I am an abductee and a Paranormal Viewer

I was abducted in l996 and experienced over 12 abductions that I got glimpses of.  I have talked to a Grey telepathically while standing in line for an Implant that was put up my nostril.  The second Implant was done by both the Greys and the Small Black ones who are about 2 feet tall in my bedroom and the Implant ended up over my right temple area.  The third Implant was done during the day. I was picked up by two dark suited Beings.  I remember watching the Earth get smaller as we rose up until I passed out.  I was taken before a female who planted the Implant in my right eye without numbing the eye.  I passed out from the pain.  I have had all kinds of contacts with many different Paranormal Beings.  I do not like any of them.  They send probes into my home that are half organic and half electrical and they torture and possess me.  They can read my mind and they know my future .  They have wings and they can fly and everyone of them stink.  I have read your stories here and I feel so sorry for all of you who have had to go through the terror of being abducted.  I have come to believe the reason why we are abducted is because we can see them.  They are the Masters of Deception and they have been getting away with what they do for eons.  I have interacted with them since l996.  I believe the Greys are in the business of creating Hybrids. 

My Dad was an abductee and took his life.  He did not have the advantage that I had in that I found Whitley Strieber.  I knew I was not going crazy when I discovered Whitley saw the same ones I did. I believe they want us to take our lives just because us abductees have paranormal abilities to see them.  They tried to kill me numerous times but something kept saving me.  Whatever saved me gave me hope and made me strong.  I was told by someone from the good side not to fear them or not to get angry.  I don’t  fear them but I get very angry.

I love this site and I have always said Abductees need a forum to share their stories and the more people that do this I believe it will make them weaker.  I am freely sharing my stories at my website.  You can Google Paranormal Viewer I have amazing photos.  I have a photo of an Alien hand.  Please keep sharing your stories and thank you so much for this website.

About Sue

I am from Northwest Phoenix, Arizona. I am retired. I am interested in this site because I am an Abductee and I am presently having a lot of problems with the Aliens who I call Demons. I have amazing pictures of them at my website. I have a lot of information to share.
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  1. christinaspirit says:


    I am really sorry that you had to go through such traumatic experiences. I too had experiences that were not of pleasant nature as a very young childbut things changes for me. Some other groups of grays saves me from it. Why? I am not sure but i was helped by them through out my life and it was them who saw my true potential. They saw something in me that humans did not see nor did i realize at that time that one day i would be capable of doing things that had become my daily routine. I do not always trust them but when ever they talk about something it actually makes sense.
    I am not trying to put my own opinion in this reply. I really don’t. I just write down of what has happened and still happening to me.
    Sometimes things do not make sence and people get dicouraged. They stop hoping for better future and get used to present and even when someting new ppops up in their lives they are not noticing it. We have to keep on asking quetions as if it all mattered. We have to keep on asking questions even if we know that we will never be able to find answers. We have to keep on going or else we would not be moving at all.
    At times hope is the biggest lie ever but that’s the best we’ve got and now i hopw that i am not wrong. Time will tell if dreams of child had meaning in the world.

  2. Sue says:

    Another reason why I do not fear them is because I have had an out-of-body experience. I was floating upwards which may have been a tunnel. I could not see any walls because all I could see was every color of purple or lavendar imaginable. I loved the feeling of floating upwards. I could not feel anything to do with a body. It was the best feeling I had ever felt in my life. I slowly stopped floating and I looked up. I could see two solid white Doves floating back n’ forth over my head that would not let me past them. I did not want to go back to my body I wanted to keep floating. After this experince I no longer fear death, I welcome it. If I could get everyone on Earth to wake up and know they have been programmed and controlled by horrible monsters than my job here would be done and I could go home to a better place.

  3. Sue says:

    Since my abduction I no longer care whether I live or die. My upmost desire is to make people believe they are here and they are interferrring with our lives big time. I have a small string of hope and that is they are not in full control of my body and mind even though they can possess my body. I smell them, I hear them, I feel them every day and every night and when I forget about them they make a noise to remind me they are still around.

    I fear no one because I cannot put that much emphasis on a life that has been corrupted.

