Alien Abductions

People, especially ones who have been abducted need to realize that the whole ufo/alien abduction phenomena is demonic in origin, it is a satanic deception.  Even if there is life on other planets or star systems, they are not visiting us due to the great distances and other problems with inter-galactic travel, and there is no proof that these beings come from other planets or star systems anyway.   These beings come from the spirit world, and they masquerade as space aliens. They will lie to you and say that they are here to help us, that they are here to teach us things, things that would seem good, but in reality, they are conning you, they have a evil agenda, they appear to be benevalent, like wolves in sheeps clothing, or demons in space alien clothing, these fallen angels or demons  also called “devils”  or  “unclean spirits”  can take on any form.  I’m not a betting man, but if I were, I’d bet that I’m right about this.  Regardless of  whether these beings  are fallen angels or devils or demonic hybrids, they have a leader   once named “Lucifer”  now called “Satan”,  and they are the ones who are doing the abductions and flying in our skys.  Satan and his minions do not need a flying saucer to get around in, that is just part of the deception.  Some of these “flying saucers” are man made here on earth, but most of them are not really physical flying craft, they can appear to be physical and can leave physical proof of having landed some place, but they are not really physical flying objects, that also is part of this satanic deception.  These so called aliens from space may say that they are here to teach you how to generate love or how to conquer fear etc.  but they really hate you and they hate God and they have an evil agenda.  If these creatures are just hybrids, they came as a result of hybridzation, the taking of sperm and eggs from abductees by the fallen angels or demons to create these hybrids, and it may be these hybrids who are now abducting people like the fallen angels were doing before, but regardless, they are NOT space aliens from another planet or star systems.  The Greek word for demon  means “knowledge”,  they  have all knowledge, they have the “technology”.  Even if there were space aliens who were so much more advanced than we are who were able to come here,  fallen angels or demons, or even their hybrid offspring would have even an easier time coming here and abducting people, which I believe whole heartedly that is what they are.

I believe that the key to this whole ufo/alien abduction phenomena is found in the bible in Genesis chapter 6,  in there, it says that angels who were called  “sons of God” came down to earth and mated with earth women and the result was a race of giants.  This is not so far fetched as it sounds, this really happened, and I’ve been researching this stuff for quite awhile now, and the same thing is happening now, except in a different way.  Instead of angels actually coming here and mating with earth women like the angels  in Genesis chapter 6 did, they are  masquerading as space aliens and are abducting women and taking their eggs and abducting men for their sperm and are creating a race of hybrids.  It amazes me how some people won’t believe in fallen angels and demons, but they are quick to believe in space aliens, and I think it would be harder to believe that aliens from other planets could come a long way from some distance planet  than fallen angels, who could do it much easily.   People need to realize that Satan is real and so are demons and fallen angels, and they are ultimately behind this whole thing, regardless of what they look like or what they tell you, they are liars and they can take on any form, and a lot of ghost sightings are also demons masquerading as ghosts of dead people as well. 

You people who have been abducted or are still experiencing these abductions, can stop them,  all you have to do is come to the Lord Jesus Christ and ask him to forgive you of your sins and ask him to save you. Every follower of Jesus Christ has the Holy Spirit, and the bible says that  demons also called “devils” in  scripture  fear Jesus Christ, they fear the name of Jesus, and the bible also says,  “Greater is He who is in you, than he who is in the world”      In that verse, the first  “he” is the Holy Spirit of God who every follower of Jesus has dwelling in him or her, and the second “he”  is Satan, and the Holy Spirit is greater than Satan, so if you want to be free from the alien abductions or demon abductions as it really is, come to Jesus and live for him and you won’t be abducted anymore, and if by chance you are about to be abducted, just rebuke those evil beings in the name of Jesus and they will go away and that will stop the abduction experience.  Now if you don’t believe the bible or Jesus, then you will be on your own and will probably still experience these abductions, they are demonic regardless of what they may try to tell you or try to do  for you or to you or regardless of what anybody else might say, they are fallen angels or demons or hybrids created by demonic power. Anybody here who thinks I’m crazy or has a big hang up with demons, can think what you like, but I don’t think abductees are crazy, they are victims of demonic oppression.  Don’t fall for the space alien deception.

