Dreams and other odd things

So I already have on extremely long post right under this one which explains my conciouse encounter with them, I am not sure who “they” are but since they came to visit me, it is like the flood gates have been opened up and I am recieving a lot of memories & dreams which are slowly connecting the puzzle peices of the unexplainable events in my life.

I have so many events I would love to share, but if I shared them at all it would be close to a short novel and I just don’t see anyone wanting to sit at their computer long enough to read it so I will start small.

The night after I made my first post (9/30/11) I had a really strange experience. I was laying in bed, I had just heard my boyfriend get up, it was around 3am. He had the day off work but through force of habbit still wakes up at 3am. I heard him tooling around in the living room, then walk out the back door, then I heard the car start. I thought to myself “I bet he’s going to get coffee” and didn’t think anything else of it. I rolled over and went back to sleep, or tried to. I remember hearing the strange low frequentcy vibration again and thinking to myself “oh crap, I need to get up NOW and turn on the lights!” This is always what runs through my head now when I heart it. I just want to see what’s happening around me. Unfortunately when I hear this I also feel as though I’m paralyised. I litterally can not open my eyes, move my legs or my body and it feels almost as though I’m vibrating, then I fall completely to sleep and start dreaming – or what feels like dreaming, only I’m not in my body for it, I’m watching my body about 3ft away from it instead, if that makes any sense at all.

In my “dream” I was laying just above my actual body looking upwards toward the ceiling. A hole in the ceilling opened up. It looked like… Someone took a picture of the ceilling and punced out a perfect circle in the middle of it in photoshop and kept lowering the tansparence until the hole was completely transparent, it just kind of faded away. Then the next thing I could see were the clouds, it was overcast out but not raining. Then as I layed/floated there looking at the clouds they began to dissipate, they looked almost like they were being sucked upwards by a giant vaccum. The next thing I could see were stars, I could see the stars very clearly now. I remember there being a bright flash then as the light faded there was the same ship that my boyfriend described hovering over the house. It was cigar shaped with two blue/white lights on each end of it and a glowing orangish light in the middle which looked like it was filled with fluid. It looked almost like, if you were to take gold and melt it down to liquid, only the liquid glowed.

I don’t remember anything else. I don’t remember my boyfriend getting home or the rest of my dream, as in what happened after that – nor do I remember having anymore dreams after that and I didn’t get out of bed/wake up until 9:30am, at which point I strongly remembered what had happened but only the short bit of what I just explained above.

I don’t know if this was actually an event or just a dream from writing to you guys that day and having my other occurances fresh in my mind, I guess it’s anyone’s guess really.

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  1. Mikai says:

    Sue, I would have to agree with you on many levels especially the “right to judge anything that comes into my home uninvited and interfers with my body”. Although some of your experiences are very different from my own it seems you have come to many of the same conclusions. Mainly they hate exposure, they are the master of deception and a master of disguise.

    Here’s interesting fact for those strong willed people who are tired of being in that paralyzed state and feel helpless… you can move ! The strange thing is you just can’t feel it and you can’t open your eyes to see if it’s working. But if you focus on a body part like your hand (arm to big, finger too small) and envision it moving to your head to pry open your eye. You’ll know it’s working when it ‘thumps’ against your head, then continue envisioning using your fingers opening your eyelids… unfortunately, after doing that a few times they then use something stronger, but they have to get closer first. Camera’s could be interesting here : ) Sue, You mention trying to take pictures of these beings… have you tried ? Have any? For those that haven’t tried photo’s… for best results, you’ll need an EOS camera (point and shoot too slow). If anyone has any helpful tips on things that worked for them to help prevent /fight/protect themselves … I would love to hear and share.

  2. christinaspirit says:

    As i mentioned in some of earlier posts i was saved fom the “negative ones”- whatever it means.
    When i was a kid i used to hear voices in my head talking to me. They had been telling me that i shan’t speak to other abput awkward experiences in my life( at that tome i did not know that those voices came from “them”) When i grew older i was told by greys not to speak about them. I was never warned as such though. I was told it but yet i was allowed to try things on my own risk. They just said that i should not speak abt them and my experiences coz there might of been dangers from side of humans which might of have ruined my life and that of my family.
    I remember lots but not what i have told you. My greatest fear is to forget and knowing that the knowledge of what happened is within me. Being able to intuitively to feel what happened but yet not being able to see nor remember anything is very frightrning. To trust them. I tried but every time i made a “call” that i was ready to face what ever happens frightened me which from their point of view was a great proof that i was not able to face that hidden knowledge. Oh, God. I am confused. what to say. i cannot say anything now. too confused

  3. kiki says:

    I believe one of the reasons they gaurd the memories so much is because like sue said, they don’t want any kind of exposure so they can continue with their agenda without any interference.

