Dreams that Ive been having

Okay I am not a firm believer in the supernatural or the paranormal but I am pretty open to the idea that we are not alone I guess you would say so let me start with these dreams that I have almost my entire life I would say they started around the age of five and until now currently in my life and it is freaking me out a bit to remember these things. As a child I would have this reoccurring dream that I would be taken away while I was sleeping a bright blue light would shine than everything would be dark than a few hours later I would wake up  but it felt like I was in midair than would just hit the bed wake up and would be crying but I never knew why I was crying and I couldn’t remember the dream but all I could really feel was that I was scared and that my back was hurting me this went on until I was 6 almost 7 than we moved to Michigan. The dreams stopped until I was 11 years old and it came back but in the next dream I can remember sleeping next to my older sister the next thing I know I walk into our kitchen and then everything went dark again the next morning I a woke screaming in pain my back was in so much pain and all my sister can remember me saying is that I wanted them to stop poking my back but screaming out of a dead sleep that I wanted them to stop poking me.  After that nothing had happened to me for a while until I was 17 I had this strange dream again that I looked out my window and someone was there than again everything went black woke up and my upper back and neck hurt I forgot to mention that during these back pains there were no marks or anything so I thought I just always had these bad dreams that I could never really remember everything. skipping along in my life to currently I’ve been feeling like something has been taken me while I’ve been sleeping which has lead me to remember these weird occurrences in my past that I kind of just let go in my life but weird things have been occurring around the area I live and how I’ve been having the weird dreams again and since of fear when I go to sleep now and the fact that I actually had  a dream that I sort of remember of some type of being coming into my room while me and my fiancé are sleeping but somehow my fiancé is sleeping and these beings are either putting or taking out something in my spine it’s been freaking me out also that there have been reported UFO’s sightings in the area lately and I hate to sound crazy but I am scared I am defiantly not the type of person who fully believes in alien beings but it is just way too weird to have all these things happen to me that have been going on basically my entire life I am just hoping that I am not going crazy

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  1. b3yond33 says:

    You should consider the possibility that maybe some of your experiences were an Etheric/Astral Projection. Perhaps they were more than just dreams and your Etheric body (or physical body but it sounds more like the Etheric/Astral body) was taken/experimented on?

  2. RockJohnAxe says:

    If you could provide more information of the “Dreams” or any figures you encountered it would help. How many times has this happened? Has it been often or only every so many years?

    People who are abducted frequently almost always have an implant located somewhere in them. You should go have your back X-rayed. Ofcoarse don’t tell the doctor the real reason, just say your back hurts or something and you want an Xray. If there is anything there, it will show up.

    If you do locate an implant let me know and I’ll point you in the right direction.

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