About Christopher

I live near Pittsburgh, PA in the U.S. I have been interested in the ufo/alien abduction/cattle mutilations for the past couple of years. I am married with two teenage children. I work as a security officer. I collect dvds pertaining to ufos and alien abductions.
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  1. beatlesguy65 says:

    As a christian being right shouldn’t be such a dominant force with your rhetoric. Prayer is all you should concentrate on, and as a Christian you would also KNOW with certainty that demons are but spirits. These beings(ETs) are solid,not spirit, and as I said are they clones maybe to house demons?maybe but I don’t know, just as you don’t know, Another thing you do is to pretend you know Gods plan. God does tell us that as we walk closer with him the forces of evil would do much to break that closeness,so God does indeed allow things of this nature to go on. Why? Who knows, only God knows, in some cases it could be a test of faith but again who really knows but God. You have used deception on these pages by claiming you had been abducted but then stating you hadn’t. Deception my friend is a tool of the devil,as a christian you should know this. You really need to spend more time in prayer and less time meddling in affairs you have no real clue about. And really why would anyone listen to you? You have lied,if I told you ten stories and then after telling them told you that one of those stories was a work of fiction,how many of those stories could you then believe? None,not a single one. So again when you come on here and lie would you really believe that anyone would listen to and believe your words? Deception is not the way to do it.

  2. Christopher says:

    First of all, no one or nothing can do amything to a christian unless God allows it, and if He allows it, He allows it for good. with this ufo/alien abduction phenomenon, these fallen angels or demons do have an agenda, and that agenda is deception.

  3. Christopher says:

    I still say he whole thing is demonic, and as a christian, you should know that. Time will tell if I’m right or not.

  4. beatlesguy65 says:

    You question people’s faith yet apparently you have no idea of scripture yourself. We are told that as we get closer to God the attacks from Satan would increase. Following your theory of ET’s being demon’s this would fall right into place with your purported beliefs. And not all ET’s are demonic in nature. By definition an ET is an intelligent being not of the Earth. This would place Angels into the ET category as well. Demons are spiritual creatures and they need a host body to manifest themselves in this dimension. Now maybe some of the ET’s are clones designed to house a demon and maybe they are not. Not one of us mere mortals has those answers. Not even you. God has been pretty clever in concealing his divine plan,not only to keep mankind guessing but to keep Satan from guessing what it is. Although we all know the eventual outcome. Anyway you really need to tone down your rhetoric, what is happening to us,not you, is very real to us, and we don’t need you telling any of us what we are or are not.Or what we believe or don’t. Or what they are or are not. If I were you I would concentrate on yourself. Stay away from this area. Trust me you may not have had an abduction experience yet but if you keep meddling in these affairs you’ll end up with one. Just worry about yourself dude and leave the rest of us alone. Our relationship with God is between us and God. Even scripture tells us how to pray. And this is supposed to be done in private with the world tuned out. The prayer is as follows, “Our Father who art in heaven.Hallowed be thy name.(When Moses approached God on Mount Sinai, he heard a voice saying, “Do not come near; put off your shoes from your feet, for the place on which you are standing is holy ground.” An infinite chasm separates us from the transcendent God.In the Lord’s Prayer, Jesus invites us to draw near to God who is beyond human understanding, who dwells in mystery, who is all holy. We can call God “our Father”.Calling God “Father” does not mean that God is masculine. God is beyond the categories of gender, of masculine or feminine. None of our descriptions of God is adequate. God, who is “in heaven”, whose name is holy, cannot be fully known by us.By calling God “Father” we are more rightly describing ourselves and our relationship with God. Jesus teaches that we have a filial relationship with God; God sees us as if we were a daughter or a son. And we, on our part, can approach God in the familiar confident way a child approaches a loving parent. What is more, we approach God through God’s only Son, Jesus Christ, who unites us to himself) . Thy Kingdom Come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.(God’s kingdom. Jesus often said that God’s power would appear and renew all creation. God like a mighty king would rule over the earth according to a plan that unfolds from the beginning of the world. God’s kingdom would be marked by peace and justice. Good would be rewarded and evil punished. The kingdom, according to Jesus, is not far off, but already present in our midst, though not yet revealed.In the Lord’s prayer we pray that God’s kingdom come, that God’s will, which is for our good, be done on earth as it is in heaven.) Give us this day our daily bread.(We are God’s children. What can be more childlike than this petition in which we pray for our daily bread, a word that describes all those physical, human and spiritual gifts we need to live. With the confidence of children we say: “Give us this day what we need.”) Forgive us our trespasses and forgive those who trespass against us.(This petition of the Lord’s Prayer is a demanding one. Not only do we ask God’s forgiveness for our daily offenses, but we link God’s forgiveness of us with our forgiveness of others. Forgiving others is not always easy to do. We need God’s help to do it. But it must be done or we ourselves cannot receive God’s mercy.) Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil.(Life is not easy. It is a daily battle. Trials like sickness and failure can crush our spirits. False values and easy promises can entice us and even destroy our souls. And so we ask God to keep us from failing when we are tested, to help us to know the right thing to do, to deliver us from the evil which awaits us in life.The Lord’s Prayer sums up the teaching of Jesus. It is also a prayer that offers the grace of Jesus: his reverence for God, his childlike confidence in his Father, and his power to go bravely through life no matter what comes. When we pray his prayer, his spirit becomes our own.) For thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory for ever and ever,amen.”
    Chris this is all you need do to help anyone. As a Christian you should know this.

