Blonde alien dream

I am a new user to this site, and I have never been much of a believer in aliens, or paranormal things until recently,  I wanted to post my dream I had recently and I wanted to know if anyone else have had these accounts. I just moved to Colorado recently and we have friends that believe in aliens and what not, and at times we would go camping and have talked of such things. But let me get back to that in a moment. My dream I had was where I was walking in a field and it was a gorgeous day out and a man (or so I thought) is atop a hill, and I walk towards him. As I get up to him, I see that he is a very attractive tall man with blonde hair to his shoulders with gorgeous blue green eyes, he is shirtless and he’s wearing some bottoms but I don’t remember vividly.  He’s muscular, and he asks me to sit beside him on the ground, there’s a glow of light that shines behind him. And I notice there’s a large round shape behind him quite a ways away, with 3 gray figures standing close by it. As my eyes move back to him he speaks to me and is smiling a charming smile the whole time that puts me at ease, like I can trust him. I have to admit I found him quite attractive, and he sensed it I think (lol). He tells me that the world will be coming to an end soon of it’s bad things, because humans as a whole have put our earth to destruction. I got worried, but he smiled and told me not to worry that a chosen group of humans will be entrusted with intelligence out of this world and when the time comes we will wake up and become changed beings and we will help to rebuild the earth and rid of it’s horrible things. I ask him when will this happen, and he tells me not too worry and it will be soon. I watch him get up and leave and then I wake up.

Now the reason why this bothers me, or it’s on my mind is because when I told my husband about it, his eyes got very wide and he got quite. I asked him what was the matter, and he said he had been watching Ancient Aliens on the history channel, and have been getting into looking up things about it, since a friend of his during camping stated that many UFO or alien sightings are common here in Colorado. I described everything to him and eventually his friend, and what creeped me out was everything that I had dreamed about has been studies and accounts that people have come across, reported, or have had theories about. I never had any knowledge of these things before, ever. My question is, is there anyone else that have come across these types of dreams or accounts?

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  1. kiki says:

    Yes I hate the watching feeling! I used to get that A LOT when I lived at my old house, I could never tell what it was exactly but I did not like it. Durring the night I was always scared to look out the windows because I felt like there was something outside watching me. *dislike*

  2. christinaspirit says:

    That’s interesting. I also used to hear the kind of clicks u r talking about but on different occasions. I used to hear those before i would see balls of light or shadows in my room. I do not think they were physical but clicks were always heard before anything would happen. Sometimes i would just hear clicks but nothing would appear in my room other than an awkward feeling that somebody was either near me or watching me from somewhere.

  3. kiki says:

    That is interesting Sue, about the “clicks” as I also hear/feal these. They’re almost audible but for me they’re more of an internal click, which runs from the base of the back of my neck down my spine, when that happens I know that they’re close, watching or near by – it is also significant for me because I almost always have some kind of visitation shortly after they’re heard.

  4. Sue says:

    Thanks Geoff for your reply.

    I am glad you have not had to go through the truama and torture I have went through. I just wanted to learn more about the Greys. I do not like them because they are interferring with us and being secretive about it. As a paranormal viewer I have seen the Small Black Ones, the hooded Ones, the long haired ones who wear long dark coats, I have seen Biblical figures. I just don’t trust or respect any of them. They have tried to take my life but something saves me. I just want to know the truth. I want to know why I keep being saved but the torture continues.

    I can see glimpses of them, smell them and feel them I am surrounded by them, I cannot get rid of them. Yet I cannot tell you who them is specifically. I just put them all in the same category until I learn if there is any differences.

    A lot of people have felt a connection to the Greys. I did not but when I saw the small Black Ones I felt some kind of connection which seemed like I knew them from another time. I had all kinds of experiences with them that were not negative but the negative part was I experienced them entering and exiting my body. I feel like my body is sacred ground and no one has the right to interfere with it just because they posses the knowledge to do so.

    I am speculating here but I feel like all of them are really human. I feel like the Greys wear suits. I know the Aliens have the powers to shrink themselves and to manifest out of Orbs. I know they ( wow as I write this I just heard a big scramble as one came through my ceiling) can make me see them as someone else like a relative or a famous person when I see glimpses of them in what should be dreams. After I was abducted my dreams no longer were normal dreams. I feel like when I lay down to go to sleep an entity or several entities enter my body and I see what they see as if they take over my mind. When I see glimpses I believe I have breakthroughs in which I see the real reality of what they are trying to disguise if that makes any sense. For instance a couple of nights ago. I knew I was with them. I saw two men who I did not recognize. One of them was supposed to be my brother who took his life a few years ago. I guess I had a breaktrhough because I wanted to know if that really was my brother. It was not. The male did not look anything like my brother. When I had the breakthrough I noticed the two men had strange things on their faces covering their noses and mouth and I asked one of them ” what was that on his face? ” I did not get a reply that is all I remember.

