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First of all sorry to all who are going to read this,  english is not my native language. I am 22 years old, male, from germany and I am reading all your storys and tips on this site with great interest for quite  some time now.

For all my life i’ve been interested in Aliens and UFO’s, I was always wondering how people can be so naive and think, that we humans would be the only intelligent life in the universe. I’ve always believed in Aliens and that they would visit the earth frequently. But I never thought myself as an abductee.

I’ve had a few strange things happen in my childhood like  hearing footsteps in my room(not from outside, cause that sounds different) when no one was there. And I once saw some kind of reptilian foot at my window which was really terrifying. Which could be some kind of imagination, I never associated those things with aliens because I always thought this came from watching too much horror movies(I loved watching those when I was young).

But there was one incident which I could never explain. I once had a missing time experience in when I was still in primary school, in 3rd grade if I remember correctly. Everyday I wold go with my best friend to school and back home together. It was a  20-30 minutes walk from our house(both our families lived in the same house) to school. But this day we needed far more time for the way home than anytime before. When we arrived home our parents rushed at us and asking where we’ve been all the time. We both said that we were just going our normal way back home as we did ever other day. I cant remember exactly how long it took us(it had to be somewhat between 120 and 180 minutes) but it felt like the normal 20-30 Minutes. Our parents told us they went crazy and phoned nearly every other parents of our classmates and asked them if they know where we were. We both cant remember anything except our normal way back home.

A few days ago a strange mark appeared at the back of my left hand. It looked as if someone tried to cut in my hand with a stump knife. I noticed it a few hours after I woke up and I didnt have this before I went to sleep and I didnt do something to get that mark after I woke up. So I thought I just hit something with my hand at night and thats how I got it. On the next day I got really concerned, because the same mark appeared on the back of my right hand. Those two marks still didn’t disappear completly and it feels strange  when i touch them, like some kind of scar. I’ve made photos of both marks with my handy.

I dont have any memories of being abducted but those two marks made me really concerned. I am not really afraid, more like curious. I really want to find out and I would even like to meet Aliens(even if it may sound strange to many of you).

There are also many chemtrails around the place where I live, I heard this could have to do something with UFO’s.

I would really like to hear you’re opinions about this.

Thank you

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