I know its happening…

First, I am not the only one who witness this first know event in our home as a child. My older sister and I were sleeping in the living room, brcause our room had been painted earlier that day. She slept on one couch, me on the other and it was late evening. Suddenly I was awakened by my sister shoving me and whispering awake up. I open my eyes and the room was unbelievably bright, living in Los Angeles I just assumed it was a helicopter seach light lol. I wish that was the case. Curiously we peeked out the window of our 3rd floor apartment and right at our window was an object, glowing and jolting around our window. It looked like it was investigating or something. I moved the curtain a little and immediately it shot straight up into the sky. We ran and told my mom and dad, they said to tell E.T. they said hello and go back to bed. That was the tip of the iceberg. By age 16 I was having severe migraines, in my backpack I kept a bottle of asprin just to make it through most days. At age 18 I had a catscan on my head, my Dr scheduled surgery to remove what they label a cyst at the time. During this paticular surgery I woke up with them still using tools inside the left part of my head. I felt only slight pain but enormous pressure. I saw the blood trickle down the cloth covering my head, but more than that I could hear the conversation between the doctor and nurses. While extracting what he called dead tissue, he grasped and said ” Now how did that get in there!” Another person said “What is that?” I heard them call for another docter. I moved my fingers and they put me under again. Afterward I was giving an evaluation and was ask had I had any prior surgeries, I answered no. He then showed me a valve with some fleshy tissue, black dead tissue and right in the center was a metallic small tube looking thing with a few holes in it, about a half an inch big. Since 1998 I have had an enormous increase in memory, pain and hearing sensitivity. I’m not in no way saying I’m a special individual, but my friends and family come to me when they need to recall an event, conversation (verbatim), people, information. I seem to store faces, places, time, dates, events,and music like a computer would process them. This all wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t experience the fear and intrusive feeling that comes with it. When I’m asleep at times I’m fighting to stay on the ground in my dreams, at times I can’t move, and I hear strange communications. Once I was having a conversation with someone at random and their whole face change form right infront of me. I have an overwhelming feeling that something not only with myself but thee world is going on. Also one day in 2003 I woke up out of bed and was blind for the next 5 days, after having a strange dream of being in a alien battle somewhere esle, a world made of rainbow-like prism glass…crazy I know. My sight returned on the 6th day. Lately I just wake up at night and immediately look towards my doorway expecting to see someone or something standing there.

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A Los Angeles native, whose done some traveling. A professional African-American young women; age 30. Recently became a mother of a 6 month old son.
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  1. RockJohnAxe says:

    I thought you might find this interesting… 2 days ago A Planet made of Diamond was discovered 4000 light years away.

    Here is the Link:


  2. RockJohnAxe says:

    Anunnaki is what the Sumerians called them.

  3. RockJohnAxe says:

    It’s interesting she mentioned Wings. In the ancient sumerian texts, they talk about “The Sons of God” coming from the sky and mating with human women. They called them angels, which i can easily see as being a mistake. Yes they came from the sky and they had wings, but they are not gods or the Sons of God in anyway.

    Some theorize The Reptillian’s are trying to take over Human civilization, but not through force, but through Covert control. For thousands of years they have kept their bloodlines going and are spread through all the major housings of religion, politics and economy. It’s smart really, because you don’t think they are in control, but really they are the puppet masters pulling the strings. Remember, the Reptillian’s feed through fear, so don’t let it take over you.

    They clearly need something from you, or for you todo something. Keep your mind open. I hope you eventually discover your destiny and learn to block the fear they cause.