    I am glad your hypnosis session worked out for you. I tried and the session failed. What was so ironic is the Hypnotist I went to see told me after the failed session ” there was no Aliens.” When he told me this I started hearing ” clicks ” I said did you hear those clicks, he said ” no.”
    They clicked again and he heard them. He said ” okay you can go on home and leave the Aliens here with me. ” I said okay.”

    That night March 13, l997 a huge spacecraft flew directly over his house and then down into the Phoenix area and was caught on video and can be “googled” as The Phoenix Lights.

    Thanks Geoff just keep on thinking positive.

  5. Geoff says:

    Hi Sue, I probably have written about this before on this forum, but I wasn’t always comfortable seeing greys. When I was 21 I started having nightmares of seeing greys and being on a craft, also seeing then in a spirit form while I was awake. I probably spent 10 years living in fear of being visited, but also during that time I had some memories were I felt comfortable being with them.

    The fear was affecting my life and I knew I couldn’t continue living like that, so I saw a hypnotist and that one session changed my life. I won’t go into everything, but I had a memory of seeing greys in my bedroom and instead of feeling fear, it felt like a reunion, like seeing close friends or family and I was happy to see them. Some may have reservations about memories from hypnosis, but how I viewed them changed in just one day and I was even looking forward to seeing them again.

    There is a saying that the eyes are the windows to the soul and there have been times while looking into their eyes I have felt a deep connection with them, I have sometimes had feelings of joy, peace and happiness from them, this has happened when a being has appeared in a spirit form, or from a memory. Greys had also helped me during some difficult times.

    In another thread on this forum – I mentioned that a grey told me they are creating humans and seeding them on worlds, they work on behalf of an organisation of different typed of beings.

    There was a time in my 20’s were I found it difficult to understand how some people saw their encounters in a positive way, but things change over time.

  6. Sue says:

    Geoff could you please tell me why you think the Greys are positive and what kind of experiences you have had with them that convince you they are positive.

  7. Geoff says:

    Very interesting… I have had a few memories of meeting human types, some memories from flashbacks and also hypnosis. The majority had blonde hair and blue eyes, but I have also remember seeing dark brown and also red hair. The ones I have seen looked petite, but no more then some humans. The thing that was striking was the eyes, they seemed very aware, sometimes while looking into their eyes I experienced really nice feeling from them. People seem more aware in their presence and can sometimes sense emotions and thoughts, especially during eye contact. Some have memories of meeting a human type and feel attracted to him or her, sometimes there is a feeling that they had met before. Normally there were Greys around, which I like – once I got over the fear and that took a long time… I have to disagree with some comments about the Greys being negative

    Some people who have encounters are told about a possible future, or have a feeling or sense about the future. A while ago a grey showed me a asteroid hitting the ocean, near the Canary Islands, then the aftermath. At a lecture with other contactee’s a tall being was communicating to us about the future, but I couldn’t remember the details, I had the feeling I would remember when the time is right. I agree that information has been planted and there may be a time when people awake.

    In regards to hypnosis and regression, the first thing to do would be to find someone who is experienced in this phenomenon. You may end up remembering things which are difficult and your life may never be the same again, having said that – I believe that people remember what they need to and what they can manage. Having a regression helped me overcome my fear and also helped with my understanding when I started getting flashbacks.

  8. slacount says:

    Wow! Lots of great comments left here regarding my post, thank you Sue, christinaspirit and RockJohnAxe! I find this subject fascinating and disturbing at the same time to be quiet honest and after what you guys have said and what I have read I am nervous about the grays in my dream also. I don’t remember vividly if they were grays, I just remember it had a human form like the nordics, but they were gray in color only because they were standing so far back yet I can’t distinguish for sure if they are grays, but it sounds like it at the same time.

    This may be a strange question, but have people done any, or heard of people doing hypnosis therapy to remember anything regarding abductions, or things we may have subconsciously pushed to the back of our minds to forget because they were disturbing? The reason why I ask is because Sue brought an interesting point regarding her watching the show “V” and memories came flooding back to her. I have had instances like this where I encountered a disturbing image, moment, that gave me flashes of things that I don’t remember ever happening but somehow I know it’s happened because certain bits of that moment actually I do remember. Not only that but I always have this one certain nightmare that I’ve had for years that I have once in awhile, it scares the crap out of me every time I have it. But the later could be something else, I was just curious about the hypnosis though, and if it’s ever used to treat abductees and what not. Thank you for your comments!

