XPERIENCERS reality show

To my fellow experiencers, I am currently in negotiations with a network production company to produce my XPERIENCERS reality show. If you’re interested in participating, please let me know. I created this show to find answers to my own lifetime of encounters and also because my alien visitors have asked me to seek out others like myself and then look within. This means that we are all pieces of a much larger alien puzzle and all we need to do is connect with each other and search our memories. I truly believe they want us to discover something that may change our world, but it has to be done by us alone.
There is one primary concern with this production and that is to ensure we are all treated with kindness and respect. There will be no debunking of experiences, no Ufologists and no UFO experts! Our show is called XPERIENCERS because it’s our time and because we were selected for contact.
In 2010, we produced the film called Terrestrial Extras which is the story of my own encounters. I’ve gone public with my very unique encounters, now will you join me in discovering the hidden secrets we all share?
Jim O’Connell
Screenwriter /Producer / XPERIENCER

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  1. Sue says:

    I will be contacting you. I believe the Aliens need all the exposure they can get. I have always said the Abductees hold the answer to the puzzle. The more that comes forward the better.

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