Any helpful tips ?

I was wondering if over the years,through personal experiences or other wise if anyone has any helpful tips on things that worked for them to help prevent, fight or protect themselves ? As I have not found many websites that discuss this aspect of it.  However, I must admit, I have not read any books on the subject. Unfortunately, I either fall asleep 10 min in, have a massive migraine or both. Is it just me that seems to have a shut off switch when it comes to reading up and educating myself on the subject? Probably not, which begs the question why researches  (knowing this) keep publishing books when some of their  target audience can’t read them? If they really want to help us documentaries would work so much better.

So they find our stories fascinating, entertaining and they probably do make wonderful books. Great. I don’t know about anyone else but I don’t want to share any more stories . I want someone to help me, give me some answers. Give me some useful information that will help me with my very private struggle. I’m thinking we could be more productive if we pooled our resources, compiled our knowledge and tried to help each other. So if there is a website, book or any other information that you have come across that already discusses this please share. If there is a certain smell, lotion, perfume , candle that you have found that repels them I would like to hear about it. How about a natural gag reflex to certain foods? Any foods they told you not to eat?  Someone suggested trying to take pictures, has anyone ? Anything anyone has tried that they believed may have helped them in any way… or anything they tried that didn’t (so we can cross that one off). Anything…

Hope to hear from you soon.

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  1. Holly says:

    Say in the name of Jesus leave now and they will.Aliens are demonic beings.

  2. angelkaykay007 says:

    I kinda have a story or two on here that says a little something on this. You have to calm down and think. And say to yourself,” I CAN move , I am strong. I can, calm down think. And then I was able to move. If you are scared and think that they have control over you, they will. But you are stronger. It is about your own will. Dont ever give up. A couple times I just got so angry like never before. And THEY got scared! And left. I’ve even had “dreams” where I’ve chased them out of my home. I hope this helps a little.

  3. DPS says:

    From my experience, talking to them has gotten some desired results. They don’t always allow me to talk though. However, if they allow you to talk, do so. Talking to them got two separate positive results for me. One was a simple request that they honored. One was a statement I made, and they acted upon the statement.

    So, if you can, ask them to stop coming, or stop waking you up when they come (they do that on purpose and can keep you asleep), or anything else you might want. Be polite and speak to them nicely like you would anyone else (whether or not you think being polite is warranted). This may be more helpful than you think.

    In any case, make sure you keep the request in mind. Practice exactly what you want to say. Because you may only have a few seconds to realize what is happening and then say something.

    Good luck to you.

  4. jooliebean says:

    I like the concept of trying to foil the beings’ efforts to abduct us. I’m 54 years old and personally, I’m real sick of it. Haven’t I given them enough and now still, they want more?!

    I plan to erect a motion camera in my bedroom and motion detectors set back from my bed which won’t go off if go to the bathroom but will beep in other parts of my bedroom. Do I think this will stop them? No. But here’s my theory.

    They’re on a timeline to complete their program and the deadline is quickly approaching and yet, they’re not done. They’re doing double-time to snatch people and finish up, hence the increased amount of sightings in many areas.

    So if it’s hard for them to abduct me and they have to shut off my electricity and take along nullifying devices to pop off our motion detectors before they can grab me, maybe they’ll say “this person is not worth the extra effort” and they’ll leave me alone.

    I have to try.

    The other thing would be to sue the government for making such a treaty as this to allow abductions of certain numbers of their citizens. Now wouldn’t that be something?

  5. Sue says:

    Nick they can follow you anywhere you go. I moved out the house I was first abducted in to a really nice neighborhood. They followed me. I flew back East and they came through the Plane I was flying in. They even broke the plane. We had to wait for a another plane when we landed in Atlanta. Back East I heard them come through the walls of the house I was visiting and the small white plane that flies over my house in Phoenix kept flying over the house in North Carolina. I also smelled them. You cannot out run them.

    What I have learned is Abductees are abducted because we can see them. We are a threat to them. We are more powerful spiritually than they are. When my abductions first started I was told by someone who now I cannot remember is not to fear them and not to get angry.

    Just remember this they can do whatever they want with our body and we cannot prevent this. If they do something to try and disable our body the positive force will heal it. I have seen them heal my body over and over again. I was thrown out of a shower and had gigantic bruises but did not feel any pain whatsoever. I was thrown across a room and had to have 6 stitches in my head. I did not pass out and I did not have one iota of pain. If you are an abductee just remember you have a negative force that can affect your body but the positive force watching over you is much more powerful. The positive force will protect your Spirit which is the real you. Our body is not us. You do not have to pray to this positive force or worship it. Just believe in yourself.

