First abduction memory

This memory came to me as a dreamlike memory, which I see from many other posts here, is the way most folks remember their abductions without hypnosis.  ……I woke up in bed with my heart pounding, scared stiff, and consciously thinking “it’s over now, whew, I can go to sleep, it’s over”.  Then when I woke up in the morning, I remembered it all.  ……This is what I recall:  I was driving with my teenaged daughter in the front seat next to me on a very rural road called Chuckanut Drive.  It was the middle of the night.  Suddenly the car slowed to a stop, the engine stopped and simultaneously the interior of the car was flooded with a light so bright, it was the brightest light I’ve ever seen in my life.  It was so bright that the air itself seemed thick because every little particle of dust was lit up.  I couldn’t move my body at all and I was furious.  Mentally I said “you can’t do this, it won’t work” and the reply (telepathically) was “yes, it will work”.  As I struggled to move my body, I perceived that every move I made was extremely painful and my whole body hurt as I strained against it.  I was somehow moved across the seat to the passenger side and the next thing I knew, I was sitting somewhere else but I couldn’t see anything.  I became aware (I don’t know how) that they had my daughter off to my left, laying on a table and at this point, I could see a little bit but it was like everything was in the thickest white fog. I began to beg the being standing with me–whom I couldn’t see, “please don’t stick that thing in my daughter’s eye, please don’t, that anesthesia you guys use, you think it kills the pain but it doesn’t, it still hurts really bad”.  The being responded to me telepathically (mentally) “don’t worry, we don’t do that procedure anymore, we just need a few cells from the colored part of her eye because we need all the different possible colors of eyes”.  That is all I remember.

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  1. angelkaykay007 says:

    That’s odd that Sue says that. I also had a “dream” where an alien was trying/wanted to have sex with me. I was also pretty young at the time probably between 14-16. I came to standing on this huge cargo boat type thing. It had those huge metal storage containers. But really it wasnt that detailed. Bt what was really striking is that the way everything looked. It looked fake. Like an old screen, where those fuzzy lines are all across the t.v. And I was aware of everything. There wasnt even an ocean. It was like a half-ass illusion they were trying to make me see. I knew something was “off” from the very moment I was there. I didnt feel right, I didnt feel like me. I felt like I was being influenced to feeling like i was ok. And then this man came to me. And I knew he was very attracted to me and wanted to have sex with me. But I actaully dont remember what he looked like. Except he was a man that I was very attracted to , and I felt like I wanted to do anything that he wanted me to do. He took me somewhere, It was like just a.. uggh how do I explain.. Like , a morgue freezer. Except a little a taller. We were laying in there. But I dont remember what happened next.

  2. Sue says:

    Hey Joolie

    Right Joolie they want you to think what you saw was a dream. It is not a dream if all of us Abductees are seeing the same characters in our dreams that is validation.

    I had normal dreams until after I was abducted. Now the dreams have Alien characters in them. Most people can remember normal dreams. The dreams or not yanked from their memories when they try to document them or remember them. My son gave me a book on dreams and what the dreams meant. Every morning I would wake up and remember what I had dreamed and I would go to the book and look up the meaning of the dream and document the dream. Those dreams were not the same after I was abducted. After I was abucted when I woke up and tried to remember my dreams the dreams were yanked quickly from my memory.

    A couple of days ago I woke up and the first thing I did was try to remember the dream. I was remembering what I was doing and the faces I saw. Just as soon as I had the dream in my memory the phone rang and this was early in the morning. No one left a message but they yanked the memory from my brain. I have had this happen numerous times.

    A UFO researcher told me I was a Paranormal Viewer after I talked to her and this term has stuck with me. Although I cannot remember my dreams or the people in them I mangage to get glimpses that stick with me and I believe all Abductees can do this. The Abductees strongest glimpses are in the beginning when they are first abducted and after that the glimpses are harder to detect because the Aliens abuct ones who have the ability to see them to stop the glimpses. I still get the glimpses but I have paid the price for revealing the glimpses.

    When an Abductee wakes up paralyzed that is not normal no matter what so called scientists or whatever tell you. I never woke up paralyzed before I was abducted. When I wake up with a cramp in my leg I do not believe what the Doctors say causes the cramp. This world is full of disinformation. This is why I say Believe in yourself. ( I just heard one come through my wall with a gigantic click.)

    After I was abducted I kept remembering the repeated dreams in which I knew later the Alien wanted to have sex with me. I had a dream in which I was riding in a Cadillac convertible with a Black Man and a Black woman sitting beside me. I was supposed to be married to the Black Man and he was taking me to his house. I remember saying something to him about my cat. I don’t remember the repy right now but it did indicate I was half into the dream and half out since I was concerned about my cat who was not with me. The road we were traveling on did not look like a normal highway. It was too perfect. I saw huge long pipelines like probably the Alaska pipe line would look like. I knew what I was seeing was nothing I had seen on Earth. We stopped at a store and I saw hanging merchaindise that did not look like anything I had seen on Earth. The Black Man kissed me and I quickly jerked away. I did not know this man, I did not like this man. I woke up.

    In other scenarios that I got glimpses of I had numerous incidents over and over in which a normal looking male would be intrested in me but he would always be with a beautiful girl to try and make me jealous or try to make me want him so if he had sex with me he would not feel guilty. The Aliens use a lot of tricky and deceit. They can create images in your dreams of them looking like your favorite movie star in order for you to have sex with them. I know this sounds unbelivable that they can have sex with you but when you have woke up and felt the physical evidence it becomes real. If they can take you out through walls and ceilings and put implants in your body they can do most anything they want with your body.

