Am I or am I not?


OK I suppose I should start at the beginning, I’m sorry in advance if I’m long winded.

For me it all started when I was about 8 and I watched a show on TV where they were doing re enactments of alien abductions, this didn’t leave me worried, abit anxious but curious to learn more.

Later I seen that a Movie was coming on (I think like alien encounter or something like that) and as my mother wouldn’t let me watch it I harassed my babysitter for more information. Which all she gave me was It was about them taking people. Well that was it for me. From then on I couldn’t go to sleep as I was scared of what was outside my window, I would see things like hooks coming from my ceiling and strange people walking past my door. I was told that all this was silly childhood fears. I would ask many people on their take of the UFO topic but nothing would settle my fear.

Later as I got older I seemed to move beyond being so frightened when 1 day I seen a UFO sighting (which the next day was also reported to be seen by 4 other people) and strangely enough I felt nothing but total love and understanding which to be honest I find totally weird considering how frightened I was as a little girl.

But Fast forward to last year when I was pregnant with my little girl and the nightmaresdreams started. Firstly they were of me being abducted but again I would wake up and not think to much about it, but then I had this dream that I held my unborn baby in my arms, although she was a half alien baby I knew she was MY baby and yet Icould see her head was flopping around and I was in a panic because of it. This one has left me shaken and even now recalling it months later I still feel funny about it.

The worst though was where I was on a table and they were doing something to me I don’t know what but I couldn’t Move or speak and as panic started up I tried calling out but couldn’t, panic rose in my throat and finally I woke up bursting out of bed screaming for my mum. I’m 29? And now sometimes when I go to sleep I hug on to my partner.

Ever since i have trouble going to sleep and I am very scared either from the dreams or beause somthing worse is going on, I have to have a light on to wake up to in the night for my now beautiful daughter and the curtains closed so I cant see what is outside, I have never woken with strange marks or missing time accept I suppose it is to hard to say about missing time in the middle of the night, I guess I’m just sharing my experiences and asking for opinions thoughts and ideas on this, anything is greatly welcomed.

Regards Daffyof3

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  1. jooliebean says:

    Hi, my heart goes out to you. I know what it’s like to be afraid. Hang in there, things will get better, they always do. Hugs to you, Julie

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