i do need to talk to someone abult this

I am 42yrsold and i need to talk to someone abult my experiences but my spelling is not good this been going on since i was 5 or 10yesold i do not know what to do or ho i can talk to

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  1. yogisteph says:

    If u need 2 talk u can email me and I can give u my phone#. I have seen with my own two eyes a huge UFO about 30 feet up, right above my head. Long story, but i’ll post it on here soon. My mom had to go under hypnosis becuz her and my stepdad were waking up paralyzed, seeing the tops of short creatures heads walking around their bed. My mom would show me crazy marks on her that she woke up with. Her hypnosis opened a huge can of worms about aliens. I don’t believe they are all bad by the way. My mom actually had the tall, blond, white Robed Nordic alien take her hand and tell her he wanted her to walk with him. Two UFO’s had landed in their pasture. His and apparently a UFO with bad aliens. He walked her back to her house. This was one of the things she revealed under hypnosis. Now u hear about these tall blond long haired aliens all the time. The Galactic Federation Of Light. She described it in such vivid detail. Her family was really poor. She said the man was so beautiful. His robe was so white. He was walking her back through their pasture, on their farm land towards the house. All she could think was Oh no he’s gonna get so dirty, his robe. She looked down at his feet to see if the tall weeds were getting on him and he wasn’t walking, he was levitating right above the ground. I really don’t think it will be much longer before everyone knows the truth. Peace and love-Steph

  2. smilesb71 says:

    If it were to happen to me, which I’m certain it hasn’t, I’d seek out a psychologist who specializes in treating abductees and undergo hypnosis to clarify my repressed memories and then process this with the psychologist.

  3. beatlesguy65 says:

    Different people cope in many different ways. For me I have become very spiritual. These ET’s may not be actual demons,but in my mind they are close enough. So I pray and I rebuke, often! I can’t remember were I heard it but a pastor said rebuke first ask questions later. It has worked to some degree for me. I have only been “awake” for a short period of time I have memories coming to the surface as far back as 7. I am 45 now. My nephew who is only 5 commented to his Mom that if they keep his black light on “they” wont come. I’m not sure how this would work,although I have had people tell me it messes with the ET’s vision. Anyway he has been able to sleep uninterrupted in his own room while the black light is on. Give this a try for your son. I found much information in the link I am providing. The books are free in pdf format. Give them a try.

  4. snug040 says:

    its been going on all my life and now my wife if having some thing going on to.and my son is 7 he will not sleep in hes on room where at on time he would.i been in to ufos all my life and its getting where i do not know what to do any more.

  5. beatlesguy65 says:

    This is a pretty good place to get started. While some have posted here and have had no abduction experiences. I have found that many here have and that there are many who will openly discuss and share here as well. It always helps to start with some of what you have been experiencing. How long you have been aware,and so forth.

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