Don’t know and just wondering..

For the longest time now, I have woken up in the middle of the night and been afraid. At first it started that I thought something had been in my room and I look around trying to see where it’s hiding. Now a days when it happens i wake up scared saying they’ve been here… When I stay at friends I find myself thinking can they find me..
My mother told me years ago about being woken up by something in her room… A light orb… She was a religious woman and said she was unable to sleep as it had come into the room a few times, she thought herself crazy. She said that she prayed and said God if this is not of you please make it stop.. she said it never happened again.. Or that knew about…
Now back to me.. This frightens me.. My boyfriend and I go on skype all the time as he is from the states and I live in Canada. He said he heard something in my room.. I feel crazy and don’t know if anything is happening to me but needed to ask if anyone has had that same feeling?

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  1. christinaspirit says:


    I had very similar experiences to that of yours just a while ago which led me to one of those awkward moods.. anyways… I have lots to say if you did see orbs as well.
    When you felt “them” how could you describe your feelings? Was it a good feeling, a bad one or maybe something else? Were you confused about what was going on or no?
    I also did hear noises of unknown nature. Sometimes it was so loud that it would wake me up. In one of the instances i thought that a book fell from a shelf so i switched on a light to check if it was the case but when i open a cupboard all of the things were standing on their place as they were before when i put them there. In different occasions i was in a state of about falling asleep but was disturbed by another set of noises in my room. I could not find a source of it and it would start coming from places where there was nothing nor nobody.
    You can always e-mail me on
    You are not going crazy. You maybe both emotionally healthy physically fit and yet find yourself having this things happen to you. Its ok… You are not alone.
    Unlike in your mother’s case orbs would not go away while me praying but they did disappear when i commanded it to go away with no fear in my eyes.

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