    I have been researching this website and I have to fight off Depression in knowing that so many has been abducted and realizing that we all may have been abducted with the majority not knowing this has happened to them. I hate that the abductors are getting away with this huge deception. I feel that this time in life is an opening in which we can reverse their deception. If we do not all wake up and take our lives back than we will have to keep recycling with them in full control.

    Anything that takes away any of our rights as humans is contolled and programmed by their hands with religions be the major starting point.
    Their are theives, murderers, liars, home invaders, body snatchers and body possessors.

    Doing research here I am amazed especially at Donald Worleys site how many Alien Beings that have been seen. I thought I had seen them all. I have never seen the ones with the white robes and I never seen the Reptilians. I have validation in that I have seen the ones that float and I have seen the Hooded Ones that cover their idenity by way of face recognition. I saw them in an abduction event and I saw one in reality here on Earth.

    In my first abduction I was taken aboard a craft even though I cannot describe the craft. I was strapped down or molded to a table in a darkened room. I watched 6 hooded beings about 4 to 5 feet tall come in sit down at the table They all had dark robes with hoods on so I could not see their faces. A blusih light came on behind me and someone who I could not see placed what seemed like a crown on my head. I felt what seemed like electricity buzzing my head whcih seemed like bites were taken out of my head. I passed out from the pain.

    I knew I had been on a craft because when I woke up on the couch I felt dehydrated and dizzy and I felt like I had been on a really tall elevator which left me with the feeling knowing why I hate elevators.

    Christina you should never believe anything they tell you because they lie like their life depends on it. I also learned you should never believe who you think you saw, in my paranormal glimpse last night I was supposed to be sitting beside former President Bush. I believe it was one of them pretending to be Bush. They have shown me dead people that I know had to be them trying to fool me because dead people no longer have bodies for me to idenitfy them with.

  4. christinaspirit says:


    Earlier you said that ” they” hate us sharing. The “ones” with whom i was in contact did not care about us doing it except those moments where i was told to remain quite for the sake of my own security from humans who might of been dangerous.

  5. Sue says:

    Thank you for the validation concerning creativity. All I have to do is think about sewing and I can hear their clicks as they come barreling through my walls.

    I believe anyone who sees a UFO close up are usually abducted. The sad part of all of this is Abduction is a very traumatic experience and there is so little support. I keep posting at my website to support anyone who has been abducted and this is a great website. Abductees need to know that they are not going through abduction alone. The big secret needs to stop. If families knew what was happening I believe they would and should be more supportive.

    Thanks for sharing Christina. Stay strong and above all do not fear them.

  6. christinaspirit says:


    People do say that i am creative. I am not sure to what you may refer to as talent but i am a natural artist, i write poems and i am about to publish a book on how to draw horses.

    I do believe that i was taken. I was not the only person from my family to see a UFO though i am the only one who recalled seeing alien beings itself. Some of my neighbors and people from the town where i lived seen something that could be called as a UFO. I also told by a number of my family members that they have seen a UFO in close ups. I did not pay much attention to what was said by anybody or i ridiculed anyone who came close to me with that kind of claims and i did it so for my entire childhood until Grays did not show up. People still ask me why i keep on drawing pictures of my encounters or aliens itself and write 20th/Aug/2006 under them i had other encounters since then. It still surprises me that i was taken as a child but yet i was not very aware of what was happening.

    I too believe that military knows of what is going on. One of the reasons of me writing that military report/story of how Indian army reacted at UFO was because of that. I do not think that all of the militarists know about this subject but i do believe that some do.

    What surprises the core of my heart is that nobody, not a single organization tried to do anything when i was taken. Some of my family members also get surprised. There were those people from side of my family who saw a UFO land in our garden but yet none of the neighbors saw it. Why? How do aliens ( greys ) what ever they are called ot who ever they may be can pull that on?

    I saw grays throughout my life and maybe those blond beings known as pleiades ( i am ot sure though it seems so. That might of been gray making me to believe in something else, though encounter with pleiades and with that of grays went at very close timings). .

