Abductions tracked by government?

Hi, everyone! I’ve recently examined some information I’d like to share with all of you and get your thoughts on. Like many abductees or suspected abductees, I’ve always read alot about UFOs and the abduction phenomenon, searching to know more. Recently I’ve seen and read some stuff and compared it, overlapping the common areas and the theories I’ve come up with seem meaningful and possibly, at least partially, accurate. …….First, the information to read/view and then cross-reference are as follows: David Jacobs PhD’s two books “The Threat: Revealing the Alien Secret Agenda” and “Secret Life: Firsthand, Documented Accounts of UFO Abductions”; the Dan Sherman book “Above Black: Project Preserve Destiny Insider Account of Alien Contact & Government Cover-up”; and lastly on Youtube, view the Project Camelot Dan Burisch interviews. Then sit down and compare all of this material and see what you come up with. The most intriguing thing to me is the (ex-military officer) Dan Sherman information about how he recorded abduction information including latitude/longitude coordinates of abductions, information about pain experienced by the abductee, the potentiality for recall by the abductee, the date, and the abductee’s assigned number. And this was recorded by Dan (and others in the military who held these work assignments before and after him) for the military. …..So to make a long story short and make some of the comparisons for the readers here (and please, examine the info for yourselves with a critical state of mind), Dan Burisch’s work with Maj12 shows that the US govt made an agreement with the beings that they could abduct a certain number of US citizens (and apparently all of their offspring i.e. children, grandchildren) and use them for the agreed-upon genetic work (includes breeding program) as long as they stayed within certain boundaries and reported the abductions and abductees to the military…. This information that Dan Sherman (and the others doing the same job as him in the military) collected has to be stored somewhere in the military’s archives of information. ….It turns my stomach that the govt would make a deal like this and treat some of its citizens as throwaways of a sort in order to get certain technologies in trade. Now, yes, the technologies are certainly amazing, I’ll say that much, but if you’re one of the people who is “on the list” as okay to be abducted, if that’s in fact how it works, well, heck, I just don’t know what to say, there are no words. ….If it’s all true, and yes, even with all the proofs, part of me is still skeptical, then I have many questions. Did the govt provide certain conditions under which abductions could take place? Did they have to be preferably rural locations, mostly nocturnal? Did they have to agree to “wipe” or “screen disguise” abductees’ memories? Did they agree that no one would be harmed or killed? Did the govt in turn agree to keep this information quiet and to not fire on their vessels with our military means? …….I hope some of you will read this and comment here. Thanks and take care.

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  1. jooliebean says:

    The Dan Burisch (project camelot) interviews go way into time travel. It’s on youtube in four parts. This is part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KhK3Os_eE4g

  2. RockJohnAxe says:

    Hmm interesting stuff. I had watched alot of the Project Camelot interviews before but not this one.

    I highly doubt (atleast nowadays) that we still record abduction data anywhere. I have a feeling communication between the government and the extra terrestrials has become less and less over time. Not to mention tons more people are being abducted than back in the 60-80s.

    I think one of the more interesting things I read from Dan Sherman’s experiences is when the ET told him about time travel, how they don’t go backwards or forwards but around it.

  3. jooliebean says:

    Yes, I think you’re right that the folks who are being abducted are beyond the treaties, but let’s be honest, none of the treaties were negotiated by any of our Presidents. But John, please take a look at Dan Sherman’s book and tell me what you think? I’m fairly blown away by the information he was recording. I believe he’s telling the truth of what he did and what he was told. I just think there was more to the story than what the military told him. I can’t imagine they would ever tell someone who works at the level of Sergeant the details of a top secret plan.

  4. RockJohnAxe says:

    First off, the deal made between the US Government with the greys was made in the late 60’s. They agreed a trade of technology to allow the Greys to abduct so many people per year. Well, the amount of abductions has been well over the agreed upon number and the technology traded was far less than planned.

    As far as knowledge, Any US president after Nixon has not been informed anything about Alien’s or any previous agreements.

    At this point in time I think it is beyond the US goverments control and they are being taken advantage of without any way to really retaliate againts it.

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