Looking for witnesses

I came to this site looking for anyone that may remember an “experience” they may have had in the early 60’s…not exactly sure of the year but the date was October 31. You would have to have lived in Winnipeg,Manitoba,Canada. I am not the one who had this “experience” but my father,his mom and dad and 6 other brothers and sisters did. We know it was Oct.31 because as they were children,they were out trick or treating that evening. The whole story came out by chance…it was a few years ago that all the brothers and sisters were together and talkingĀ  one evening when the talk of ufo’s came up. It was known that one of the sisters had seen one with friends when she was a teenager with her friends as they drove on a highway ay night…this was years after the incident I am talking about,by the way….they also experienced missing time. So,another of the siblings mentioned that they had seen one as a child on a Halloween night and then the more it was talked about, the more the memories started coming out…they all had thought it was a dream they had…and a forgotten one at that. This incident is incredible to me because I have never heard of anything like it. One of the sisters,my aunt, has written the entire event down with a map of the neighborhood and the positions of crafts and beings as they were. She has the most vivid recollection I think, because she has a “gift” of being able to see things most people can’t…but I won’t get in to that. What happened that night was a mass abduction…an entire neighborhood…where everyone was in a trance…and as they all walked down the sidewalks and converged to a school field where 3 large craft waited,with other smaller ones floating above…there were ramps to the crafts where beings sort of “ushered” them in…there were tall ones at the foot of the ramps and the short ones were at the top near the “door” to the craft. I should mention first that night began with these colored orbs that were floating around the neighborhood…here and there…then it was windy…and it seems the younger the siblings were,the best recollections they have…it all sounds so crazy…my father,the oldest…only remembers panic and fear and his father calling the army(because he was a soldier) and asking if anything was going on…my uncles who were in seperate locations in the neighborhood, remember seeing the crafts float over there heads towards their school..completely silent. I’m hoping that someone else who was there that night may have tried this site…its a shot in the dark i know…but i feel this needs to be told. They were gone for a few hours I am told…and when they returned, everyone just walked into the house like nothing happened and slowly came too being normal…like nothing happened.Has anyone ever had something that similiar happen? This is my first telling of this event to strangers or a site like this…and I only picked this one because it was the first one Google gave me.

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  1. GhangisKen says:

    It is not my recollection. The details came from my aunt and then I spoke with all the brothers and sisters(except 1) including my father, and they all remember something different that night…it didn’t come out until many years later…they all individually assumed it was a dream and just never talked about it. Why my one aunt was NOT taken or affected by the “trance” everyone else was in is a big question for me as well…it’s quite an amazing story.

  2. queengreylian says:

    I am unsure about your recollection. It’s your fathers? Yet you state it in detail as if it’s yours. Have you had some missing time-dreams-strange periods of unexplained?

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