    Sue, I am sorry to hear about your extremely negative encounter. So far I, myself have not had one that I can remember. But I don’t have any memories of ever actually being abducted, I’m still waiting for any glimpses of that that might come back to me but so far, nothing. Although I do have some reason to believe it has happened when I was much younger.

    At the moment I am recovering from dental surgery so I am going to cut this short but when I’m feeling better I will write something a little more in depth.

    Thank you Sue for all of your insight and no, I did not view your comment negatively I viewed it as someone who has been hurt by something giving a stern warning. Thank you for your care.


  4. christinaspirit says:

    Its a question i want to ask and i do hope if somebody could at least point a direction in which i have to go.
    I never met beings about which you are talking about here. Not that i remember any but i am familiar with Grays. When i was a kid a number of my memories were supressed by them. I know that i have that information of what happpened to me during my childhood encounters somewhere in my memory reserves but i can’t remember it consciously. I was told that not remembering of what happened was to my own good as my life would of been ruined if i realized of what was going on in my life at such a young age. I was told that in time i will be let to remember. A time when i will be ready and a time when i would learn to trust “them”.
    “trust” has a very awkward meaning. At least that’s how things look like from my side point of view. That would mean that i would need to trust my life in their hands. (e.g. in one of the posts i wrote about an encounter where i had to jump off the roof but i did not.)
    I would really like to know of what happened to me and what was told to me as a child by those beings. How come they guard those memories so much?

  5. Sue says:

    Kiki whether you belief in good or bad does not rule them out. I was kind of upset reading your post as I have been by reading other posts by Abductees. Just because the Ones you saw did not harm you I find it very difficult that you seem to embrace them entering your personal space as okay. I realize judgement can be a bad thing but it can also be a good thing. I feel like I have a right to judge anything that comes into my home uninvited and interfers with my body. Everything in our lives has a parasite. We have tiny parasites living on our body if you look at them through a microscope. What is not normal in life is to have invisible entities who have super powers who can abduct our bodies and take us to space crafts, underground or other buildings. Most abductees describe their bodies as being experimented on. I know they can possess my body and cause indigestion, tinnitus, anxiety. I know they can read anybody’s thoughts on Earth that they want to read and they can use your thoughts against you to cause Depression Trips.

    I believe all abductees should think twice about whether it is okay to have invisible entities interferring with their lives whether they are harmed or not don’t we all have a right to our own personal space especially the space in our bedrooms where they most often show up?

    I keep posting about my experiences to support other people who have seen them or who have been abducted to let them know they have not gone crazy because when I first started seeing them that is exactly my first thoughts. If you study what has happened to other Abductees you will find the ones who Abduct us are not Benevolent. They need us we do not need them and there is no evidence whatsoever that they have done anything to help any of us.

    They have super powers that I believe they stole from us and I say that because I have learned after 15 years of having contact with them they are very, very interested in my creativity. I have learned what they don’t like and that is the very thing that we should promote . They hate exposure. I believe if the Governments of the world stopped keeping their secrets and if they were fully exposed by head shrinks or the Medical establishements and the media humanity would figure out a way to get rid of them or absolute exposure might make them stop what they are doing. Living the lie of their non-existence is totally affecting all aspects of my life as it is affecting other people who have been abducted but can’t see them.

    I hope you will not take my post as being negative. I have had a very negative experience with these horrible beings which has totally influenced my view or judgement of them.

    I have been spoiled by living in America because in America we have embraced the right to our own personal spce and if there is a God I believe God would understand our right for wanting to be free and to have a right to our own personal space. The real Terrorists are the ones who abduct us and the Government is really quite concering this terrorist act.

  6. kiki says:

    In my opinion at this point, I don’t have a view of it either way, meaning I don’t view it as good or bad. But I also don’t really believe in “good” and “bad” I believe that everything just is what it is and try not to hold any judgement one way or another as I believe judgement clouds our thinking. While I don’t preitcularly like the fact that I have a difficult time sleeping, anxiety, fear, disterbing memories etc from their visitations, because I don’t know enough about what they’re doing it’s difficult for me to form any kind of opinion about it.

    In my waking state I am curious as to what the upcoming night will bring, during my dream state I am shown remarkable things which I have to sort through bits and peice of and try and put all the peices together so that they can form some kind of sense making experience.

    Thus far they have not actually hurt me physically, they’ve just done their best to scare me. I honestly do find their scare tactics a bit comical at this point only because they seem to use vibration of energy to create a panicked state of mind or illusion to show you something that is not really there. Either way you shouldn’t actually have anything to be scared of other than fears its self. Or atleast that is what I have grasped so far, but you never know things can change in an instant.

    I have not had any purely negative encounters yet so at the moment I just feel like someone who just got their doorbell rung with a flaming bag of poo on it. Like they’re kids messing with my personal space but not causing any serious harm. I have been shown some really strange things though where I know there’s a potential there to proceed with caution whem ever dealing with them. Honestly I think in regaurds to our own personal safety it’s better to be cluess and ignorant to have any serious insight into what it is that they actually are doing. But at the same point in time it would be really nice to know what it is they’re actually doing so that we can have an idea of what their agenda is as far as the human race is concerned.