    With the same respect regarding your dreams they can create depression trips in your head. They know what you fear and how you think because they can read your every thought and if they feel like it they can build on your negative thoughts and present you with a depression trip. If you will notice your depression trip almost always starts when you first wake up. I have learned not to think about my family members who are having a difficult time in life to save my own sanity. They will and can create scenarios to use your family and friends against you. I could go on and on because the Alien issue runs really deep but I try to keep is short because if I do deeper it just becomes unbelievable.

  3. jooliebean says:

    Hi Kiki,

    Sorry to hear of your abduction situation. My point of view is exactly what you stated in your most recent post. I try to tell myself I’m being silly and to be honest, I hope that’s it, but deep inside, I know it’s real and happened. But I think that’s part of how they work on you, they work to make you think it’s all just a dream, except that no one has dreams like this, no one. But what’s weird is that sometimes the memories bubble up in the night time, so you wake up with a memory which has a dreamlike feel to it, yet you know it was more. A few months ago, this memory bubbled up like a dream, in the middle of the night.

    I was outside in the middle of night in a field, standing next to a plank style fence. A large bright light swooped down out of the sky very quickly and shone on me. I said “Ok, there it is”, like I’d been standing there waiting for it. The next thing I knew, I was laying down on my back and I couldn’t see anything except a bright white fog. My brother was on my left but I couldn’t see him. He said to me “Are they telling you you’re looking at a garden? Are they telling you you’re seeing a garden? Well, it’s not, it’s not a garden.” And as soon as he asked the question, I sat up and sure enough, I saw a garden pour out into my field of vision like paint out of a can, which, as it poured, it became a beautifully groomed garden, like the kind rich people have with the nice shrubs and huge long walkways. I said to him with wonder “yes, I see a garden”. He emphasized again, “it’s not a garden”. I looked at my hand and saw that I was holding a large cookie-like object, it was coated in a white hard frosting, I thought it was a cookie and said “Look, they gave me a cookie”, I found it puzzling and wondered it I should try to eat it or what. Next thing, I’m laying down on a table and surrounded by short and tall beings, about six of them. I raised up my head and noticed that I thought they were dressed like park rangers. I thought to myself “what are all these park rangers doing here?” No sooner did I think it that they immediately all morphed into wearing surgeon’s garb. One of them reached for my legs and fear coursed through me like an electric shock. I started to kick. I woke up with my heart pounding.

  4. kiki says:

    Well if you need anyone to talk to, I’m in Washington as well and have had some really strange experiences this year which I myself am having a difficult time dealing with. I am fairly young (24) and have a 1yr old son and since my encounter earlier this year I have had a bunch of memories coming back to me from periods of time in my life that I can not pin point, like remembering dreams but not remembering where or when they occured. My e-mail address is and I check it almost every day. I know it can be difficult at times and fustrating. The part I hate most is constantly second guessing myself or trying to rationalize things in my mind. Not growing up in a way that these things are inside my pradime for reality makes me constantly tell myself what happened didn’t happen or I try and rationalize it in some way other than what I remember, which I need to stop doing but it’s hard not to believe yourself sometimes. Does anyone else have this problem?

  5. jooliebean says:

    Yes, it’s the same Chuckanut Drive John referenced.

  6. kiki says:

    Thank you RockJohnAxe, I wonder if it’s the same chuckanut drive she had the experience on… Hmmm..

  7. RockJohnAxe says:

    Chuckanut Drive is classified as State Route-11 by Washington State and symbolized as WA-11

    This height gives spectacular views of the bays, the San Juan Islands, and the mountains to the west on Vancouver Island and the Olympic Peninsula.

    Chuckanut Drive begins and ends on Interstate-5. It begins in Bellingham at I-5 Exit 250, Fairhaven – Chuckanut Drive, and ends 19 miles south at I-5 Exit 231 North Burlington – Chuckanut Drive.

  8. kiki says:

    P.S. I’m sure there’s more than one chuckanut drive but I live in WA state and travel a lot between WA and California.

  9. kiki says:

    Just out of curiousity where is “chuckanut drive”? The name sounds very familiar but I can’t figure out where I’ve seen the sign for it…..

  10. RockJohnAxe says:

    I have talked with people who have had their car shut off before an extra-terrestrial encounter, however, these particular people woke up in their car.

    Alot of the time children of Abtuctee’s will be abducted as well, it seems to be something that continues through generation to generation. Make sure your daughter knows she can always share unknown experiences with you because often they are held inside and can cause alot of torture for some.

    Odd you say blue, it’s such a common eye color. Thanks for sharing. If you have any memories of the beings, even faint glimpses i would be interested to know.

  11. jooliebean says:

    Hi John. I do have additional abduction memories, this was just the first one I recalled. My daughter’s eyes are blue and she had zero recollection. I “came to” at home, not in the car.

  12. RockJohnAxe says:

    some additional details would be good. Did you re-awake in the car? Does your Daughter have any recollection of the events? Do you have any unexplained markings or external prove.

    Most people who are abducted are done so more than a single time. Do you have any memories of anything weird when you were younger?

    What is your daughter’s eye color?

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