Connecting the dots

So as I’ve explained in my previous posts, when I had my UFO encounter in a concious awake state of mind it really got me thinking that some of the strange things I’ve experienced throughout my life make more sense now if I except the fact that I am a contactee. When I was little I would not go more than 2-3 hours a night sleeping without waking up screaming. This was always very alarming for my parents as well. I remember for me, it started at a house we lived at in Port Ludlow WA, when I was 9yrs old. This is when I began to remember strange things happening, though I have a feeling it’s probably been going on longer.

I remember when I was 9yrs old me and my cousin were walking to the store, a few blocks away from my house at the time. I remember coming home and standing in the front yard with my cousin and seeing something up in the sky which did not move like a plane, nor did it have any lights on it, but it was daytime and the object was quite high up – so it was difficult to tell exactly what it was. We watched it for a while and I remember not thinking anything more of it.

I remember at some point living in that house some weird things began to happen. I remember going to bed and being in the darkness and experiencing things pulling on my arms and legs. I remember waking up in places where I did not go to sleep at, but thinking that I maybe sleep walked there or did not remember moving in the middle of the night. It began to be a real struggle for my mom to get me to go to sleep at night, she would litterally have to sit right next to my bed until I finally would go to sleep and if I woke up in the middle of the night and she wasn’t there I would freak out because something, even though I could not remember what – was attacking me in my sleep.

Then I remember one night layin on the floor in my parent’s bed room because I refused to sleep in my own room that night. Now this is going to sound so Sci-Fi I don’t even want to write it but this is how I remember it so I will share anyway and you can take of it what you wish. The mind has a way of distorting things but I try and put all my best reasoning skills aside of what is and isn’t real so that I can tell you exactly what I saw, as strange as it is.

 I was laying on the floor and the door of the bedroom was cracked and I could see out into the hallway. Right accross from their bedroom door was the linnen closet. I remember laying there and looking (for some unknown reason) at the door of the linnen closet. Then as I was looking at the closet door it began to open slowly. I remember thinking to myself that the heat must have just came on, because there was a heater vent in that closet and I thought that the air blowing through it must have made the door of the closet creep open. Then I saw what was like a misty shadow emerge out of the closet and float into my parents room and stop right in front of me. Then a figure began to materialize. This thing was about 2ft tall at the most. It was standing right in front of me. It had whitish-blueish-grey skin, its skin almost looked opalescent and filmy/waxy. It had small beady eyes and a HUGE mouth which was faceted with rows and rows of shiny, pointy sharp teeth, almost like a sharks mouth but more orderly. I know this because this thing screamed at me – it opened its mouth super wide and let out a scream, but it wasn’t an auditable scream – it was more like a dog whistle, so high pitched it’s difficult to hear. After it screamed it began the fade back into a dark misty substance and disipated into thin air.

I have never again seen this thing but I’ll tell you what, the image has sure haunted me for many many years. I’m 24yrs old now and still remember this incident quite clearly.

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  1. Rubystar24 says:

    You do sound like you have had contact although you cant remember it. I myself have seen 1 UFO up close (a few in the distance so I cant say with certainty) and one ET. I have researched the topic for many years. When you are a contactee (as I have never been taken [thank god] but visited) you will experience not only them, but it thins the veil. Ghosts, spirits, demons, or whatever you chose to call them are insanely more attracted to you. When your in contact with aliens your vibrational levels increase, and unfortunately this attracts spirits. Not to say that this WASNT an ET, but it sounds more like a malevolent ghost to me. I have had many experiences with those. And they are freaky. But you will notice spikes in paranormal ghost activity after you have been contacted/taken. Then it will die down. To cleanse your house of spirits you can burn sage, cedar, sweetgrass in every room telling it/them/whatever to leave. Hope this helps even, if you even see it.

  2. says:

    all those things that go bump in the night
    they exist

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