Not sure what I experienced

I am writing this mostly to see if anyone has had an exact same or almost same incident happen to them.  I believe there is life scattered throughout the Universe, and likely visitations (especially ancient advanced cultures), but not really a believer in abductions.

BTW – I am a 47-year-old female living the Pacific.  I have never had any previous experience like this…. at least not that I recall.

I can describe it is this:

I went to bed normally as always.  At some point in the middle of the night or early morning – I awoke – more like, trying to wake up – but was really disoriented, like if I had taken a painkiller or something.  I was aware that I wasn’t under the covers, and I was aware that I had my hands clasped across my chest (which is not how I sleep).  I kept feeling like I couldn’t get fully awake.  But the strange part was, the overhead light in my bedroom was on and I couldn’t keep my eyes open because it was bright (BTW – I use lamps mostly), and I was thinking to myself, when and why did I turn that on?  And, I need to turn it off.

I have no memory of turning it off, or off fully waking up, or of going back to sleep.  When I awoke in the morning, nothing was amiss.  I just kept thinking how weird that I’d turned the overhead light on in the middle of the night and somehow managed to go lie in the bed and SLEEP while the light was on.

I hadn’t taken any disorienting medications, or done anything unusual that night.

This event happened about 4 months ago.

It wasn’t until a couple of weeks ago that I had the feeling the overhead light had looked like the kinds of lights they use in surgery – the bright round circles.  And so I wondered to myself, has anyone had this experience, and did anyone feel they were abducted.

After all is said and done, I don’t have a feeling that I was abducted, but the whole thing was so strange, I am not throwing out any possibilities at this point.

I would appreciate any comments and advice.

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  1. wahuhi says:

    To jooliebean –

    First, I’m really sorry you have to experience this. My heart goes out to ANYONE who has a clear traumatic memory of an abduction experience.

    Secondly – that was my whole point of posting. While kiki’s explanation of sleep paralysis does make some sense to me, and is something I want to follow-up on, sleep paralysis has never happened to me before.

    My feeling when I saw the light on was confusion and I felt groggy and uncertain. For a few seconds, I had no idea what I was looking at. Then I came to the conclusion it had to be the overhead light, and following that thought was, when did I turn it on? And why did I fall back to sleep with it on? I’m a person who sleeps in as much darkness as possible, otherwise I cannot fall to sleep. I don’t even have nightlights. To have fallen back to sleep with the overhead light on goes against everything I know about myself.

    Then, after such a succinct thought, to have forgotten I got up and turned it off…??

    I know myself pretty well, and the whole sequence of events as I remember them seems so unlikely to me.

    I know that when we are children and do not have a language to describe what we see, or to put words to things we experience or see – because we haven’t learned a vocabulary to express these things – we fill in the blanks, and memories of early childhood aren’t always exactly as they happened.

    Before making my post, I thought it seemed reasonable that I experienced something so alien to me (no pun intended) I did not have words to explain it, so I substituted things I *did* know for things I didn’t understand. And overhead light left on was substituted for a bright unexplainable light waking me from a deep sleep.

    And that was what prompted me to post here. I really don’t know what happened. I do know, if I was abducted, I’ve been blessed with a memory that doesn’t want to relive it or recall it. I experience no anxiety when I remember the event – just this puzzling uncertainty that I can’t shake.

    I just have this feeling that what I *think* I remembered isn’t exactly what happened at all – but I don’t have any other possible explanation for it.

    UNLESS it was all a dream. But it felt so real, and the very first thing I was aware of when I woke up in the morning was, wow, the light is off, when did I do that?

    Thanks for posting to me. It is all still a mystery to me.

  2. jooliebean says:

    Hi Wahuhi! I think the fact that you don’t know what happened and are open to it maybe not being an abduction is a wonderful gift. However, the fact that you thought it was possibly abduction may be a clue. I think it’s darn odd that you had your light on in your room and then couldn’t open your eyes. Yet, you were awake but drowsy. And you remember it. …..Is it possible that deep in our minds, regardless of the blocks the beings put on our minds, part of us still registers what happened? I think the answer is yes, we do know, but we can’t describe it or be certain because there are disconnects in our conscious mind about the event. This is just my theory and perhaps it’s based too much on hope that somehow, we can overcome this and aren’t just chattel to be picked up, strapped down, have things poked in us, implants in our bodies to signal the beings like a homing signal, “Oh, there’s an implant 2.5 miles from us, kick it into high gear and we’ll go pick ’em up.” …..Geez. It sucks.