    I do not usually write details of my encounters on this website but here is my e-mail ID if you wish to stay in contact – christinaspirit@gmail.com

  7. Sue says:

    Thanks for your reply. I saw the Small Black Ones and the Greys working together. I am pretty sure the Small Black Ones wear suits. I believe they have to because it seems like to me they are high forms of energy and if they came in contact with us they would burn us. I could be wrong. When I saw the Small Black Ones they looked like they had some kind of helmet on underneath the suit. When Whitley Streiber described the Small Black Ones he noted their heads as having extra padding. I suspect for the Greys to talk telepathically and speak all the different languages they have to have some kind of special technology and that is why their heads are so big.

    I believe the military knows all about the UFO’s because according to my research a lot of our planes have been shot down by the UFO’s. I am sure the military knows about their superior technology and they are defintely keeping that knowledge a secret. Secrets kept is why the Greys get away with what they do.

    I have some more questions if you don’t mind. Are you creative? Has anyone else in your family been abducted? I highly suspect you were abducted because you have had a breakthrough in that you can see them. I believe as Abductees we need to share our experiences to try and figure out why this is happening. I know they hate us sharing. Thanks for sharing.

  8. christinaspirit says:

    sry if my Eng is nt too good as its not the language i am used to.

    What grey said to me was not that each and every one of us is unique but he told that the impulse ( sort of a radio signal) is emitted from our brains and that’s hw they find me. He said that they can track that ” signal” of ours. I am not sure if it is related to everybody so i wont claim anything as i do not want to lead anybody into confusion.
    I have a clue of why i am being tracked. This reason if not of a single point but of multiple. I keep on remembering and understanding of it as time passes. I cannot talk about it on this site.
    I do agree with you on the point that humans would not of accepted presence of these beings. Some people yes but not everybody. I’ve been wondering of what reaction of military towards UFOs would be and i got my answer. I will write as much information abt as i cn for nw. I hope to ask person from whom i received information to draw of how that object looked looked like and in which state of India particulat case occured,

    I’ve been living in India for a while now. I have a friend and his dad works for India military. For some sort of projects. I m not sure what projects he would not tell me. But anyways both the boy and his dad saw a UFO on some military base( i do not know which one i was told that i can’t know). He said that it looked like a candle light by its shape. Flying object ( craft) did not appear on any of the radars. When i asked the boy of what military personnel on the base had to say about it he said that they reacted normally. Later on he said that military tried to shoot that object off the sky but it vanished. I asked that boy later on of hw can it be considered as normal reaction to start shooting an object off the sky and he said that what he meant was that personnel did not consider seeing this sort of objects in the sky as something new and unknown.

    I am not sure about the suits. Maybe? I never paid attention to it or i was not able to concentrate on details much and at other times i saw screen images of ” them”.

  9. Sue says:

    They were telling you the truth all of us are unique so they didn’ t really give you any unique information. Did they tell you why they were tracking you? I tend to think the reason why they Implant is to keep a track on us because we can see them. They want to remain hidden because they know people will not accept what they do. There are exceptions but most people feel they have a right to their own body and personal space and it should not be invaded.

    For a long time I have been thinking the Greys wear tight fitting suits. What do you think?

  10. christinaspirit says:

    Hi Sue,

    You might not be knowing me but i became a member of this discussion group since Jan 2011. I also had encounters with grays throughout my life. I cannot say that they are positive nor negative. They are just being “them” ( you cannot expect a dog to behave like a cat). I do not know how to describe it in other words.
    There were times when they made my life to seem like a nightmare and there were times when my life was nothing more but a fairy tale. They though me things that saved my life. ( those things were not just about spirituality but about human kind as well). I still cannot understand purpose of this action as such.

    Why i am writing this comment is because of one thing that you wrote about grays. I have no clue for what purpose implants might be used but once upon a time ( do not remember exactly when) gray told me that i was tracked by them because of the particular signal from my brain which is unique to each and every human being just like our finger prints. Wonder what you may say abt it….