    I have met other beings in my dreams as well, one of which told me she was my sister and took me to a planet that was full of beautiful deep black/blue pools of water used to carry prayer (or atleast that is how she worded it.) She was a beautiful blue woman, no hair with large crystal white eyes. I remember being on a ship with other blue beings and they all had crystal-like energy feilds rippling around them which were shining the most extreme white light, but inside the white light was a rainbow of other colors. With these beings I felt completely at home, at ease and I felt as though my spirit was completely full and content.

    I don’t know if I actually physically go to these places as far as my body in concerned I feel more like I astro travel in dreams.

  7. Sue says:

    Since I posted above I remember a Paranormal Glimpse that I got before any of my abductions started. I opened up the refrigerator one day and I got a glimpse of an Alligator about 2 feet long in my refrigerator. This was one of my first Paranormal Glimpses. I thought I was going crazy or I was seeing things and I tried to dismiss what I saw but I could never dismiss it.

    Two or three weeks later in my first abduction in which I was taken to a craft I had an encounter with the Beings that wore the hoods. I highly suspect they are really bad and they can shape shift into any Being they want to including animals. As I write this I feel like I have a whole lot to learn about who they really are. What I know for sure is they are the Masters at Deception down to very fine details. I know they are experts on how to manipulate our bodies, they are experts at creating Depression senarios. I have had Depression trips in which it has been really, really hard to pull myself out of. If I can do it anybody else can and it can be done without prescription medication.

    I had a breakthrough last night in which I saw a woman with a guitar that looked just like Dolly Pardon teaching me how to sing. The breakthrough was I noticed the teeth of the entity pretending to be Dolly Pardon was way out of order. I am sure other Abductees have been shown famous people or relatives. Don’t believe them because they love fooling you.

    In the beginning or start of my abductions I had men who were forever trying to trick me into marrying them by pretending to be someone they were not. Today they no longer try to trick me they just take what they want.

    To all the Abuctees I just want to say I am so sorry this has happened to you. There is a reason why you can see them. It is a good thing. Be strong and Believe in youself, you are in for a big fight. Everything in life has an opposite if there is good there is also evil. Abductees are on the good side otherwise why would you be a target.

  8. kiki says:

    This is (as best as I can draw) of what the faces of the hooded figures looked like. The “leader” that spoke to me did show it’s face and it really looked… Like a dragon! Like I said there was an overwhelming fear load that went along with the presents of these beings in my dream or encounter. But at the same time, there was a knowing that they just came to deliver a message and posed no threat to me at that time.


  9. RockJohnAxe says:

    Thank you for commenting Sue. I wanna further touch on this part quoted from Sue: “I was told not to fear or not to get angry.”

    Anger is a fear based emotion. Google the list of all fear Based emotions, these you want to avoid when in their presence especially a Reptillian of any kind. Think of something warm that involves Love. Love is the exact opposite emotion of Fear.

  10. Sue says:

    I also wanted to add I too have seen the ceiling over my bed open up and what I saw was a big spacecraft with lights and two beings came into my room totally dressed in Black, and very muscular. When I saw them I pulled the covers over my head and the next thing I knew I was on a craft.

  11. Sue says:

    I would suggest you sleep with a camera with a flash. Take pictures pointed at the air conditioner or heat vent when you hear noises in the room or when you come out of being paralayzed. Also look outside and check if there are Chemtrails over your house or what look like clouds that take a long time to dissipate. If you get a picture of an Orb in your photo you are being visited. After reading your accounts I am sure you are an abductee. I have seen the ones when I was on a spacecraft that wear robes and hoods and I also one riding a bike with a jacket on with a hood that kept hanging around my parked car and in both cases I was not allowed to see their faces. From your accont I would say they are the Reptallians. Don’t fear them. Be strong. Don’t let them put guilt trips on you. The only reason I can come too as why we have been abducted is because we have had some kind of breakthrough in which we can see them. They probably have implanted you to keep track of you. There is some kind of higher force that operates around or in us that protects us from them. I was told not to fear or not to get angry. Thanks for being so truthful about your experience.

    More and more everyday people are waking up or having breakthroughs and I believe that is a really good thing. In order to fight something that is doing us wrong we have to acknowledge it exists. No one has the right to enter our homes univited especially our bedrooms and like RockJohnAxe says they always come around 3 or 4 a.m.

  12. RockJohnAxe says:

    On another note, the most commonly reported time for abductions is between 3 and 4 am.

  13. RockJohnAxe says:

    One thing that might be worth a shot if possible, keep a camera handy. If you are able to hear the clicking noise and be in control of your body, try to take pictures all over the room. Then load them onto the computer and examine every inch of them. They are known to show up in pictures. This might require the light to be on, but again something to try if the situation arises.

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