  4. IsisAtlantis says:

    Ok, I just became aware of some new information concerning my older sister that I will discuss toward the end its kinda shocking!
    It’s hard for me to capture complete events and rely them but I will try with what I can remember.
    Not all experiences have been frightening, there’s been comforting encounters. Like A tall slim very soft looking being who spoke words to me beforehand sayings “Do not be afraid, we will not harm you.” Then the smaller two grab my forearms and I sort of dissipated up into the air. But it is what it said to be after that stuck with me my whole life, it said, ” I hope others see in you what we see in you.” This gave me joy and still does.
    Then while at work (actually) an old women who gave me a more ominous feeling, appeared out of the blue and stare me in the face then said “We want your light.” My very first thought was, who the Hell is we? And what light? I tried to ask what she meant, but she evaded me and dissappeared.
    It seems that they ones that speak amongst themselves in the language I don’t understand are the ones that are more frightening. And the times I experienced the more peaceful encounters they spoke to me and I understood. They were the one that show me the crystal prism city I mentioned before and the war. From that experience I lost my sight the following day. I saw and felt myself in battle with the softer aliens as allies, with fought against a darker scaly race of aliens.
    Lol…I can’t believe I’m actually telling someone this. This was as real as my own skin.
    The reptilian aliens seem to come less peaceful, they just appear and always first in human form then morph. I don’t know what they do or make me do but they are more mentally controlling. I feel sick or become instantly aware of them. There was a time that I try to forget because I felt violated. I don’t know what exactly was done but there were several smaller reptilian looking things around my bed they held me down I blacked out, but a face came close to mine, I felt it and heard the voice speaking in my ear in a sexual nature. I started praying in my head then I woke in my bed alone.
    Now as for my sister (she a military vet.) But she has always had a obsessive fear or snakes which I just started to recount things she has said over the year and as recent as yesterday. I stayed over her house once about three years ago. She slept in her bed, I in the loving room. I heard a voice almost a soft warning saying, ” Wake up, do you see him, do you see him, help her.” This was not my sisters voice. Then my couch shuck and something ran pass me, I felt the breeze of its passing…I jumped to my feet and ran to her room where she was in the middle of her bed crying. She looked at me so so scared and said what happened…You saw it huh?? I laid down with her all night, she didn’t want to talk about it.
    Now yesterday I got called from mom saying call your sister, I did (we haven’t spoke on that event since, until yesterday.) She said that…wow…Something with snake eyes, coarse scaly skin, “wings”, and is very tall molested her. She asked me if she was going crazy, I told her no its real. She is a little more emotional than I am, I feel I am more logical. She ask my mom could she stay with her for awhile…she is really traumatized.
    This is what I know and experienced…that is all I am sure of. I don’t doubt it anymore, I am going to embrace the good and learn from the fear.
    Thank you

  5. RockJohnAxe says:

    Hi Isis,

    Firstly, I had a few questions. When you feel them take over you and your actions are controlled, what do they do with you or make you do? Have you ever understood the voices you here or is it always some other language? Is this how you are abducted or how does it happen?

    The more and more you tell me things, the more and more it sounds like the reptillian. It’s hard to explain but i’ll try to give you a basic version. They are empowered by fear. When you feel fear or any fear based emotion it basically puts you on their level which allows them control. Supposedly the power of Love gives them the hardest time because it is the true opposite of fear. When you feel them coming try to think about your Son and how special he is or something else that warms your heart.

    Some feel they have been chosen and are given a larger purpose to complete. Don’t focus so much on the fear and negativity of the situation but instead try to understand and learn when something does happen. It’s true what they say about Knowledge is power.

    Lastly, alot of people suffer from seasonal depression, especially in the winter months because the days are short and it is dark longer. It is very normal, but I think you might be compounding it with the fears of your experiences and letting it affect you more. Really you have nothing to fear.

    Alien creatures are very much like humans, some are good and some are bad. Most of the stories I have heard or read tell of good aliens.

  6. IsisAtlantis says:

    Yes after 10:30 until 12:05 I don’t remember a thing. It sounds weird even when saying it, but I felt like I was forced mentally to get on the bus, because my thoughts were no longer my own. I, with all my heart don’t believe it was a regular bus, and to take it one step further I called the bus company to inquire about the schedule and they informed me that there is “no bus” that runs that street or that schedule! Can I deal with this? Do I have a choice…I don’t know? I was unaware of the various type of aliens until you advised me to look up what you believed I saw. The description was perfect and the way it shifted was something out of a movie, that’s why I was in such disbelief and so terrified. Also because it was standing in my person space. I just wish I had answers, knew what they wanted, or what they were doing? I’m afraid of hypnosis, I like to stay grounded and in control. I don’t sleep at night anymore because I’m afraid for my 8 month old son. I can’t predict when things will happen, but I always feel it right before…almost like a switch has been activated or a beacon has been turned on. For me the winter months are when I’m most afraid, like its programed in my sub-conscious.