  11. Sue says:

    The small black one that I saw up close looked like the dwarf type Whitley Streiber saw in the movie Communion except the one he saw was larger and I believe he described it as being bluish in color. I had a problem when I saw the one in communion because it had a glossy eye. When the little one blinked at me I saw Matte eyelids which indicated to me the suit I think they wear even covered their eyelids. I guess I did not see the eye just the blinking eyelid. I felt like the Black Ones really liked me but I did not like them becasue I felt they were able and did possess me at times. They followed me everywhere I went. When I was on jury duty I heard tapping outside the window by my head and I felt like it was them they were reading my mind because a police officer was on the stand who was being questioned about driving while drunk.

    I was thinking I did not want to convict him as guilty because I loved policemen. The moment I thought that I heard the tapping on the window.

    I know a lot more stories involving the two small ones that are really hard to believe. They were very mischievious.

  12. Sue says:

    I just remembered another experience with a female Grey. I do not know where I was but I remember I got into a black Dodge Ram truck. I do not know who was driving. The Grey was sitting beside me with a baby that she wanted me to hold. I did not want anything to do with the baby that I believe looked like a normal baby. It was white, had light hair. It crawled over into my lap and I noticed it was not normal because it had no waistline. I just remember I did not like the Grey or the baby.

  13. Sue says:

    I know my experience is very confusing because I saw so many paranormal characters. I will stick to the Greys here. My first experience with seeing a Grey was when I was standing in line for an Implant. I told the female Grey telepathically I was going to tell what they were doing. She said ” go ahead no one will believe you.” I asked her ” why was she doing this?” She started to tell me when a male started to tell me and he was interrupted by another male who told me to read Timothy in the Bible. I don’ t rememeber what the men looked like but I suspected they were the leaders.

    The reason why I hate the Greys is because they violated my rights to my body and personal space. I have seen them in my home which is a violation. I hate the Implants because I feel that is how I am tracked. I also suspect they read my thoughts through the Implants.

    The next encounter with the Greys was in 1997. I have the dates documented which I do not want to look up right now. I woke up around 3 a.m. and I saw small greys and the small black ones on my bed. I just got a glimpse and was put out. I woke up the next morning feeling like I had been tramautized during the night. My right temple kept throbbing and was very painful. I am certain they installed an Implant in that area. When I took a shower I found a cotton ball on my body. This was the only piece of evidence that I have ever found that belonged to them. I did not have any cotton balls in my house that belonged to me.
    The glimpse of them being on my bed disturbed me for a long, long time.

    I don’ t remember how I destroyed this Implant but I do remember I destroyed one in my eye by doing a lot of sit-ups. I felt the Implant in my eye spinning around and around.

    One day I went to the supermarket in 1997 in the afternoon. I was on the last aisle and the store was practically empty. I saw ahead of me a tale male coming down the aisle and my first thought was he was homeless and I knew he was going to say something to me or ask me for money. I just wanted to avoid him for some reason.

    He took hold of my cart and said something. I said ” huh.” He repeated what he said and he said ” Green is a good color.” I thought okay and started pushing my cart forward. I went to look at the VHS tapes. I saw him coming back down the aisle. When I looked up he zapped me with what felt like a bolt of electricity or something like that went through my entire body. I had to grab hole of the VHS rack because I thought I was getting ready to pass out. I was stunned but I pulled myself through it.

    I went to pay for the Videos I picked out and I saw the tall broad shoulderd male walk back down the aisle. He stood talking to the manager. I could not see his face because a hanging poster was in my way. I had became very curious as to who he was. When I watched him walk down the aisle toward the door. He had on a pair of jeans that looked like the older type with a loop where one could carry tools. He had a tape measure attached to his belt. He walked as if he had a side wound in the past or in other words when he walked he leaned to his right side. He was a white and he looked like he could have used a tan.

    When I paid for the videos I went looking for him because I did not see him go out the door. I could not find him.

    Later on at home when I documented the unusal experience I kept getting the intution that he was ” Jesus.” I also got the intution as I documented the experience that there was a lot of ” Jesus’s.” To this day I believe the one I saw was the real one.

    I got off on Jesus because I believe it had something to do with my seeing another Grey.

    About 2 weeks later I woke up in the middle of the night and there was a female Grey sitting on the side of my bed. She held what looked like a piece of cardboard with something burnt on it. She told me to feel it. I told her I didn’t want to feel it. I could tell she was very angry.

