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My niece has been having experiences for several months now.  While she is sleeping and even awake she feels like she is being experimented on by aliens.  Everything she says is so in detail it is scary.  She sees them, they talk to her and she knows everything they are doing to her.  She not only needs help understanding what is happening to her but I think she could give important information.   She needs someone to take this serious.  I’m desperate for her to find help.  She has talked to doctors, therapist, had a brain scan and now going to have the brain waves tested.  Is it possible this could be a neurological problem?   The doctors have just put her on antidepressants, antipsychotic medicines and no one seems to take her serious.  I’m so scared for her.  If someone responds that thinks you could help her, please give contact information so she could talk to you.  I will not post any more information about her on this site.  I’m looking for her help, that”s all.

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  1. jooliebean says:

    I feel sad for your niece. I recommend you find a hypnotist who regresses people for the purpose of recalling alien abduction. It seems it would be beneficial to find out for sure. Once you know if it’s alien abduction, you can take it from there. I have a theory that the beings will give up on taking people if it’s too difficult or time-consuming to “capture” the human. So why not put a video camera in her room at night and motion detectors set back from her bed too far for her to set them off but positioned such that they would beep if someone came within a certain distance. If the aliens have to deal with avoiding or disabling all that stuff just to take her, maybe they’ll give her up for someone easier to snatch. I have some theories about the beings based on my research and I’ve come to believe that their main agenda is about their hybrid breeding program and the subsequent placement of those hybrids (who knows where). Also, if the beings know she is educating herself in how to avoid them, they will usually work a little harder to keep her from remembering things so that she ‘forgets’ these experiences or chalks them up to a bad dream. ……When the abductee is young, it seems worth the effort to get them to leave her alone and focus their efforts on others who are easier to abduct. Because once the beings become deeply entrenched with an abductee by learning how to handle them, harvest eggs from them, Mindscan them, manipulate them, note their habits and comings and goings, they’re more invested in retaining that individual in their program. …..I have theorized, however, that nothing lasts forever, including this hybrid breeding program. If 2012 really does bring sweeping changes to the world, perhaps this program will be done. ……Let us hope and pray it is because I for one, have had quite enough.

  2. RockJohnAxe says:

    One of the best ways I was able to control Dream Travel is using an alarm clock. I would have it go off every 15 minutes, which would be enough to bring me to a higher conscious to hit the snooze button (another 15 minutes). I would be able to immediately fall back asleep but have complete control over the dream world. I have spent hours doing this, It’s quite fun at times.

    Please share with me your thoughts and experiences.

  3. RockJohnAxe says:

    Also, never feel stupid to share your experiences. It is actually the best thing you can do. Some people do not understand, but i assure you, there are thousands and thousands of people who have had similar experiences.

  4. RockJohnAxe says:

    Firstly, i would not take the prescribed medicines. Most doctors immediately link extra-terrestrials with mental illness and will immediately write you off.

    Your encounters are very unique. Your not the first person from my experiences who have had encounters with a Gray and a reptillian. Some theorize the Grays work for the Reptillians, but I can’t prove the truth of that theory.

    Kiki, i would love to here what you know about Dream travel and Quantum jumping. I feel I astral project very frequently but I rarely can control it.

  5. kiki says:

    If your neice would like some one to talk to you can send her my direction. I am 24 and have been having some odd experiences myself. I might be able to shine some light on what she’s going on by way of dream travel and quantum jumping (which I tend to do in my sleep.) It might sound strange but hey we’re on an alien abduction forum so I think we have far surpassed strange and holding judgements. My e-mail is and I would be more than happy to hear from your neice. This is a time of change, they’re coming more frequently now and we need all the information we can gain to try and find out what it is they’re doing with us.

  6. lillie says:

    it sounds interesting she seems to feel these experiments are going on during waking hours. that doesn’t sound like the normality of what they about or actually do unless maybe it’s been overly traumatic and she is one that remembers more than the average person for some reason. you won’t find any general practitioner who is sympathetic and of course they are going to do nothing more than throw prescription antidepressants, anti-psychotic medicines at her which will not cure anything. see if it is neurological or something similar and definitely seek someone who is sympathetic. they are out there.

  7. sjade0 says:

    hi, im 22.. this started when i had 2 sharp pains in my head at seperate times, after that i began hearing them speak with me, since then i have been through what seems like a series of tests having to do with my emotions, and brain thought process, they tell me they are on a mission and are trying to figure out how my brain processes the the thoughts the way they do.. hearing them speak about they are on contracts as well as feeling popping feelings in my head and high pitch sounds… i once went through extreme pyshical pain where it felt as if some sort of material was shot through my body through my foot, after that i became extremly turned on by their presense when i felt it, since then my emotions have been blocked, and i hear them speak in male voices when im waking from my sleep… i have went to so many doctors and just want it to go away, also i have seen two of what u would call the grays one short , one tall both looked naked but i have awoke to see a lizard skin man in a gray coat with his eye close to mine it was black fully dialated with a yellow ring on the outside of it… i feel so stupid talking about it but its been happening and its not stopping, its been so many different tests, they told me in the begining that i had a brain like heather… dont know who that is.. well i hope u can offer me some information, theres more to tell but i have covered whats worried me.. doctors tests are just not showing anything.. thanks

  8. Lightbringer says:

    how old is she? and is this going on in a waking state? meaning whlie shes interacting with her normal consiousness?
    there is a great book called High Strangeness, by Linda Knnight i believe. she explains how some entities (aliens) live in several realms not just our physical realm.

    what do the beings look like? greys are pretty comman in the USA but if they are not greys explain how they appear.

    if she has this direct link to them i would suggest having her consentrate all of her energy to comunicate with them or one directly. ask if this is normal for her to be excpirienceing their pressance and also if they could stop so she can live a normal life or alter their method.

    one thing too is she clairvoyant?
    it could be a negative spirit ass well that has attached to her.

    remember seperate realm entities are not in the phyciatrist handbook so they will think she is looney because science has not proven (to our knowledge) the existance of other realms.

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