Some strange happenings

About four months ago in June I believe it was, my and my boyfriend had gotten a night off from our son. Having the night off while he was with his grandmother we stayed up really late just talking about our life, things we would like to see change between us and general deep conversation between the two of us. It was about 3am and him and myself had decided to go outside to smoke while we talked. I was sitting on the poarch with him standing in front of me smoking a cig and all of a sudden he stepped back and asked me “can you see that?” I said “see what?” He then made me stand up and through the trees surrounding our house we could both see a pulsing orange/red/white globe which was changing in shape size and color. It went from being round and pink, to round and orange, to triangular shaped and red to rectangular shaped and white back to round and white. I felt oddly attracted to it. There was no fear, even though looking back at it, there SHOULD have been fear. Just intrigue and curiosity. This UFO was roughly 150 ft off the ground, just above the trees & it was hovering right over our neighbors house. It seemed almost as though it was watching me, everytime I would move, it would move in the same direction. At first I thought that maybe the neighbors had some sort of changing light on the top of their house or something but I had to wonder to myself, why they would have something like that turned on at 3am. I sat there and watched this thing (or it watched me) for a good 15 minutes until my boyfriend finally pulled me away to try and get a better look at it. As I was walking back around to the driveway I could see it moving too, up above the trees. I finally got onto the otherside of the house where I might have a better chance to get a good look at it, not distorted by trees and I now could not see ANYTHING. We stood there for 5 minutes wondering if we had both gone mad and then litterally right above my head probably no more than 100ft above me there was a HUGE flash of bright pink. This is what I saw, and it was only a glimpse and for only a second. I saw rectancular shape, but it wasn’t a normal rectangle. It looked like someone had taken a rectangle and bent it, giving it a curve in the middle. Inside the rectangular shape were smaller rectangular shaped lights. These lights strobed from one side of the rectangled to the other and they were pink colored. I really don’t know how else to explain it. It strobed once and then it was gone. I did not see anything else that night. I remember going to bed at around 4:30am and while trying to sleep it sounded almost as though there was white noise playing in my head with a soft humming in the background, like a low frequency sound wave. Through the white noise there was chatter, it kept repeating the same thing over and over again, it was not a word that I recognized and it sounded very electrical – like computerized almost. I finally did end up getting to sleep though.

Two days later I was laying in bed, my boyfriend had just gotten up to go to work. All of a sudden I hear an “oh F***” and a very loud electrical popping noise, I jumped up out of bed because it sounded almost like my boyfriend had been electricuted. I came into the kitched to find the stove was on fire. All electrical units in our stove had popped at the same time and were actually burning. It was really scarey, especially since we had our animals and our son all in the house! After we got the fire put out we went outside to go and smoke again. It was around 3:30am (my boyfriend works at a factory and wakes up at 3am to go to work.) I’m looking up in the sky above our house at a really bright star, when that star begins to move. Then it stopped again and hovered, then another appeared next to it, then they both crossed over our house. Needless to say I did not feel comfortable enough to go back to sleep after he left for work.