  5. iluzhyn says:


    I do understand where you are coming from. My ‘problem’ in all of this is first: your assumption that if I were a born again Christian I would not have been abducted. The problem with this is the abductions began, as far as I can remember,when I was 3 years old. And, while I certainly don’t know everything, I’m pretty sure that a 3 year old does not have the ability to comprehend the Gospel much less to make a decision concerning their salvation.

    Secondly, concerning being able to stop an abduction by having faith, calling upon Jesus,etc. You may be right in a sense. I have prayed when I felt the ‘presence’ of the abductors and nothing happened that night. However, once an abduction begins, in my experience, you can not call on anyone. You can not speak and the only thing you feel (once again, just my experience) is fear and confusion.

    Next, that ‘aliens’ are the demons of the Bible. This is really a difficult point. I do believe that in biblical times these entities were taken to be demons. At other times they have been thought to be gods. I feel that these beings are a separate and distinct species of being. I don’t believe that they come from some other galaxy or what have you but are actually inter-dimensional entities. I think they are malevolent in their nature and purpose and somehow feed on emotional energy; fear being the most powerful of those emotions. Hence, you could say that they are demons. But, while they seem to have much in common with Biblical demons I believe that there are some differences; possession for one. They don’t seem to have the same agenda. Demons lead one to evil in many ways; the ‘alien’ entities seem content with simply using people for their purposes but don’t really lead anyone anywhere, except maybe into some foolish ideas of benevolent ‘space brothers’ Who knows?

    Now let me ask you a question. If an intruder broke into your home with the intent to rob you, rape your wife and kill your children, could your beliefs stop him? It happens every day; bad things happen to both good and bad people because we live in an evil world ruled by the prince of darkness. Do you understand the strength of faith the early Christians had? And yet, they were burned, torn apart and eaten by lions. People are evil because they have free choice and choose to follow evil inclinations. God does not promise to save his people from the evil that’s done in this world; what He does promise is that if you endure to the end you will have safety, peace, joy and eternal life with Him.

    So, don’t blame the people that are having evil happen to them of a lack of faith. It takes an immense faith to have to deal with these things for decades without going insane or sticking a .38 in your mouth.


  6. Christopher says:

    No, my demon theory is no mistake. You as a professing christian should know better. If you were truly born again, you would have the Holy Spirit, and you would not be abducted. The bible says, “…….because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.” {1 John 4:4} The “he” that is in you is the Holy Spirit, and he is much greater than the “he” that is in the world which is Satan. You had said, “Your beliefs and my beliefs can not stop these beings” You are denying the power of God, He can stop these beings whatever they are, for he is greater and more powereful than all those beings. A woman once said that she was abducted and she wasn’t able to “call on” anyone or do anything either, but she said she was able to think of the name of Jesus, and these beings stopped immediately and looked at her, and the more she thought of the name of Jesus, the more these beings acted hesitent and they let her go. Some people who have claimed to have been abducted had said that these so called space aliens had told them things that contradict the bible, things such as that they were the creators and that Jesus was just a prophet etc. These so called space aliens were denying christianity. It is obvious what these beings really are, they are either fallen angels or demons or hybrids created from the sperm and eggs that are taken from abductees. They hate God and they want to deceive as many people as possible by driving them away from God and the bible. If you are a true born again christian, then ask the Lord to show you if I’m right or not, and ask him ahead of time to protect you from any future abductions. If I am wrong, which I doubt, it doesn’t really matter what they are because if you are truly born again, you are equiped with the Holy Spirit and Jesus said that He would never forsake you, and these beings cannot do anything to you unless God allows, and I doubt that He would allow these demonic beings to abduct you. Make sure you really are born again and ask him to stop any future abductions. I don’t have to experience an abduction to know what I’m talking about. Again, every message that these so called space aliens gave an abductee was anti-christian. Isn’t it obvious who is really behind this whole thing? I don’t have to experience this to know who they are. You ask the Lord Jesus Christ.

  7. Christopher says:

    Eventually time will tell that I am right about the whole thing being demonic. It should be obvious that it is, but as I said, time will tell that I am right about this being demonic, a satanic deception.

  8. smilesb71 says:

    I definitely don’t agree with what you are saying. To me, your beliefs, which you certainly are entitled to have, remind me of the Central Africans among whom I lived for 2 years believing in sorcery and explaining everything they didn’t understand as being a result of sorcery, including AIDS and other things that they didn’t have the science to understand.

    What you have to understand is that these beings are likely much more evolved than we are and have found ways to travel that we haven’t invented yet or have not discovered yet. Science is uncovering all kinds of realities that are way beyond anything we ever knew previously, including that space and time can be “bent” and that travel through great distances can occur through a “worm hole.” There is now evidence that the same atom can exist in 2 different places at the same time – something that is difficult for my brain to comprehend but that implies that more than one situation or universe is happening simultaneously with our current realty.

