I strongly believe I was abducted. please read!

Im honestly dripping tears because (i have no idea why) I have SO MUCH emotion with this. Im not sad. Its just a huge wind of emotion when I talk about this or think about it. Im shaking. Im nervous. Chills. Everything.  Its kind of long so bare with me.

I was about 13 years old and I was visiting my aunt in a small town (10k people) on the coast of oregon. She made me a bed on the couch. A sheet underneath me, folded in half to fit the couch better. One pillow with a pillow case. A blanket over the top of me, again folded to fit better. I went to bed ON THE COUCH. Under the blanket. Watched tvfor a bit… fell asleep. Woke up ON THE FLOOR. In between the couch and the coffee table. The sheet that was underneathme was now underneath me on the floor. It was perfectly folded in half. No bunches, almost like it was ironed to the floor. I was laying perfectly flat on my back witharms to my side. My pillow was perfectly underneath my head. Not even the slightest bit sideways. The blanket that was over me on the couch was now over me on the floor. Perfectly folded. Perfectly layed over me. No bunches, no wrinkles. Everything fit perfectly between the coffee table and couch… which isnt that much space to begin with.
When I woke up, I thought to myself “why am I on the floor” noticed how everything was perfect. Thought it was weird but I didntthink anything of it at the time. Went downstairs asked both my aunt and uncle if they had moved me and they said they hadnt been up there all night. Just sorta let it go.

A couple years later, about 15. At my moms house, in my bedroom. I was laying on the floor talking on the phone. Fell asleep. Woke up in the same exact position as my aunts house a couple years ago except this time I COULDNT MOVE. I was awake. My eyes wouldnt open, nothing could move. I honestly thought in my head that a weirdo broke into our house, gave me an injection of some kind to paralyze me, never did it cross my mind “aliens” to be absolutely honest. It took about 3 minutes but I got my arms to get up from my sides. I kept slapping myself in the face to get my eyes to open. Finally when I get my eyes to open, I could move normal again. I grabbed the phone and ran into the bathroom. I wanted to call 911 because I really thought there was a crazy person in my house trying to kill me. I got myself together and ran into my moms room. She calmed me down and everything was fine. Forgot about it.

Then, couple years later that movie “the 4th kind” came out. Went to see it with some friends. I swear to you until this day I had not even the slightest thought about aliens. The movie started, and when the people in the movie were trying to explain what they thought they knew but didnt know I immediately got sick to my stomach. A physical sickness in my stomach! The more the movie went on, I couldnt take it. I started crying. An overwhelming rush came over me and I had BAD anxiety and chills. Knots in my stomach, almost to the point of throwing up. Tears coming and going. It gave me the weirdest feeling that I went back to see the movie 3 more times that week. I had to figure out why I was getting so emotional over this movie.

I know, its just a movie. BUT I KNEW THAT FEELING THEY WERE TRYING TO EXPLAIN IN THE MOVIE. I know that feeling. I never EVER had that feeling before till I saw this movie. So I think that the movie sparked it. Its like there is something in my head that I know is there but I cant remember it but I know there is something that imnot getting, remembering, knowing. Its the weirdest feeling and its so hard to explain. I know there is a memory in my head that I cant get out. Its like I want to say it, but I cant pull it out of my brain and into my mouth.
I immediately think of those times when I woke up on the floor. I get all these emotions and physical knots in my stomach. I dont know what to think but I just want to know what happened or what im forgetting.

A few other notes.
I lived with my mom up until I was 18, everything like clockwork she woke up between 3am and 3:30. never failed. When my mom was a kid, she would always have out of body experiences and she would always fly in them. She grew up with a huge wooded back yard and she said she even saw a little boy one time come out of them and ask her to come play. She also was driving one night. 2am in her small town she lived in and had to slam on the breaks because she said she saw a VERY TALL person(?) walking across the street. She said it was very tall, long arms and long legs. She said it was awkward the wayit was walking because it was so unproportioned. She said when it got across the street that it crouched down into the bushes and started at her. She said it was a little bit away so she couldnt see it anymore except for its eyes. She said they were a yellow/green/orange color. Very large and she could see them so clear. She said it was the scariest thing shes ever been through and that no one believed her whenever she told the story…. I have no idea what it could have been but thought i would throw that out there…. my mom has had a ton of weird things like this but she chalks it up to spirits and things like that. She is a VERY spiritual person.
Ive always needed more sleep than usual. 8 hours just isnt enough for me. I need about 10 and I can sleep 12-14 hours NO problem. Been to the doctor. Not anemic. Nothing.
I get horrible leg cramps. The doctor says its from wearing heels. I dont think thats the case though. Its random. Ive had all blood work done, tests, everything. Nothing showed up so that was the only thing she could diagnose the leg cramps with.
I get migraines. They last 2-3 days sometimes. Dont know if that would have anything to do with it but just thought I would throw those things in there.

Whenever I think or talk about this I get the weirdest emotions. I almost, swear to you, didnt write this because I got so scared. I had to get up to turn on the lights and everything. Please someone write to me.

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  1. smilesb71 says:


    I don’t believe I was ever abducted but am very interested in this whole subject. If I were to have experienced what you have experienced, I would look into psychologists who specialize in abductions and who do hypnosis. It would be scary because if you were abducted, and it sounds like you were, you will likely retrieve a LOT of memories about things that took place about which you currently have no idea. But, it’ll probably help you to feel more at peace with everything. Your mother was probably abducted too because from what I’ve read, it tends to occur through multiple generations.

  2. RockJohnAxe says:

    Thank you for sharing your experiences. It is the best thing anyone can do to try and understand or cope with such things. If more people would share their experiences it would help.

    First things first, the movie “The Fourth Kind” is not real. None of their “Archival footage” is real. I know the actress who played Abigail tyler and although i’m sure its loosely based off of true events, it is not true. The company that made that movie even created a fake website to try and give the story more validity. However alot of stuff talked about like the sumarians etc are true facts.

    Waking up in different spots is a common observation with abductees. Does this happen frequently? You only mention 2 known cases where it might have happened. Can you recall other times?

    It sounds like you might have repressed memories, where the mind tries to hide horrible experiences to shelter you. Sometimes these memories can be “viewed” with Hypno-therapy, but thats a Pandora Box sometimes.

    As for your emotions and anxiety, this could just be a mental thing that you work yourself up and get overwhelmed. When I have intense talks about alien experiences or view unexplained footage my skin just crawls. I feel similar feelings, like i have further experiences I can’t quite remember. It is tough, for all you know your mind could be reliving scenes from “The Fourth Kind” as if it had happened too you. The Mind is very powerful, but have control so little of it.

    These “out of body” experiences your mother has are interesting. I would try to figure out more in depth what she has experienced to try and narrow down possibilities. I have heard stories of abductee offspring being abducted. I was always fascinated by this.

    Leg cramps can be very common. If i stretch my left leg a certain way my muscles always cramp up and it is very painful. Migraines are also a tough one because they can be very common. If you feel you have been abducted you could always get an X-ray done too see if you have any Implants.

    Also, try to be very mindful of what time it is. If you ever suspect an abduction or anything related too it, try to pin point what time it is. Noticing “Lost Time” is a very big indicator for being abducted.


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