….wow…you people reallly are insane…..itd be completely hilarious , if not for the fact that you people realllly believe all this nonsense…that part is just scary…..there is NO such thing as “alien abduction”…its all ur warped minds way of bringing SOME kind of impoirtance to ur lives…odd , how no attractive , wealthy , famous , or successful people ever seem to get “abducted”…oh well…guess it keeps unstable people busy , and out of some other pursuit they might find that could cause trouble….so , nano-nano….may the force be with you…etc….etc….lmao….buncha whackos….

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  1. queengreylian12/13 says:

    Keefb. I adore your simplicity. I agree with your view-but you are not but a puppet with strings–thinking that wealthy and successful are words actually describing an elite class. Being so blind to such mere adjectives and labels suggest a being still not even aware that the strings attached to you are just human conditioning at its most elementary.
    You are normal. There’s bliss in that.

  2. angelkaykay007 says:

    What’s really funny is how you got here. I mean, why are you on this page? Why are you looking up aliens in the first place?? I came here to say your stupid for that one, good job lol. You sound like the wacko

  3. Livingston says:

    All I can say is that you are in for a really rough reality adjustment. For your own sake, think twice… do you REALLY believe we are alone in this universe?

    Things are starting to move rather dramatic right now, so I do not think you need to wait very much longer before you have this question is cleared up once for all. Good luck to you…

  4. RockJohnAxe says:

    What a foolish thing too say. The things I have experienced alone is enough to convince me. Then I have spent several years working with and talking to people who experience extra-terrestrial events. The things I have heard would chill your bones. Some people can’t cope with the things they have been through or seen. Some are scared permanently and can never mentally recover from the duress of the experiences.

    You have no clue what you are talking about. Please do some research. There is alot of fake youtube videos, but there is a plethora of valid extra-terrestrial information out there.

    Have some Respect.

  5. Lightbringer says:

    For one thing do your research before you make an ass of yourself. if alien abdustions arent real how do thousands of ppl have metal robs in their sinus cavitys, and elsewhere in their bodys? how do thousands of ppl suffer from radioactive exposure when never being around any form of contaminent? and also how do we have every other country pre-releasing UFO and alien Disclosure information slowly… u know why? because the USA is the one holding the rest of the world back on it. look up Canadian Minister of Defence UFO on youtube. Proof from a real person in a high statues position, not some BS prank. you sir are a complete and utter waste of intelligance. to not ponder and use ur mind is to waste its true potential. by the way this is a site to have ppl connect with others that not downgrade thier beliefs or occurances cuz 1 person like u dosent believe the same thing. oh and by the way ur ignorance makes u the whack-o

  6. smilesb71 says:

    To “Wowww,”

    I’ve never been abducted but I DEFINITELY believe in it!! People like you are going to be in a real state of shock when the aliens show themselves to us in a way that can no longer be denied. Read up in this before you reject it so quickly. You should also read about crop circles, a fascinating phenomenon that the government has gone out of its way to debunk. All of this is very real and those who are too short-sighted or afraid to accept it will one day find out whether they want to or not.

  7. christinaspirit says:

    your post wont change a thing about this world.Do you feel good by making others feel bad? Do answer my question. If you are so normal then why did you create an account and make this comment. People who wrote about their encounters in this disscussion group do not want to be known. They do not want their identities to be revealed either. I know plenty of people personally who are successful in their lives and yet they met something that could be called as alien beings. You cannot be blamed for not knowing something that others do. All of human beings are unique. Our experiences are also different. It took years for many of those people who call themselves as abductees and contactees (how they call themselves does not matter) to open their hearts and minds at least here. It does not matter who or what you are but you need to be open minded. How come world known scientists accept possibility of existence ( what do you call them – aliens?) Life is all about asking questions. Life all life is about asking questions. You need to keep on asking questions even if you know thet you may never find the answer. You need to keep on going or else you would not be moving at all. Sometimes people give up and go along with what everybody calls normal, then something happens in their life. Something that should be taken care of but they are too blind to see anything else than ” matrix” ( culturally and socially created reality of world. If you cannot live with a though that ” this” sort of things do happen then keep it to yourself. You are not welcome here. Kindly leave this group.

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