alien abductions

i believe i was abducted by aliens

it sounds like a tall story but im deadly serious

i was at home asleep in my bed 1 night and a bright yellow light woke me up and there was this thing standing there

it was dark grey and with black eyes, i felt my heart race it felt like i couldnt physically move,

i never frighten easy, but this thing really scared me , the odd thing is when i woke up in the morning a had marks on me which weren’t there the night before and i checked in the morning and found all windows and doors locked from the inside, the door from the garage to the house also locked and somehow this thing got inside

it scared me

many times since ive been abducted by aliens (and im well aware what it sounds like) its always felt like a dream when ive been abducted but in the morning there have been scars on my body and marks where it looks like skin has been scooped out, the scars on my hands are several – starting from my palm and going up my thumb, 5 of them

and im positive they werent there prior to that night

it always seems like a dream when i wake up but its no dream

dreams dont leave scars or skin scooped out

and still to this day im afraid to sleep at night

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  1. DPS says:

    From my experience, talking to them has gotten some desired results. They don’t always allow me to talk though. However, if they allow you to talk, do so. Talking to them got two separate positive results for me. One was a simple request that they honored. One was a statement I made, and they acted upon the statement.

    So, if you can, ask them to stop coming, or stop waking you up when they come (they do that on purpose and can keep you asleep), or anything else you might want. Be polite and speak to them nicely like you would anyone else (whether or not you think being polite is warranted). This may be more helpful than you think.

    In any case, make sure you keep the request in mind. Practice exactly what you want to say. Because you may only have a few seconds to realize what is happening and then say something.

    Good luck to you.

  2. jooliebean says:

    I agree with what John says about trying not to be afraid, even though it’s hard. For me, it helps to remind myself of these three things: (1) They’ve taken me many times before but they always brought me back in one piece, (2) they work very hard to block your conscious memories and for the most part, their efforts are very successful, if they can’t’ block your memories, usually they can screen them through other memories so you aren’t fully aware of what you’re seeing, (3) if you’re a part of their program and have been for a long time and if something is wrong with you physically, usually they will fix it (if they can) if you’re not being treated for the condition.

    Before I go to sleep, I ask God for protection, then I remind myself if anything happens I’ll be returned to my bed with no memory of it, then I shut out the light and go to sleep.

    Keep in mind also, according to all the available information from regressions and whatnot, most abductions are short in duration, an hour or less. The beings taking you are very experienced at abductions and they seem committed to keeping you from harm. Also, they’re scared of you too. You’re physically stronger than them.

  3. says:

    the grey aliens
    dark grey skin and oval shaped black eyes
    although i agree i should conquer my fear, there aliens
    see my point, they do very very bad things
    very bad

  4. RockJohnAxe says:

    First, Keep documentation. Take pictures of all evidence you can.

    Secondly. STOP BEING AFRAID! I agree, It is quite a thing to go through and what I say is easier said than done. But you need to avoid fear and any Fear based emotion. These negative emotions only empower them and weaken you. You need to stay positive and think of something you love when ever you start to feel fear.

    Look at it in a different way. They see something in you that makes you more special than others. You need to learn from your experiences. Try to get control so you can ask them questions.

    Have you been able to see which race is abducting you?

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