That uneasy feeling

Within the last couple of years I have been plagued with sleep and sinus issues. Two nights ago something very unsettling happened to me that I felt I had to share. But first, let me backtrack a moment to give a little bit of history of my experience with the UFO phenom. I am a native New Yorker born and bred. When I was about five years old (in 1972) my parents went on a two week summer vacation to Europe and left me to stay with my grandparents at their fairly isolated summer home in the Hudson Valley region of upstate New York. I missed my folks but was as happy as any five year old boy could be in the country. Between the fishing, swimming, exploring and being spoiled rotten by my grand folks I had a wonderful time. That was until one particular night. When my grandmother would tuck me in at night she would close the bedroom door as I was not afraid the dark. Especially the country dark. Something she always complimented me for as I was raised in the city where it never was truly dark. I was her brave little grandson. On that fateful night I awoke and was for some reason terrified. I had not had a nightmare? For some reason I looked towards the doorway and what I saw and heard scared the Hell out of me. The door was open about six inches and I could see the outline of a small figure staring at me from outside the door. At first I thought it was my grandmother but the figure was small, not much taller then I was. I could also hear both my grandparents snoring so I knew they were asleep. Between the two of them they could have raised the dead. What happened next really threw me for a loop. The figure appeared to be holding something that glowed orange on the tip. Almost like the burning ember you would see on the end of a large cigar. I was freaked out and did what most five years olds would do, I pulled the covers over my head and prayed it would just go away. Somehow I must have drifted off to sleep, but when I awoke in the morning I could still hear my grandparents snoring and the door was shut. I never said anything to my parents of Grandparents about it. I just wanted to forget about it. Flash forward 35 years. I always wanted to live in the country and about five years ago I left NYC and ironically I now live in the Catskill mountains across the Hudson River from where I had that experience so many years before. About two years ago my sleep disturbances and sinus problems began. My doctors couldn’t explain my sleep issues (which come in one month blocks for the most part) but chalked my sinus issues to allergies. I had never been allergic to anything up until then. I will occasionally also see sparks out of the corner of my eye. And once last summer in broad daylight I saw a baseball sized fireball whiz past my glass sliding doors a mere foot off the ground which simply disappeared into the side of a mountain. Then finally two nights ago after a week of horrible sleep and feeling body aches along with low level depression throughout the day, I had that uneasy feeling before I went to sleep. Right after I got in bed what sounded like a military jet came screaming over my vicinity. It was so low the walls shook and my neighbors dog went nuts. Military cargo planes and helicopters flying over here is not unusual. But never this low and fast. Anyway, I went to sleep at midnight and woke up from a nightmare at exactly 5am as usual. I couldn’t remember the nightmare in detail but it did involve me trying to get too or fire my shotgun at something which I keep next to my bed. I had a very, very bad feeling akin to that feeling I had as a child. I started to hear weird sounds coming from outside and then I heard something that made me really take notice. It was the sound of two men having a conversation in hushed tones. If you saw where I lived you would understand why there would be no Godly reason for two men to be outside my cabin talking, especially at 5 am! Once again I just laid there praying they would just go away. And just like before I somehow drifted back to sleep. I am a very logical person not given to flights of fancy. But this has disturbed me deeply. And as someone who lives alone I find telling most people about this is not something I want to share. Especially in small communities where people over a certain age who live alone are already looked at as suspect.

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  1. IsisAtlantis says:

    Oh my God I am so thankful to know that many other have heard the whispering in hush tone or conversation. I have always lived alone until two years ago, I am now 30yo. During several years off and on I was plagued by fear of going to sleep, because when I did I would feel paralysed then the whispering would start. Sometimes I would have the sensation of weightless floating.

  2. memorydoc says:

    Here is a good one though……….I was awakened in the night by something lifting my head while on the pillow. I could feel something slip under my pillow. What it was my mom slipping a quarter under my pillow and taking the tooth I had lost that day. HAH! She didn’t know I knew it was her and I would move around a little each time she would attempt to put the quarter there and her hand would pull away. This went on a couple times until I “let” her finish.

  3. judy says:

    hmmm, strange, the whispering I heard was in my early experiences as well and also only when I was trying to fall asleep or falling asleep. Haven’t heard it since the age of 15.

  4. memorydoc says:

    Must say……whispering was an important aspect of very early mysteries in my life as well. There were only a few times I was aware of whispering and it always occurred just before the onset of sleep. Very sorry to hear of your insomnia. At least you described getting to sleep at midnight despite your usual 5am nightmare. Now and then I have “twilight” dreams that are accompanied by a truly creepy feeling of an unwanted presence, but strangely intriguing non-the-less. Your description of a small figure peering at you in the dark holding an object that emitted a glowing light helped me become a step closer in one of my own sightings, thank you very much! I have submitted an encounter with a “glowing short red man” next to my bed when I was around nine or ten yrs. old. This occurred at night and now I am thinking that this figure may have been holding an object that emitted a red light rather than saying his form was glowing on it’s own! Thank you for helping me “shed some light” on that one (groan). One of the main reasons I involve myself with forums of this sort is to simplify rather than enhance my own exp. I hope you can find some peace along the way.

  5. judy says:

    Thanks for sharing your story. I have heard this whispering myself during experiences I have had. What it is I don’t know. Hopefully some day this will all make sense.

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