Its been a few months, but I have new experiences to share…

This one was a few months ago. I slept on my couch cause hubby was working overnight, and I cant sleep alone in the bed.. The first thing I come to is that I’m huddled down tight in front of my front door. I’m sweating, straining and very stressed and scared. I dont know whats going on. And I cant move! I know something is here keeping me this way. And I know he just took off into my bathroom down the hall. I sit there for a few moments talking to myself. Its ok dont stress you CAN move.. you can , just breath. I slow my breathing, clear my mind, and I’m now able to stand. I was soo amazed! But the next thing I know my lights are on, and I’m sitting on my knees facing my front door, with what looks like a baby sitting in front of me! In a gray carseat type thing. But very, I dont know, it didnt look like our carseats, like… very little material just to hold him in.  I looke down the hall to see the alien closing the door. for some reason I want to reassure him and say its okay, you can stay, I want you to stay.. And I get this weird vibe like he’s saying, no you really dont want me to… I look down at the baby and I know he is mine, mostly mine anyway. He looks exactly like my son I have now, except older. Like 18 months.. Biiigg eyes. Lighter skin. But chubby like a baby would. I cant seem to remember his har.. He is wearing a seamless suite, very fine. I cant rember exactly what it looks like. But he is smiling at me, and I cant help but to love him, and want to hold him close. It was so strange.. but he was with me for a while. He was soo happy to be with me.  And for some reason I know he needs this from me, like nourishment, to live. And I also knew that he couldnt stay wih me, that he had to leave. I dont remember how he left. But I awoke alone on my coush as if nothing has happened.. There are a lot of gaps in this memory.. Either they have locked away these memories from me, or my mind wont accept them. But I belive they took out the most stressful and.. scary moments. So I can accept them and do what I had to do.  What are your gys’ thoughts on this? Has anyone ever experienced the same? Being shown to what looks like their own offspring? Or seeing other hybrid babys?

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  1. angelkaykay007 says:

    @ Geoff.. Yes, I did feel he was more aware and advanced than a normal baby. Yeah, I also could’nt believe how strong my feeling were for him. It was so crazy..

  2. Geoff says:

    Thanks for sharing such an amazing experience. I have had memories of seeing offspring on a craft and sometimes I am told this is my offspring and sometime like you I sometimes just know. I remember one occasion being in a white room and a grey presented me with a baby who looked less then a year old, he was thin, but no more then some babies born on this earth. As I held the baby I felt loving feelings for him and he moved and wriggled in my arms, he seemed happy and like your experience seemed to enjoy the interaction, like it’s beneficial for him. One thing that often surprises me about these type of experiences are the emotions that get invoked, the feelings I felt, they were wonderful.

    The eyes seemed more striking and more aware then a normal baby, I had the feeling he was very aware. Did you feel your offspring was more aware and advanced then a normal baby?

    There have been times when I have met another contactee and shown babies or children and informed that this is our offspring, I know they have been altered and I view them as more evolved humans. A grey once informed me that they are creating humans and seeing them on other planets.

    I often have gaps in my memories, sometimes I think we remember what we need to and that a part of our consciousness determines what we remember, sometimes it’s a bit frustrating – especially when it starts to get interesting and then there is a gap. I often found there is a gap when looking into the grey and other beings eyes.

    Did you have any feelings or thoughts as to the purpose of your offspring?

  3. Lightbringer says:

    i have had a similar experiance. but from what i remember i was in a kind of hall looking at, maybe chambers for bodys. ( at first they looked like houses with military awards on them till i started remembering more realness to it) anyways this older women was showing me around and saying something of importance about them, although that i cannot recall. after a while i remeber her saying ” and this is your son” he was a very tiny “halfbred” that didnt look much like me but for some reason i could “feel” his and my energys being similuar. i remember saying “oh my god, my son. come here.” i held him and cryed like i have never before i remember his head aside mine as i held him. he was in a brownish colored robe. very skinny and dark brown color to him. next thing i knew i woke up cry my eyes out. i dont have any kids of my own. but my girlfriend was very concerned of my reaction to that event. i still feel him with me tho. would love to see him again.

  4. judy says:

    Wow, that is an amazing experience. Nothing like that has happened to me. I have heard of this happening. I wish more people would comment and try and help others out. Wish I could be of some help, sorry.

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