I stumbled upon this site after talking to my sister. I was just telling her about my dream I had because it was way different then any other dreams I HAVE EVER HAD!!!!!!! I have very vivid dreams, and can remember them very well! They are all nightmares I have had since I was little. This one stuck out the most! It was just last night July 4th or maybe the 5th cuz it was early in the morning I think. I felt myself being pushed back very fastly I saw a girl on a bed or table it looked like a surgery room in the hospital. There were 3 doctors around me. I could not see any of their faces. I seen the girl’s head and limp body being (what looked to be) them trying to wake her up. Her head fell to the right. She was wearing a blue looking plastic shower cap thing on her head. I focused in on the face of the girl thinking “Why am I getting shown this.” Then looking harder IT WAS ME on the table and I heard in a mans voice “SHES NOT RESPONDING”, “SHES NOT RESPONDING”! Twice I heard that. I saw them or the doctors pushing on my rib cage, not chest. I was in a gown (white with a blue diamond design) same as the hospitals gowns. All though it was tighter, it seemed to fit nicely, which is unusual even if you have a xsmall on! The room was huge and white with machines (I think) I didn’t look around much because it was me on the table dying!   That dream ended and I saw myself  sit in a grayish plethery chair. It had a head rest and arm rests and was on a moving belt. I dont know the word for it, but the chair moved along this belt in the floor.  Before I sat down I was being instructed to sit down, so I did. The voice then told me ” NO MATTER WHAT HANG ON, IT SHOULDN’T BE TO ———–” I can’t remember the end to that sentence. I held on to the arm rests and it started moving me through 2 silver doors. I was about 30 ft. from those doors when I sat in the chair. After entering the silver doors the chair started tipping right to left slowly and safely like they were checking my balance or something. The chair continued to move all different ways. I noticed I was in the gown from the previous dream!  I felt the chair floating and it began to move forward tipping me over. I felt my hands clutch the arm rests trying not to fall. I felt a pressure on my chest and couldn’t breath in for 1 breath. It seemed as if they knew because it tilted me back up a little more and I was fine. NEXT I remember being laid in a big bed looking thing that felt like those tempre pedic beds. Any way I was instructed to get up there and lay. I was in between a boy I had never seen before. Sandy blonde hair and only about 11, but had long legs or was tall. I don’t know how I knew his age I just do for some reason. Also I was next to a girl with dark brown hair and couldn’t see her face. Then I seen a big needle and a dark but bright orange fluid inside. I only seen hands with blue gloves on them and a voice saying “I NEED TO INJECT THIS IN YOU” I looked over at the boy and knew he had that same thing done to him. The voice warned me that it would be a little scary, but that I can handle it. They injected it in my right arm I don’t remember where on my arm  exactly.  Then I saw it go in my arm. It felt like an epin efrin shot (which gives you a huge adrenalin rush), but this feeling went on and I can barely describe it but it felt like I was being pushed down but on a really fast roller coaster where your stomach drops and not even only that it was so scary of a feeling I HAVE NEVER EVER FELT THIS FEELING BEFORE IN ANY DREAMS OR IN MY LIFE.  My eyes rolled back so you could see the whites and they were open. It felt like I took a deep breath and never let it out  and even went past that some how . I dont know roller coaster stomach drop, light headed adrenalin rush! After that feeling I was fine. A little girl came in the room I only seen the back of her. She had wavy light brown hair, she came in and ran to this women and gave her a hug. I some how knew the little girl had been here before and has done this many times before. And I knew she didnt like it. Then she sat in the chair and it started moving through the silver doors.      They had another shot with clear liquid much smaller like a regular shot you get at the doctors. They instructed me to do it myself. I got handed the needle, again I could only see hands with gloves on them this time they were white. I asked them where they said in your vein. I looked down and I could see every vein I had. Purplish red little veins glowing everywhere in my right arm and bright blue big veins also. I tried but couldnt do it. It kinda floated out of my hands and in thin air I had that shot injected. I then woke up from my puppy barking and whining. I got up to let her outside. There was a big storm that night. I thought she had to pee  but instead was starving and found food on our deck. I seen a huge flash of light like I had never seen before I  thought it was one of those flash fire works but it only happened once. It was like looking in to a strobe light for a split second. It did thunder really loud and alot after that so I think it was lighting that struck next to me to be that bright, I dont know . THE DREAM WAS STARTLING AND THE FEELINGS !!  JUST WANTED TO GET IT OUT OF MY HEAD AND SEE IF OTHERS HAVE ANY THOUGHTS ON THIS!

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  1. Aquila123 says:

    I think that this was some dreams. But I also think that the dreams contained memories from something you have physically experienced at a previous time, possibly several experiences. These could be alien abduction, abduction by governmental projects or things they did with you secretly in a drugged state at doctors offices, hospitals, school, kindergarten, youth camps or health centers.

    The drugs used by such ordeal have the aim of hindering memory, but that do not always work. Even full general anesthesia cannot always hinder memory, and at some time the memory pops up in flashbacks or in dreams.

    I hope my comments here can be a clue for an understanding of what surely happened to you.

    Regards Aquila123

  2. RockJohnAxe says:

    Now i have done alot of abduction research and the flow of your memories don’t really coincide with the more common abduction experiences.

    Some dreams are so vivid and real feeling that we are so mentally sure of what happened that it’s hard to dispute without real facts what was real.

    There are quite a few questions i’m curious about.
    Did you see anything unusual in the sky before this happened? Alot of first time abductee’s claim to see something unknown (a UFO maybe) before having “missing time”.

    Do you remember falling asleep and waking up somewhere else?
    Do you remember falling asleep before this happened?
    Do you remember anything about these Doctors specifically? Were they human-size?
    The Voice that spoke to you, is it describable? Did you hear it inside your mind or was it audibly heard?
    You mention moving in the dream, do you recall moving from one place to another or do you have blank spots in the memory?

    I find it interesting you saw so many other people in the dream. When humans dream naturally they very rarely form actual faces on people. Do you recall seeing any of their faces directly?

    You mention sitting in a chair. Did you by your own will sit down or did you wake up seated or were you forcefully made to sit?

    Did you notice any marks on your body after the experience?

    Dreams can be very powerful and very real sometimes. They can take experiences, fears or thoughts and blend them together depending on whats currently going through your mind. I’ve had a dream where my girlfriend died and when i woke up i was crying. If you dream something intense your mind will communicate with your body and sometimes actually release adrenaline or what ever. This can explain feelings after you awake.

    Although this doesn’t follow the more traditional abduction flow, I’m not saying it didn’t happen. But it does ring more true of a very weird vivid dream than a true abduction. Feel free to share any more information you remember.


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