    This is all speculation but I felt like what the Grey was holding on the cardboard was a burnt fetus that she took from me. I also felt like when I was zapped the energy that went through my body must have destroyed the fetus. When I speculate and I get the speculating wrong I will get a nagging feeling if my speculation was wrong. I have never got that feeling involving this case.

    I had another glimpse in which I was with a Grey and she was taking me to see a woman who looked like Phillis Dyler. A beautiful river was running in front of what looked like an apartment building. As we walked past the river I noticed rocks in the river was jumping up and forming an unusual art display. I asked the Grey what river was this and she said the Aloquin. ( I have no idea how to spell it ) I met the woman and we went to a restaurant. When I saw the menu I did not recognize any of the writing on the Menu and none of the pictures on the menu looked familiar. I asked for a ” beer.” The Grey kept talking to the woman and I felt like I was ignored.

    There may have been other experiences with the Greys but this is all I remember right now.

  14. RockJohnAxe says:

    Hi Sue,

    I am wondering a few things. I always disconnected Spirits and Extraterrestrials from each other, because I always felt they were physical beings like you or I.

    But you mention alot about them coming through the walls and vents and have captured Orbs in your photographs. Orbs are usually associated with spirits. You also mention that sometimes they are invisible yet can still physically contact you, like pushing etc.

    You mention being possessed and abducted and have experiences with multiple races. When you are possessed what do they make you do? How are you abducted? Usually abductions involve being taken but i am trying to find the connection between the possessing and the abductions.

    The Black creatures you experience, you mention them blinking. Do they have eye lids or pupils or is it a solid black like the Greys? I would be very interested too see a drawing of one. How often do you see these?

    You also talk about the flyers being angels and that you hate them. I feel alot of extra-terrestrials were mistaken as angels back in ancient times because they were unable to truly describe what they saw. If something came down from the sky, it was classified as a god or a son of god. Like in many ancient writings they would talk about the Gods coming down in fire. How would a person from ancient times explain electricity/light with their limited knowledge. What makes you think these are angels and what makes you hate them?

    You also mention scattered through some of your Blog posts about experiences with the Greys. My research drive all began from a Grey experience. I know the most about them and experiences with them. Can you share any information or experiences with the Greys and why you hate them?

    Again thank you for sharing and thank you for documenting your experiences so well. You seem to be dealing well with all your experiences. Just make sure to keep your level of consciousness in one of the positive levels.

    I’m also curious, why do you never type the number one?

  15. Sue says:

    I wanted to talk also about Demonic possession. I am not religious so when I refer to them as Demons it is just the word that seems to fit. The first night on June 6, l996 my electricty went off at midnight and this was my first encounter with them. The next day I had got out of the shower and was standing by the sink putting my hair up in a ponytail. Something grabbed me around the throat that I could not see. I heard a voice in my head for the first time ever. The female voice said ” your son is of the Devil.” I was pushed forward. I grabbed hold of the sink. To the right of me I heard another voice that indicated it came from a tall male Being who spoke telepathically also and told me to hang on the Devil only had a short time. I was pushed again and as I tried to hang on I pulled the sink away from the wall. After this I had a series of Abductions with them being very prevelant in l997 and all the abductions had religious themes. I saw Jesus, I saw God. I know the ones that come through my walls can fly so this indicates they are Angels who I hate. I am very Spiritual I believe God is within. I am having a hard time with the Jesus theory. My story is similiar to all the other abductees I just cannot put all the pieces together. I am searching that is why I found your website. I have read other Abductees accounts in which they say if you call out Jesus’s name the abduction will stop. That is not true. If there are good ones in this world they keep themselves well hidden it seems like the bad ones or very in control. The Book that I read that gave me some peace about most of what is happening to me is The Grand Delusion by Jack Pruett but no one seems to have all the answers.

  16. Sue says:

    I had several encounters with the small black ones. In l996 after having had several abductions I also had painful sores with burning and itching on my legs. No medication or anything I tried would heal or stop the burning or itching. I went to several Doctors and none of the medication would help. I was so depressed I didn’t want to live. I took 2 or 3 valiums that knocked me out. When I woke up 2 small Black Beings were staring me in the face on the bed with me. One seemed shy and kept hiding behind the other one.

