Never Spoke of

In 1994 I was a Junior in high school. I lived in the basement of my grandparents house in Illinois. I have never really spoken of this incident due to fear that it would happen again. But at this point im thinking i might not be crazy and what vividly happend was real. As i stated i was a teenager living with my grandparents. There was this owl that kept screeching at night was annoying. Well one morning, I thought i was dreaming. I was in a Bright Bright white room, with two other people. we were naked, and they seemed very scared as i was. Then there was a voice, but it wasnt a voice it was in my head communicating with me and i could communicate back. I really only remember it asking us 3 one question. Who would be first? Seeing how scared the other two were, I for some unknown reason, said in my mind “take me, ill go.” So at that moment 2 very tall, very white, skinny, sorta human like figures. Put me on a table, and the table started to move upwards as to put me in a standing position. I couldnt see behind me obviously, but i somehow felt what they were seeing. It was a long thin needle heading straight for the back of my neck. I had remaind calm until that point. Next thing i knew i was in my bed, and i sat straight up. like neck first , then back, but i wasnt on my bed. I actually was about 4inches off my bed, and fell to my mattress. I started screaming immediately, and my neck felt like i had been in a car crash. My grandparents took me to a dr, and i had 4 sprained vertabre in my neck. The doctor could offer no explaination, and neither could I (I didnt feel like going to the pycho ward if i had). Im not sure why i remember this incident so vividly, and still today i can explain it as if it happened this morning. I still am not scared, but think im possibly not alone with this happening. Im now 34 years old and this has never happened since. Think i just needed to get it off my chest.

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  1. RockJohnAxe says:

    When im talking about ending it, I’m am talking specifically about the abductions. Being forcefully taken and experimented on or studied.

    There is no all powerful god. Throughout history people would call anything that came form the sky a god. Look at Chariots of Fire as an example. How does a primitive person explain electricity like lights when such a thing has never been invented. Many times they refer to it as fire in ancient texts. These “gods” that came down were probably Alien spacecraft but cannot be described as so because knowledge of such things didn’t exist.

    There is tons of historical facts that point to extra-terrestrials assisting man kind throughout the years.

  2. skye1177 says:

    I agree that gaining knowledge is key to solving this mystery that has obviously happened to quite a few of us. But putting an end to what. If it was found with evidence that we have been abducted by another life form. Wouldnt that confirm that there are gods. However scary that is Id take a theory that a higher being such as aliens helped us along the way, than the churches theory. How did god supposedly create adam and eve if in fact he himself hadnt done experimental testing. Im just sayin. I dont find it necessary to end something that might just be the key to our survival down the road, Id feel blessed to have been one of the ones to aid, we all make sacrifices. This is just our contribution. Hope all of us have a great day today and are greatful for the days given to us.

  3. RockJohnAxe says:

    Thank you for sharing… you are not alone.

    Only through sharing our experiences and gaining knowledge can we peice together the puzzles and eventually put an end to all this.

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