my faith in his deliverance I would have probably gone insane by now because of my experiences with these entities.
    That said, I do not believe these beings are demons simply because I feel that demons are a spiritual entity as opposed to physical. But, I do believe that most, if not all, of these alien beings are malevolent and mean us no good. In my mind they would just be plain evil.
    To the people out there who believe in ‘space brothers’ and helpful beings. Maybe there are, but, I have yet to meet any in the physical realm that seem overly helpful or caring. Most, if not all, have an agenda that includes messing with innocent people and seeming not to care what it does to me, that is evil. As I said, they see us as little more than cattle to be used for their purposes and then disposed of.
    Keep your faith strong…it is the only REAL thing that can offset the damage that they may do. -iluzhyn

  3. beatlesguy65 says:

    I’ve thought that regarding the hypnosis. As you said some things are left were they are. As for the poster who mentioned them being demons. He may not be far off. Although he speaks as one who has not been abducted. I have done much research and there are those who state that the smaller grays are clones,vessels for the demons to use. Either way though I believe that those doing most of the interaction with people are if not demons directly are working for Satan himself. John Milor has a lot of interesting points regarding this as does L.A. Marzulli. One thing that has changed for me since becoming awake is that I got off the fence in regards to Jesus. I had a belief in God but was waffling on religion as a whole. After awareness set in I went from belief to knowing, and also know that Christ is the only way home.-Tim

  4. iluzhyn says:

    Thanks again for all the info. Its very helpful to me. One thing Ive learned after years of these experiences is that there seems to be a common thread that runs through all of them.
    You mentioned hypnosis to try to recover some of your hidden memories. A word of advice…think through it before you decide that is the way you want to go. I can pretty much guarantee you that there are things tucked away in your mind that are probably better off staying where they are, because, once they are out in the open, you cant put them back. And then you have to deal with them.
    You say these beings are insidious and you are right. We are little more than cattle to them. One other poster mentioned that he thought they were demons; I do not believe that but, for what kind of things they do to people..they might as well be. -iluzhyn

  5. beatlesguy65 says:

    No they were smaller like the grays,as is most reported, but had reptilian facial features. Dark,but not fully black eyes, proportional size, the nose wasn’t at all prominent,but was noticeable,not just nostril slits. No ears. And from what I am able to recollect they had 4 fingers.
    As for being in tune and ear ringing and all that. I have had the ringing,high pitched tone for as long as I can remember. And a few years back the lower hum, akin to standing next to an electrical substation started up. This isn’t constant. But enough to take notice,and no there have been no reasonable explanation for either tones and I have been to many specialists.And since I started writing this the higher tone’s amplitude has been increasing. . Being in tune for me has been to have a sense of things in general,and knowing also when something isn’t exactly right,which is usually when “they” are around I happened to notice, I will feel a dopamine rush as well as a tingle on my arms and my hair will stand up on my arms.Usually after I have this feeling, I end up having an OBE or abduction scenario and then waking to complete paralysis and unexplained fear. And remember as I said in the last response, they have done a good job of mind wiping me. I have meditated on trying to recall but it is blocked,other than bit’s and fragments. I have since becoming aware had one self initiated OBE but it was very short lived, for when I realized that I had done it I was drawn back to my body. As for my wife, she has had lucid type dreams involving a spider species. And she has often woken in odd positions, Reversed on the bed and the like, as well as recalling OBE’s. We were both military brats. Her Dad Army mine Air Force,both retired from their respective branches.
    Don’t worry about all the questions,talking does help bring some things back, I am contemplating doing regression hypnosis but I am really on the fence and maybe some things are better left unknown. If it weren’t for the paralysis and the waking with unexplained fear then I may be more inclined. I just feel these guy’s are insidious.

  6. iluzhyn says:

    Thanks for your response. You mention that the gray was not the usual image one might have; can you explain that a little more? I know many people who have had these experiences as children ‘remember’ animals with large eyes; do you have any recollection of things like this? For myself,as a child, I used to have a being that would show up in my room at times that I called ‘owl boy’, I guess because he was small and had large eyes. He was also non-traditional looking to me at that time; later, of course, his true appearance was made available to me.

    Also, you say that you have become very in tune now when these beings are around. How is that? Is it a feeling that you have? Have you noticed any ‘sounds’ such as a buzzing or an electrical-type sound that you cant account for? And you mention that they have started messing with your wife; in what way? Does she have any early memories of these types of things?

