hybrid theories

i was just wondering what exactly has anyone heard about the hybrids?  most of these discussions are geared toward the abductee.  i was just wondering about the other side of the situation.  what kind of information is out there?

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  1. jooliebean says:

    This is what I’ve read about the greys’ and their hybrid program. First, if you believe Dan Burisch’s testimony that the greys doing the abductions are actually humans from 45,000 years from the future, a lot of other pieces fall into place. The greys look weird and frail because they’ve undergone DNA breakdowns. They’re here to use our bodies, our DNA, and our reproduction materials to repair their own DNA and health problems. And whether or not they intend to infuse our genetic lines with “a fix” to move forward from here or whatever, that’s why the hybrid program, which has been going on for decades. They have treaties with several world governments which allow for them to take a certain amount of people if certain conditions are met, including not harming the abductees. Presumably they take people beyond the amount allowed and/or past the contracted end date. [there have also been future humans coming here from other time periods who also look odd but aren’t involved in the hybrid program] I think there’s a lot more to it, too, but those are things that Dan knew of. There have been many meetings, including one in the early part of the present decade. …..To me this explains a lot about why we haven’t been shooting them down. …..Oddly, it really fits that humans would do this to other humans from an earlier time. It’s just like human nature to think they are superior to us, we are stupid, animalistic, warlike wastrels despoiling all the gifts nature has to give. What they don’t see is the other side of the coin which is that they are ruining people’s lives by snatching them from their beds at night though out the course of their entire lives. For most people it starts when they’re young and continues well into old age. Apparently they’ve got a job for you no matter how old you are.

  2. RockJohnAxe says:

    To further bolster your words, through my research of the Greys, I have heard many times before that they are doing deeds for another race.

  3. Geoff says:

    The human types (I don’t like the term hybrid) are very aware and telepathic, even the babies seem very aware, especially when looking into their eyes. Telepathic communication can be words, feelings, visions, or just a knowing.

    A long time ago a Grey showed me a vision of another world were some live, it looked similar to this earth, green grass, trees, blue sky and large dome shaped building, it looked like a beautiful place because it seemed more in harmony with nature.

    I have been informed by a Grey that there is a organisation of different beings and that they are working for them, the decision was made by this group, it may sound star trekky, but the Grey and another type of being referred to them as the federation. From what I have been shown – the Greys are not here for their own purpose, they are working on behalf of a group of beings.

  4. RockJohnAxe says:

    The Hybrid theories are fairly interesting, but are all over the map.

    Some theorize the Greys are actually dieing off and are on their way to extinction. Humans are the closest biological organism to the Greys so they are using us to create hybrids to rebolster their numbers.

    Some think that the missing chain in evolution was some form of Hybrid combination between Humans and extra-terrestrials. They think they took apes combined with their DNA to create Humans. We are at the molecular level, all hybrids. Some think this is true and as Geoff above me said, they are seeded on different worlds.

    Some think Hybrids already walk the earth mixed in with the current Human Population. Do these hybrids know, or are they unaware of their origins, I’m not sure.

    Many Abductees I have talked to have mentioned seeing Taller Greys(5 foot or so) acting as a more authoritative role during their experiences on the ship.

    Apparently the Greys do not have Vocal cords and communicate through telepathy. This is why when ever they do speak their face is emotionless and doesn’t move. But ofcoarse Hybrids would have Vocal cords, but probably lack the ability to speak Telepathically.

    If you look at a Human fetus, it looks alot like a Grey. The resemblence is quite shocking.

    The Main question that gets me is why would they (Specifically the Greys) continuously Abduct people. They are obviously light years beyond us in technology, science and medicine so they can’t be doing it for research purposes. They often tend to take some form of DNA sample which makes you wonder if they are using the genetic information to create Hybrid Humans.

    If anyone has additional information on Hybrids please share. It’s a very curious subject.

  5. Geoff says:


    Do you mean what people have been told by the ET’s, or what people have read or heard in the media?

    A few years ago I read a Budd Hopkins book and he suggested that the term hybrid be replaced with transgenic, meaning that the human looking beings were the product of human male and female components and Grey genes added. They may have been altered on a gene level, but I would disagree that Grey genes are being added. I have been told they are creating humans (which are obviously more evolved) and seeding them on other planets, some may live here one day.

    If you have memories and experiences then maybe ask yourself and see if you have any insight.

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