  3. wahuhi says:

    kiki – That is really so close to how I felt – except for the panic. On the legs thing, I can 100% understand now how someone could think that was a succubus! I seriously thought some invisible being was holding my legs down.

    I’ve never heard of sleep paralysis until you mentioned it here. I’m going to research it some more.

    BTW – you do a great job of describing something that is difficult to describe! 🙂

    Thanks so much

  4. kiki says:

    The paralysis is something I experience fairly often, but a lot of people will only have it happen a couple times in their whole life. It is usually brought on by stress (for my anyway) everyone’s different. Having the light on in your expereince and off when you wake up may be explained by what I said earlier, the fact that you slip in and out of dreaming. It may have been that you were dreaming that the light was on but in reality it was actually off and you were trying to use that as a way to pull yourself into conciousness by needing to turn it off. I usually have the opposite happen, I wake up and the light is off and I keep telling myself I need to get out of bed and turn it on so I can see what’s happening around me, but usually just end up falling back to sleep or finally comming fully to and sitting straight up in bed with a jolt of adrinaline, then jumping around the house half awake/half asleep in a panicked state turning on all the lights to make sure there’s nothing in my house I’m un aware of. The incident where you felt like your leggs were being held down is also reminecent of sleep paralysis, or the “old heg syndrome” where it feels like parts of your body are being constricted or pinned down. They used to explain this as a sucubus sitting on your body and sucking the life out of you before they had any actual scientific proof into what was happening nerologically.

  5. wahuhi says:

    Thanks to both of you for your responses.

    RockJohnAxe – I have never experienced anything in my childhood, and neither parent has ever mentioned it, although we are a liberally no holds barred family. But I no longer live anywhere near where the rest of my family lives. I don’t know if geographic location makes any difference.

    kiki – I don’t ever remember turning the light off, but the light was off when I got up in the morning, so I had assumed I turned it off without remembering doing it. But the way you described the waking up sensation, that was very much like how I felt – except that I wasn’t frightened at all – no fear whatsoever, just confusion. Years ago, I had an experience where I woke up in the middle of the night and felt like something invisible was holding my legs down. I WAS afraid on this occasion however and it made me wonder for a while about demons – which I don’t particular believe in, at least not the Judeo-Christian concepts of demons.

    To all of you – nothing else strange has happened since the overhead light incident.

    It still lingers with me and makes me wonder what really happened. Paralysis sounds most accurate so far – is that something you experience frequently? If so, then no, it doesn’t happen. And if fear or an adrenaline/cortisol reaction is a definite indicator, then again no.


    Still searching.

    Thanks so much

  6. kiki says:

    One of the things you may want to look into is sleep paralysis. I suffer from this disorder and it’s quite alarming. Was the over head light ON when you fully came into conciouseness? Let me give you a breif discription of sleep paralysis. Basically what happens is that you wake up when you’re still in REM sleep. Durring REM sleep your body producing a natural muscle relaxer so that you don’t act out your dreams while in your REM sleep mode. If you wake up durring this REM sleep your body can not move and you typically can not get fully awake. It feels comparible to taking some kind of sleep medication or pain medication, drowsy, unaware and confused. Because you can not fully wake up, this is usually followed by a feeling of fear, like you’re being held down or constrained. Also, because you’re slipping between being awake and being asleep your unconciouse mind sometimes pulls things (like parts of dreams) into your waking state. I often find myself feeling as though there are other beings in the room with me or see things that I know could not possibly be there, this is because your mind is confused between your waking state and your dream state and you’re slipping back and forth between the two. If you have no previous history of abduction this may be a likely cause of what you experienced. It can be very alarming.

  7. RockJohnAxe says:

    Thank you for sharing your experiences. Many people find it hard to come forward and explain things they have experienced, but it’s only through this level of communication can we educate and learn what is really happening, and possibly put an end to it.

    Based off my research, most abductions begin at a young age and often carry over from the parents. It is unlikely that an abduction(or series of,) would begin at 30+ years of age without something noticably perculiar happening earlier.

    Ofcoarse, take this with a grain of salt. These things can change and everyones experience varies.

    I always have this feeling like I have been abducted. I have had dreams that are so real I can’t explain. I can’t make a true conclusion of what I have been through. However, deep down I feel like I haven’t been abducted, yet I have had waking experiences that put everything back in question.

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