hello i’m new

i’m presently 28 years of age i can’t remember what age i was when it happened but i think i was about 15 i told what happened to me to everyone but just told me i was dreaming but it couldn’t be a dream because well let me tell you ,you see every certain of the night i would’ve wake up walk downstairs get a cup water then go back to sleep but that night it didn’t go as usual ,i woke up went downstairs filled the cup with water i stode in front of the sink and before i could’ve get a sip of the water a bright florecent  light shined through the kitchen window i didn’t panic i was surprised it looked like the spotlight of a helicopter was shinning outside but then the back door suddenly opened i tried to run but some type of force pulled me through the door at that moment i kinda blacked out but here’s the strange part when i came too i was on a table lying down no needles nothing  just two beings one was alien and one was human an old man they stood over me and the old man said to me ,you are one of us and we will come back for you on a certain date he told me the date but not the year ,but i can’t remember the date. Ido find it funny that i remember everything though and i do swear to you i’m not making any of this up i really swear to you but anyway this is what made me to believe it was not a dream remember in the beginning i said i filled a cup of water well when i woke up in my bed the next morning the cup was right next to the kitchen sink with the water still in it. So far everyone i’ve told this story to just laughs at me i heared about hypnotism but here where i live no one does that so i guess i would never know the truth or remember the date they told me for that matter.


Anyway thanks for taking the itme to read this, this was my experience whether you believe or not is up to you but i know what happened to me.


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  1. isisrose3 says:

    I believe you. I have been reading about alien abductions for many years now. I do believe many of us here on earth are part alien. You should get a trained hypnotherapist so you could recall more details of the event.

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