  9. RockJohnAxe says:

    From my research the Greys seem to be the lesser race between extra-terrestrial races. Many times I have been told of them doing the bidding of another race. From my research the Greys themselves rarely make an appearance unless an abduction of some sort is happening.

    The Reptillian’s are theorized as the Evil ones. Claims have been said that the Reptillian’s are originally from terra (earth) and are working on taking it over once again.

    But again and again I have been hearing stories of Reptillians and Greys seen by the same person, which continues to point towards them working together in some fasion.

  10. Sue says:

    I re-read the Blonde Alien Dream post above and I remembered in two instances I had seen a man appear who had a glowing light behind him. In one instance he appeared in my bedroom with 4 other men. I could see the bodies and faces of the three men but I was not allowed to remember the face or body of the glowing one. One of the men I recognized as a man I had a date with while living in Indiana. I remember he had a smell like the ones I smell today and the smells are horrid.

    In another instance I was with some men who wore long dark coats and had long hair who took me to outer space to a place where later I saw the same place when Hubble sent the photos back to us. It was where the stars were forming. This is weird but there was a house there and I remember going outside and I was amazed at the sky because it did not look like anything like our sky. I did not want to go inside the house because I was so fascinated with the sky.

    When I went inside the house ( I want to point out here that every house I have ever went inside when I am with the Aliens is always small on the outside but inside the building becomes much, much larger. When I was watching the TV drama “V” and they showed the inside of a space craft that was expaned all kinds of memories flooded back to me because I had seen that scenario over and over) there was several men with one man glowing and his glowing seemed to emit a lot of love that flooded the room. I don’t know what all this meant and although the ones with the long hair and long dark coats never harmed me. I have never liked them, they are the ones who smell like sulphur and other horrid smells.

  11. christinaspirit says:


    i had similar dream. In that dream i happened to be in my own city at night. I remember that i’ve been walking up to that particulat point before it started to get really foggy. There was some sort of yellowish glow in the fog. It was as though the fog was glowing itseg. I saw a young blonde girl. She was abt 9 to 10 years old by her looks. She looked at me and i looked at her. I cannot give exact description of her now as i will need to search for the notebook where i wrote about this dream. I think that she wore some light shaded dress but it was not of white colour. Anyways… she said ” We’ve learnt from our mistakes and now its time to learn from yours”. She was taking about whole of humanity and she said that that something was coming soon. So far i got 2 ( i call them “warnings”) of that sort.

    Also in the year of 2010 during some function in my educational institution institution i got another message. It was very instant. And i could not understand of how fast it was becasuse it took me some time to interpret it. It was something sort of – You will go through difficult times. It will be hard for you. There will be 3 stages of it. I already gone through the first one. They told me that i would make it through though i won’t believe that it would be possible nor other people would believe in me in those times. They told that i would become more than i already have become. They also told about difficult times which me and other people in the world will have to face. ( In this message i was never told about the dates. As nobody have ever told me). ( I felt that this message was from somebody known as Greys).

    I would agree with Sue that Grays do deceive so was i. I am really glad that i was saved from some bad group of aliens when i was kid. and the once who saved me were grays itself. It does sound awkwards coz i have not heard much good about them. I hope that my story will have a good ending.Time will tell…

  12. Sue says:

    There is one thing that disturbs me about your dream is there were 3 Gray figures in the dream. According to my research the Grays are not the good guys. They implant and create Hybrids which means they have no problem coming through the walls of our homes and only God knows what they really do to us.

    A lot of Abductees have been lied to concerning what is going to happen in our future world. I have found it is best not to believe as real what you see in your dreams because the Aliens who I deem an Evil force can fool you with dreams and I know they lie. I know some dreams do come true. I have had dreams come true but there were no Aliens in them telling me what was going to happen. I am pretty sure the Aliens will probably land and tell us wild lies and stories of how they created us and they are here to make the world a better place to live. If you will do some research you will learn that President Ike made a contract with the Aliens and they dishonored the contract. They are the Masters of Deception. The world would be a better place without them.

    Trust your own intution and belief. Don’t be fooled. If this world is to be changed for the better the people have to change it. The people who believe in themselves. I see change happening I just hope the change suceeds. I have learned not to trust anyone in my glimpses or dreams because I have learned how they tried to manipulate me. Only trust the ones you see in the flesh in that you trust your intution as to whether they are good or bad. Don’t be fooled by promises and goodwill to come.

    Just remember the only ones who have ever changed this world from the Ancient to the present has been the people. The Aliens have been here for eons if they are going to change the world why wait until now.

    Perhaps the fact that websites like this one and the other millions of websites is about to force a big change in which the Aliens are fully exposed or we are totally deceived by them. Hang On ! Thanks for sharing.

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