    They will try and put Depression trips on you. Do not fall for the Depression trips. You are not guilty of anything. They will try to bring you down to their level. Don’t go there. Stay strong and fearless. They will lie to you. Do not believe anything they tell you. If they changed your dreams like they did mine they will pretend to be famous people or your relatives to deceive you in their world. Do not believe anything they present you with. Just remember you are more postiive than them and stronger than them otherwise they would not have abducted you.

    I believe any of us who has been abducted is a threat to them. We are stronger spiritually than the rest of humanity. Before my abduction I heard a voice in my head that said in a deep male voice ” you are of the Sanskrit Language.” I had to go to the library to look up Sanskrit. At the library I had several Paranormal experiences. They showed up physically. I didn’t go to the library until after I had been abducted.

    If I am to believe this I am an old soul that has went through lots of reincarnations.

  6. RockJohnAxe says:

    There is no deterent. Nothing from animals to certain chemicals to location can prevent anything. They are able to read your specific Brain waves and pin point your location across the globe.

    Nick, Weapons are also useless. The Paralysis imposed on you is powered by their mind. This paralysis is breakable but it takes intense concentration, control and discipline. It’s extremely hard to describe how to, but it is a mental game. You cannot focus on any negativity or any of the normal feelings that come with an Extra-terrestrial encounter.

    If it makes you feel any better, The Greys tend to be just as afraid of us as we are of them. We are a very brutal unpredictable race. Often times when fear overwhelms us in their presence it is their fear as well. They are able to feel our feelings just like we can feel theirs.

    There are theorys we are a creation of genetic mutation. Then we were seeded on several planets throughout the galaxy. Was our purpose to battle the reptillians?

    Recently I read a case where this person interacted with a Grey. He asked them if we were a creation. The Grey told him “we both are creations” refering to both Humans and the Greys being a creation of someting else.

    At this point in Time, the Grey’s population is actually on the decline and Humans are one of the few compatible Races with them to create Offspring.

  7. says:

    i dont have any helpful tips
    no idea how to stop them
    aliens have come to my house since i moved in
    i can see why the former owners moved out so quick
    as for ways to stop them, i dont know how to do that
    maybe buy a machine gun (the machine gun comment isnt realistic i admit, but i dont have a clue, knives dont help)

  8. Sue says:

    Hey Mikai

    Excellent information on how to come out of the paralysis state. I also loved your point in that they are not mentally superior to us. I feel like they lack the skills of creativity and they have to steal it from us. Once they latch on to an idea of creativity they are Masters at developing it with great speed.

    I have never felt they are superior to us in intelligence. I feel like it they were superior they would have more respect for us, they would tell us why they have the need for Abduction. I only know them by their actions and I totally dislike them. This is why I believe we have never had disclosure. To get them to disclose I feel we have to force them into it. I think they know that the mass of humanity would not accept what they do.

    Some people speculate that they may have been our creators. I have never believed this. I believe they are manipulators of creation.

    I feel like they need us and we do not need them. I would be interested in hearing how you feel about what I have said.

  9. Mikai says:

    No, there is no help in preventing abductions but does that mean we have to make it easy for them ? They may want us to think we are totally helpless in certain situations but we’re not… Does no one else resist?

    Here’s interesting fact for those strong willed people who are tired of being in that paralyzed state and feel helpless… you can move ! The strange thing is you just can’t feel it and you can’t open your eyes to see if it’s working. But if you focus on a body part like your hand (arm to big, finger too small) and envision it moving to your head to pry open your eye. You’ll know it’s working when it ‘thumps’ against your head, then continue envisioning using your fingers prying open your eyelids… it does work. Try it. Which brings me my next question. Wouldn’t being able to move but have no feeling mean that the paralyzed state is actually caused by some form of drug and not by any mental control ?

    Surely, over time everyone else has learned something like this they could share with the rest of us? So much time is spent hearing everyones stories and thinking these creatures/beings are so mentally superior. Different maybe but not superior. So they may have technology we don’t but if they were so superior why are they here harvesting our DNA ? Because, physically they can’t compete with us. Perhaps we need to stop being so passive and start resisting…

    Sue thanks for sharing.

  10. Sue says:

    If you need help in preventing Abductions. There is no help. I have done a lot of research and tried all suggestions. Nothing works. If you read that someone has prevented Abductions this is most likely deception or they decided to stop abducting that person.

    I have learned what they hate the most is exposure. In order to defeat something that is Abducting us we have to admit they exist in order to even begin to fight them. I believe when we get enough open minds we can defeat them.

    This website is a start in how to prevent Abductions. Everyone needs to state who is Abducting them and describe their experience exactly as they remember it. I took pictures right after I was first abducted and I got some amazing photos that prove beyond a doubt they exist but they are fast learners. They got past my picture taking even though I still hear them coming through my walls.

    I have no doubt in my mind they lay the Chemtrails. If you have Chemtrails over your house take photos of them.

    You can see my pictures at my website

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