    These beings may have a selfish agenda or they may not, but they are not demons. In my opinion, they are just far more advanced hominids made up of the same DNA that we are. I believe we are going to have to expand our understanding of God and Jesus.

  9. iluzhyn says:

    I very seldom write on these types of boards but your post deserves a reply. To begin, I am a very staunch Christian and, I am also an victim of multiple abductions. This began when I was 3 years old and have continued up until the present day, which for me has been over 52 years. I have worked with some of the biggest names in the alien abduction field. And there is one thing I can tell you for sure: you demon theory is simply mistaken.
    These beings are real. Whether they are from some other place in our universe or inter-dimensional beings, I do not know. But, they are not demons, which as a Christian, I do believe in. You are taking something familiar to you and applying it to something totally different.
    Your beliefs and my beliefs can not stop these beings. I have tried, and by the way, when an abduction is in progress you cant ‘call on’ anyone or anything. You are basically frozen and have little or voluntary action available to you.
    Its OK to have theories but, until you experience what I and others have, and have to live with this constant fear, it is senseless to put out your ideas as reality. They are not, nor are they helpful to those of us who have been put in this situation through no fault of our own. – iluzhyn

  10. christinaspirit says:

    It is not to hurt you Chris but for the sake of protection of other people on this site i think that i shoud do it. I know how it feels to be affected by propaganda. You have led certain people in wrong directions not just once. I too listened what you had to say, fortunately most of the times i play along with people whom i do not trust. This is a sort of feeling i got about you.

    Why did you claim to have been taken by Gray Beings and that they thought you everything you know now. If you are not sure about your own life- why do you have to confuse others.

    here are 2 posts of Chris which were posted earlier this year in Feb and Jan:


    hello, i have been abducted since before my birth and now i have learned from the greys. i am very familiar with their procedures and they have chose me to inform all that want to believe. i am the first of many as they say and if anyone wants to know more about them, their intentions, what they are doing, or anything involving them then email me at i will be logging on once a day. please include your email, name/alias, and preferably age. this is Chris, until next time, peace it easy.


    I wanted to once again share the message for it has changed. they told me this 3 nights ago and told me to tell the world but untill now i have been to busy. my offer to help still stands. if you want it email me. the message is “WE HAVE A MESSAGE. A MESSAGE OF HOPE FOR THOSE WHO CHOOSE TO HEAR IT AND A WARNING FOR THOSE WHO DO NOT. WE ARE COMING, WE ARE COMING TO TAKE. EXPERIMENT FAILURE, ABORTION, NEVER TO RETURN. 1 HOPE WALKS THIS LAND AND SHALL BRING THE LIFE TO THE LIFELESS.” there it is and thats how it is. they say it will “open the hopeful and close the ignorant completely.” and they also say that “the time has past and the few that have decided need not be afraid, but come forth with their decision” and if you do email me please remember that i am just the messenger, dont be chewing me out for relaying what I’ve been told.

    I hope that he won’t mislead people any longer.

    Its not against you Chris, it for the sake of others.

  11. RockJohnAxe says:

    Now I don’t want to say you are wrong, everyone is allowed their own beliefs and opinions, but i feel this concept is flawed or maybe I fail to understand what your truly trying to say.

    I believe Aliens and extra-terrestrial intelligent life exists outside of this planet. I don’t understand what you are trying to imply what a Demon is. Is it an evil spirit? Does it come from Earth? Claiming they can take any form even ghosts is also giving less weight to your arguments.

    I believe ghosts and spirits have nothing todo with Aliens. These Alien creatures are living somewhere out in space and come to us for their own reasons. They have nothing todo with any religious belief. If they want you, they will take you. Spouting the name of jesus isn’t going to change their minds. Also, what if i’m Hindu? Will Vishnu save me or is it only Jesus?

    Claiming you can stop these experiences by just sharing in your beliefs is also wrong. You may have a theory about Aliens, but you have no proof and little to no experience. Some people are tortured by these experiences so don’t claim to know everything. If your trying to help, your doing it all wrong.

  12. Christopher says:

    One more thing I’d like to say, I have never experienced an abduction, some of you have, but just because you experienced this and I haven’t, doesn’t mean that I am wrong or that I don’t know what I’m talking about. I have every reason to believe it is demonic, and I don’t have to experience an abduction to realize that it is demonic. Time will tell if I’m right. Anybody who is not a christian or who doesn’t believe in Jesus, if you get abducted again, say the name of Jesus and see how these being react, it may work even though you may not be a follower of Jesus, but it will work for sure if you are truly a born again follower of Jesus Christ and also if you want the abductions to stop. I’m just trying to help you.

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