    Anyway, sorry for so many questions but you can understand my interest since Ive had 50+ years of these experiences and, perhaps they will also jog your own memory concerning details of your interaction with these beings. -Iluzhyn

  7. beatlesguy65 says:

    Well, the “portal” was from an experience or “dream” I had when I was 7. These were fragments that came to my mind right after my initial awakening back in April, I am now 45. As I have pieced things together it wasn’t a portal as much as it was a doorway. The doorway led into a corridor which was very bright and sterile in appearance, there were two Grayish/Green aliens that left my “room” and went down the corridor. They were not at all what one would associate with the traditional image of a gray. Anyway as I have meditated to try and recover memories I believe I was a visitor of their’s and the dude on the throne was a hologram that was to keep me sedate without having to necessarily drug me. Maybe sedate isn’t the right word,compliant would be better. I was visually scolded by one of the beings as they went into the corridor. As I was peeking out my blanket one of them turned around and had an intense expression as if scolding an insolent child,it then placed it’s index finger to it’s mouth and pursed it’s lips,you know the shhhh sign. Anyway that was the only time I can recall actually seeing an actual being. I’ve woken with blue colored hands,with fabric in my ear, and of late the abductors have been far better at mind wiping. My senses in regards to knowing when they are around is very in tune and I know they have still been doing whatever it is they do,they have also started or restarted messing with my wife. Anyway I am rambling and I believe I answered your question. Thanks for the interest.

  8. iluzhyn says:

    You mentioned a ‘portal’ in your original post. Can you elaborate on this? Was it in your house? Could you see any type of movement in it? Did anything come through it or were you taken out via the portal?

    Also, you mentioned not being in the same position in bed upon waking as when you went to sleep. I dont think thats too uncommon in these situations. I myself have awoken after an experience at the opposite end of the bed with all of the covers on the floor. -iluzhyn

  9. beatlesguy65 says:

    “coincidences” abound with us abductees….

  10. judy says:

    lol, yes very strange.

  11. memorydoc says:

    Hey, this is neat. Judy is from MI. and now I presume is in Seattle and Tim was in Edmonds WA. in the 90’s and now he resides in MI. Michigan is a hot spot for UFOs, even more so than California in some instances.

  12. judy says:

    That is good. Yeah, I’m a little disappointed in the level of activity here but some activity is better than none I guess. I sent you an email.

  13. judy says:

    Probably so, that seems to be the case with a lot of us. I know mine started at 2 or 3, if not earlier.

  14. beatlesguy65 says:

    Mmm so they wanted me aware! Interesting. Starting to have a lot of fragmented memories and am pretty sure that this has been going on since I was about 7,if not younger.

  15. judy says:

    thats really hard to say but I think they did that to give you some validation.

  16. beatlesguy65 says:

    Do you think the aliens make mistakes? Or do they have purpose for all they do? The reason I ask is that had they had me positioned properly as they were settling me back in bed rather than to flip me so as my head would be placed on my pillow at the head of the bed, I may never have become as aware as I did. It was in that instance that I realized I was not dreaming and also when some memories started to come to the surface.

  17. judy says:

    Your welcome Tim. I can remember when I first became aware of what was happening to me so I definitely understand what your going through. Cetain aspects of your experience have happened to me and I’m sure others here. Knowing how many have had similar experiences offers a great deal of validation. There are hundreds of thousands of us out there, maybe more.

  18. beatlesguy65 says:

    Oh and my name is Tim!

  19. beatlesguy65 says:

    Thank you Judy. I’m a pretty grounded person and scientific by nature. So things that have no evidence to support experiences tend to cause me to dismiss them. Which is why I am freaked out. Every part of my being believes that something physical happened to me but I have no evidence to back it up. So being who I am I am doubting myself and that is disheartening. I am glad to actually be corresponding with someone real. It does give me some validation.

  20. judy says:

    This was the only active group I was able to find. I know how you feel having someone witness the experience and still not be able to talk with them. My sister and an old boyfriend both witnessed and neither could have an in depth conversation about it. It’s been very frustrating. I feel very alone. A little less alone since finding this site 🙂 btw, I grew up in MI. I know that doesn’t help any but thought I’d share that. If I come across any local support groups in my searches I’ll be sure to let you know. take care beatlesguy. If you want to chat about stuff just post your thoughts here. I’ll always respond.

  21. beatlesguy65 says:

    This is very new to me and I’m a little freaked out. I’ve attempted to contact a local para-normal research group just to have someone to talk to,but have had no response. Even with so many online groups I haven’t had any interaction. Are there any real groups/people that are open to listening and sharing? I am having so many different fragmented memories coming to the surface, and no one to share them with without being judged as loony. Even though my wife noticed the flashing and so forth I am reluctant to continue talking to her about it as I worry she may believe I am getting a bit obsessive about it. Which in some ways I am. I live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan,so if anyone knows of support groups in this area please let me know. Thank you!!

  22. judy says:

    I’m not sure what the connection is. All I can say is I have always had sinus and ear problems. Maybe it has to do with an implant. Maybe from going into different environments. not sure. thx for sharing your story

  23. beatlesguy65 says:

    I also have a question in regards to sinus problems and abductions. As I have been researching abductions today I have found a lot of references to sinus infections and so forth. i have had problems since I was a child with sinus and ear problems. So much so that the ENT last ENT specialist I was seeing pretty much told me he doesn’t know what’s going on. So what is the connection to abduction and sinus problems?

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