Who are we?

I was 15 when i witnessed my first ALIEN encounter. I remember my uncle coming back from from Ohio to visit us before he left for Guatemala. He pointed something out to me the day he left. He told me to be careful, that up in the woods he saw something queer. I didn’t believe him till about a week later. Then i noticed that there was banging on my window at night. the next day my step dad went out to set traps in the woods for people who were trespassing. he noticed there were no animals in the woods, ( 6 acres) another thing that caught his attention was the trees up by the “field” were pushed down to the ground, not snapped, but pushed down.  He told me and my brother to stay away from the woods. a week later. my neighbor friend was riding his dirt bike by the wood line up in the back yard. he saw his “dad” standing behind a tree. so he stopped.  his dad came running out of the woods and pushed him of his bike, then ran back into the woods. For privacy sake we will say his name is Joey. Joey went back down to the fire. were my family and his family were having dinner. and he told us what had happen. in the middle of his conversation his dad walked up hill to the fire pit. the fire pit is about 5 mins. away from were the wood line is, he was on a dirt bike. and his dad was in the house. the whole time, which is 10 mins. away from the wood line.  the following weekend. i was not there but my mom claimed to have seen oddly looking figures walking down over the hill. she ran. i still have not seen whatever these things may be. so i was nieve  to the whole concept of something being in our woods. a week passes. and im at home and my mom, and she sees my stepdad walking up the driveway (meanwhile he left for work at 6 and doesnt come home till 5 and it was noon) . up the drive way up the hill and into the woods.  he was wearing the same thing he wore that day same pants, hoody, and hat. with boots. my mom saw him and as did i, so she told me to run out to get him. but he was in the woods by that time, where i was told to stay away from. she called his cell phone, he was at work.  down by pittsburgh. 25 minutes away from were we reside.  in the final stage of this seeming unfriendly encounter i was on the phone with my girlfriend one night real late. and i looked out off my porch from my room. and i saw 2  figures in my driveway,keep in mind i was 15 so i duck down real low, i pull the blind up ever so slightly and what i saw will remain with me till i die. 2 tall looking figures, with no hair, couldnt tell the pigment of their skin, no genitalia and about 7 or 8 feet, backwards knees it seemed, a glow in the eyes. and a large abdominal region. im 18 now, and since then the feelings of these lifeforms i feel follow me. i have had unexpected lightning storms in my field. and i still hear things outside. this feeling, makes me think, how empty minded some people think to believe that we own the universe. there is too much outside of this world that we have no idea about. and the chances of there being Extraterrestrials is 1,000,000% likely. i still have the feeling. its not warming. but i feel no physical harm. i know that one day in my lifetime i will see what i saw again.

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  1. RockJohnAxe says:

    I have no perticular advice based on what you have told me. But do not let fear overwhelm you ever in their presence. If you are looking upon a being and you feel fear start to build, you must think warm thoughts. Something you love that brightens your mood. Do not let fear consume you!

    It sounds like you need to speak more with your uncle and as much as I much as I hate to say it… you should frequent yourself with the woods during the day, then return at night sometime (preferably with a friend or witness.) There is clearly something going on in there.

    I had initially thought reptillians because they can shape shift, but the size and description isn’t quite fitting. I have no other guesses towards the creatures you have seen, except they seem like shape shifters.

    Good luck!

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