  7. RockJohnAxe says:

    Hi Isis,

    First off, never fear judgement or any ridicule from sharing these experiences. Some may never understand what some have seen or been through, let alone even fathom the events that took place. But i guarantee you there are many people out there living in constant torture from the things they have been through. This is real and anyone who argues it clearly hasn’t done any research.

    You put Bus in quotes once. Are you feeling like this bus wasn’t a real bus? So you are missing the time between sometime after 10 till 12:05 when you looked at your watch?

    Re-occurring abductions are rarely back to back. From what i can tell, there is always some down time between them.

    It sounds to me like you might have seen a Reptillian. They are shape-shifters that are well documented in abductions. Look them up on wikipedia, let me know if that resembles what you think you saw.

  8. IsisAtlantis says:

    @RJA…..The changing face event actually happened. I had just gotten off work and I wanted to walk 3 blocks to catch a movie at the theater. There was really no one out and about on the street, just a few cars passing every few minutes. It’s unnerving to think I may have been abducted, not once but several times. My intention was not to get on the bus, I have a car, I just wanted to walk to the theater. But I was frightened on to the “bus.” I can’t recall anything during the trip; not even paying to get on or getting off. I just remember standing there looking at my watch and it being 12:05am, I got off work at 10:00pm, my movie was to start at 10:30pm (never got there). Now when I said previously that I was on the bus until the end, which for me meant the beginning; point of origin. Before this bus approached everything around got quiet, still and slower. I have always questioned the events of that night! Things tend to happen in seasons. I have extended times of peace and clarity. Then for a period of time it all starts again; voices, insomnia out of fear, sightings, extreme fatigue even after hours of sleep, paralysis, and feeling hands touching me and my bed. Ok, I just remembered something from the night I saw the changing face…After I looked at the time (12:05am), I vomited and had an awful taste in my mouth. I feel relief that I’m finally expressing these things without fear of judgement…Thank you

  9. RockJohnAxe says:

    Almost all abductees suffer from the paralysis when they are coming. From what I can gather the Greys speak through telepathy and are able to force emotions and feelings in us. Anytime you hear the voices, immediately look what time it is. This will help you get a grounding and possibly peice together if an abduction took place.

    As for the changing face, did this happen while you were awake and out waiting for a bus? Was this during a dream or possible abduction?

    How frequent does this happen?
    – RJA

  10. IsisAtlantis says:

    RJA…thanks for the reply. I’m going to start by answering your question about the communications I hear, its normally followed by a sense of paralyses. I immediately can’t move, the communication I’ve heard is not towards me but around me and its not discerning. It’s strange sounding and creepy…almost menacing! It’s not a dialect I’m aware of, almost computerized but with more emotion. Now concerning the the face that change form: I was walking and stopped at a cross walk, waiting on the light to change. Someone walked up behind me, which at a light is normal, but after a second or two everything became quiet and I had the most uneasy feeling. I casually looked behind me and there was a woman, she smiled, I politely smiled and said hi. While I am saying hi I make eye contact, this woman’s eyes changed to (my best description) cat eyes or amphibious, her face distorted also like it was being done digitally and her smile turned to a grimmace…scary Shit! After she looked more male than female. I was so so terrified that I ran to jump on a bus that was approaching, I had no idea where it was going but I didn’t get off until the end (2 hours later). It was not human, it was concealing itself as a human. “Lost time” Before my son was born, I would wake up almost every night at 3am no matter what time I’d go to bed. I remember times I’d be awakened by my bed shaking, I would write it off as an earthquake while living in Los Angeles, but when it happened in rural Missouri, then in Nevada…I had no answers. I’ve tried to express these happenings to close friends, and my mate, he calls me Moulder! LOL. I’m just a perfectly normal young lady, I don’t drink or do drugs…I’m just surrounded by these events.

  11. RockJohnAxe says:

    Alot of Abductees I have talked too say they spotted some kind of UFO before any kind of abductions started.

    Alien implants are fairly common in abductee victims.

    Can you descibe more about the communications or conversations you heard/had? Can you better describe the face that changed form?

    Alot of abductees also claim greatly heightened sense after an abduction. However extreme memories like what you describe can also be fairly normal. I don’t even know what to say about the blind for 5 days thing.

    Alot of people before being abducted wake up before hand. Make sure to try and figure out what time it is. So you can try and see if you have any “Lost Time”.

    I would love to hear more if you remember more.


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