Four days after that incident I was laying in bed and my boyfriend had just gotten up for work. I was still a bit shaken and told myself “you should get out of bed so you’re not unconciouse when he leaves for work.” But it was 3am and I didn’t really want to get out of bed. I remember hearing him walk out the front door and start the car and thinking, okay you NEED to get up! Then I heard him leave and I thought to myself, you REALLY need to get up. I remember laying in bed and again hearing the low frequentcy vibration. The vibration felt like it was sedating me, making me not want to move. Like I had just taken a bunch of sedatives. I remember trying to fight the feeling and the entire time thinking to myself, “something’s happening, you need to get out of bed and turn on the light and see what’s happening.” But I litterally could not come into conciousness. I just remember urging myself over and over to just get out of bed and turn on the light. Then the next thing I remember is I am hovering about 3ft off the bed, but I’m not in my body. I can see myself laying on the bed and I can see two children standing next to me. The light is not on, all I have for light is the little bit coming through the door from the kitchen light being on. There was something that looked off about these kids but I couldn’t tell exactly what because I could not see them clearly. They were standing face to face with one another and they were both holding something and audibally talking in a language I could not understand but it sounded very wattery. Like gurgling/clicking mixed with a almost synthisized but it wasn’t just noise, they were actually following a speach pattern. I remember the girl looking up at me on the bed (not the me out of my body) and saying something, then glancing at me out of my body and giggling. Then she grabbed my hand and put the thing (what ever they were holding) up to my hand, she was looking directly at me (the me out of my body) and smiling and eerie kind of smile when she did this. She had black hair, and “pointy” facial fetures. She did not look like a typical grey, as she had hair and was wearing some kind of suit. I remember feeling like they had come to see me and visit me but were not allowed to actually interact with me. Then they were both gone and I was back in my body telling myself I needed to get up and turn on the light, and I could still feel the low frequentcy vibration. Then all of a sudden I sat straight up and bed and was WIDE awake and did not here/feel the vibration anymore. I immediately turned on the light grabbed my blanket and ran out to the couch in the living room. Literally RIGHT as I reached the couch in the living room my boyfriend walked through the back door and scared me half to death. It was around 4:30am at this point, he had left for work an hour previously. He said he had gotten half way to work and realised that there wasn’t enough gas in the car to get him there and back. Not having any open gas stations on the way to work he decided to turn around and get gas in town but felt like he needed to come home for some reason. He said as he was pulling up our road he saw what looked like two stars above our house, but he realised they were not two stars. He said it was a ship, moving VERY slowly away from our house, like it was trying to back away from the house slow enough to not be noticed. He said there was a light on each end and one in the middle, the middle one being a orb shape & orange and had a really stranged look to it, almost like illuminated water, like what ever substance was making the light, was a liquid. At this point we’re both totally freaked out. I told him what happened here and then after I got done telling him about the girl and her grabbing my hand I realised that the side of my hand felt sensative, almost how your skin feels when you get sunburnt. I noticed that there was a small red dot on my hand with a red circle around it, the dot has been there ever since and is still there almost 4 months later. I do notice it is more sensative at time than others.

Since this whole experience I have had some really odd dreams, one of them that really stuck out is standing out in my back yard in the middle of the night looking out into the trees and seeing four hooded beings walking out of the tree line. Having a HUGE fear load in seeing them but knowing they’re not going to hurt me. In my dream these hooded figures walk up to me and give me a message, I do not remember that message I just remember the “leader” of them took of his/her? hood revealing a dragon/person and that they were calling themselves the Chingaylee (sp?)

I have had a LOT of strange experiences through out my life but I never considered myself a contactee as far as aliens go. I was always a believer that there was other life in this universe but never imagined myself having contact with it until I saw that UFO four months ago. Since then a LOT of passed memories have been coming back to me, memories that I can’t recall when or how they happened, like remembering a dream but not remembering when I had the dream & not knowing if what I’m remembering is real or imagined. Anyway, if anyone has any similar experiences I would love to hear them. Things have been quite around here lately with not much paranormal activity. Although I still get anxiety at night when I have to go to sleep and I won’t sleep unless I can see what is around me. Call me a sissy but I have aquired a mild fear of the dark through this experience.

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  1. Rubystar24 says:

    Well they don’t seem to have harmed you aside from the mark. But fear of the dark is natural, esp when things of this nature happen to you. I have had a few experiences (had them all my life if we include ghostly ones) and I as well have to sleep with the light on. I use a green light so that the room is well light but not annoyingly bright. If you are interested in revealing the hidden memories, there are regression therapies for abductees specifically. I have thought of it a few times, but not sure if it will help me or make me more paranoid. But a very powerful experience. Thanks for taking the time to share your amazing story.

  2. RockJohnAxe says:

    I’m surprised Sue hasn’t comment yet. She has very similar experiences. When you hear the electric clicking type noise, she says thats is them. They are around when you hear that sound.

    It sounds like a Reptillian in the fact that you saw a lizard-like humanoid, but the whole experience sounds very curious for a reptillian experience.

    Alot of Alien species, especially Reptillians, Feed off of your Fear or any Fear based Emotion. It essentially lowers your energy level to their level allowing them more direct control over you. The direct opposite of Fear is Love. Any Love Based Emotion increases the density of your energy which makes it much harder for them. I explained it in a very basic way, but it is much more complex than this. But essentially, anytime you start feeling fear try to force a Warm thought, something loving like your child or boyfriend.

    Evidence is your greatest weapon. Take pictures of any un-explainable markings on you, document your experiences with time and Date. Don’t look at the experiences in a negative light. Try to look at it, as they see something special in you and try to learn from these experiences. Either about them or about you.

    If you have any other information please don’t be afraid to share. Sharing our knowledge and experiences is the best thing anyone can do.

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