    In the next encounter I was sitting on the bed trying to draw a picture of the Black Ones I had seen. One appeared at the end of my bed talking in a language I could not understand but I could tell by its actions it was angry at me. I felt like it was some kind of projection because of the way it faded out. I believe they have a hard time appearing in the flesh or in suits so that I could see them in reality.

    A few days later I laid down to take a nap. When I woke up one was standing beside my bed beneath a window and it kept blinking it eyes at me and I knew why it had been so angry. In the drawing I drew its eyes like the Greys. The small Black Ones have oval eyes not big black slanted ones. I really feel like the Being had a tight fitting suit on.

    I had a lot of encounters that I attribute to them that were very paranormal in nature, they messed with my cat a lot. I could feel their presence around me as if they moved in with me. In one of my glimpses later on I was in a strange place and I walked into a room or tent like area and I saw a small girl placing what looked like a black suit upon a shelf. When I looked at the girl she was the most beautiful little girl I had ever seen. She had blonde curly hair with beautiful blue eyes and I think she was one of the Beings in a suit. I researched everything I could find after my abductions and when I read about the Jinn the small black Beings fit that category.

    After my Abductions I started getting Tinnitus. I went to an ear specialist and my tests came out abdnormal. He recommended I get a M.R.I. A new Doctor I visited oreder the test. When I went back to see him for the results he sent in a nurse to tell me the results of my M.R.I came out abdnormal but it was nothing for me to worry about. I insisted on talking to the Doctor. He was very irrate and told me the same thing he told the nurse to tell me.

    Years later I went to see another Doctor and he asked me to allow him to see my previous medical records and the facility that had them had went out of business and when I tried to trace the records down I could not find them. In the end I became very unhappy with Doctors they have no clue about what happens to us concerning the Paranormal.

    I can see you do not know very much about Chemtrails. I can assure you they have everything to do with the Aliens and I am sure they lay them. All the pictures I have of the Paranormal or things that showed up in my photos. I know when there is high Alien activity in my house because I can hear the clicking sound of their energies as they come through the walls, ceilings or air-conditioner vents. I got most of the unusual photos of the white things when I was trying to capture photos of the Orbs. I have taken hundreds of pictures inside and outside of my house so I know the Orbs or not moisture Orbs or dust Orbs because I took thousands of photos that had no Orbs in them. I have realized that Photos of Orbs taken outside or hard to distinguish from moisture, dust or flying insects. My camera will not pick up dust Orbs inside the house I have done experiments.

  17. RockJohnAxe says:

    O, and as for your Alien Hand picture. I think that was just circumstantial photography. It is peculiar, but I really highly doubt that’s what it is, especially if you were just trying to emulate a style of photo using a white towel. It’s similar to your pictures where you see stuff in the reflections. It’s hard to say what is really there.

  18. RockJohnAxe says:

    Thank you for sharing. I have also checked out your website. I have gone through every photo and read many of your blog entries.

    I am very interested and curious of your experiences. You speak of encounters with many kinds of races and show a great dislike for the Greys. I wish to know more of your interactions and experiences with the different races. You mentioned small Black creatures at one point that were helping the Greys. Please share more information on these.

    You have alot of awesome photos. I’m amazed at how many times you managed to capture a UFO or orb. The whole theory of Demonic possession, like the pictures you posted, really throws my mind for a loop.

    I have talked first hand with hundreds of abductees and read thousands of stories, but almost none have experienced the varying degrees of encounters that you have.

    If you are sure you have implants, you should have an X-ray done. Just don’t tell the doctor the real reason when you go for the X-ray. Say you think you got some metal from a shop class or something.

    As for your Chemtrails, US flight paths usually run in a North-south and east-west sort of lane. Maybe your house location just happens to be at an intersection where the planes would cross each other.

    Ofcoarse I’m not denying anything here. I’m a truth seeker fueled by facts. I’m just trying to work through all possibilities.

    Please share more if you are willing. Humanity thanks all for the information.

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