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hello, I’ve never been abducted (at least not that I know of :)) but have always been very, very interested in the UFO and abduction phenomenon. I don’t think what Christopher believes about these beings being demons at all. I think that a lot of humans have tough time realizing that there are interplanetary impossibilities from OUR limited perspective. Like Judy said, there may be all types of other possibilities allowing for these guys to come here, like worm holes. I think humans also have a tough time negotiating ETs w/ their beliefs in the Bible and God.

Anyway, I believe they’re real beings from other planets who have been studying us for a long time. I’m wondering if those who are abducted are chosen due to their genetic makeup. Who knows? I just wonder why the aliens won’t let themselves be known openly to all of us (?).

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  1. judy says:

    I think you are mixing christinaspirit up with christopher. Maybe they both think that, not sure. It is a popular view these days. I think it’s possible demons might be involved with some of the negative ET’s but who knows. Only time will tell. I really believe the majority of ET’s are highly evolved benevolent beings.

    I think we will all see some very interesting things within the next few years.

    Nice chattin with you smilesb71 take care

  2. smilesb71 says:

    Hi Judy,

    i think it is so fascinating that you’ve been abducted. I am reading a book called “Abduction: Human Encounter with Aliens” by John E. Mack. I sometimes wish that I could be abducted but then when I read some of the experiences, it makes my heart race because I’m sure it would be frightening.

    But, back to the topic of disclosure, I think the government’s involved in some type of desensitization program to prepare us for disclosure too.

    Anyway, I think you’re right that there would be too many problems because of unfortunate attitudes like Christinaspirit’s that the aliens are demons. I really, really don’t believe that. I believe they are a much more advanced hominid of the same DNA as us but much more evolved. There’s no problem in believing in God, as I do to a degree, but we may just need to broaden our understanding of God.

    I heard there are billions (BILLIONS) of earth-like planets in our Milky Way and galaxy alone – we cannot be so stupid as to think we’re the only evolved, intelligent, spiritual beings out there.

    Jumping topics, but not to put people like Christinaspirit down, but believing the aliens are demons is very similar to less advanced societies in Africa (I lived there for over 2 years – in the CAR) believing in sorcery as an explanation for things they do not understand like AIDS.

    Take care and thanks for your response.

  3. judy says:

    It would cause way too many problems if they did, at least in the past it would. I think there has been an initiative by the world gov to desensitize the pop to their existence. I think at least one of the races will go public soon.

  4. beatlesguy65 says:

    Those ET’s that are now intermingling with populations are most certainly of evil intent. Demons they may not be but they serve those who want to destroy God. Many of these beings claim to be God. This very statement by them should cause many to take pause. While I do believe that there are good entities, they have remained in the background, kind of like a no interference prime directive. Fallen Angels,Angels and the like by definition are ET’s,intelligent beings not of this world. The thing to keep in mind is scripture. We have been warned and should be diligent. When those who work for God present themselves those who are in the spirit will know. All others better be asking the question,”What does this cost?” Don’t fall for the deception people. There is only one way home…….

  5. christinaspirit says:

    Suppose they did reveal themselves to the world. Then what? Yes, it is true that many of us would of accepted things the way they would be but then there would be much more people who did not just understand of what an alien beings were but they would of taken them for Gods.
    During the WW2 armies used to give some communities ( i guess in Pacific Ocean)which lived on islands basic commodities. When the war got over goods were no longer given to people. Natives begun to construct something of what looke like a wooden airplanes which were assimilations of real once. Natives took army people for dead spirits which came to save them from troubles.
    I do agree with a point that information about these beings should be revealed but the question is still the same what will majority of us do?

    What do u think abt that.

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