Hi, first time user…not sure how or what happened..Was hoping someone could help..It was around 3am and i was fast asleep, however i remember being in a strange house, never seen it before, with people looking in at me through the windows..I was trapped in this house with no way out.. I was punching the doors and windows trying in vein to leave the house i could feel an evil presence. I was screaming and yelling for help but it seemed like no one could hear me or even see me besides the two people out side..My boyfriend then woke me up because i was screaming. He swears he saw something or someone standing at the end of our bed on my side watching me..

I went back to sleep and dreamed that my boyfriend was passed out cold in another strange house. No matter what i did i could not wake him up. he wasnt dead but he wouldnt wake up at all…when i woke up i had been crying like in this “dream”

another dream i had and this was the night after these two dreams..was one of actually aliens who ate humans to survive.

Now im not crazy or anything and there was another person with me who can back me up..Im not sure if these were dreams or if it was something else..Oh and we saw a weird light and heard weird noises all night…please someone help i going crazy?

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  1. buffalospirit says:

    The main thing to remember, as Robbygirl2009 says, is that you are not crazy. These things make you doubt about your experiences – you find yourself wondering what it was/is or if it really happened or if it was a dream. It can make you crazy by making you wonder if you are crazy so just trust your gut feeling. If you feel it was real, then it was.

  2. Robbygirl2009 says:

    Thank you for your help log. My name is Robin and I would like to tell you that you are not crazy.

  3. elf says:

    Wow, what an experience. What do you think it was a dream or reality? Did it feel real to you or sereal? If you are that frightened and this has been on more than one occassion, I would suggest you give yourself some time to look at the situation in its’ entirety when you are not too excited (be it positive or negative) to really examine your experiences. You will often find thay these questions are ones that only you know the answer too. It always helps to share the experience. Thanks again


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